10 Secrets That Successful Entrepreneurs Don’t Want You To Know

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Being able to run a one-man business is certainly tough, but becoming a successful entrepreneur who has managed to turn a small home-based trade into a massive empire really gives you the upper hand. If you’ve spent years of your adult life trying to achieve that 7-figure business but have made very little progress along the way, know that being an entrepreneur does not solely rely on your creativity and out-of-the-box thinking skills. You need to have the willpower and motivation to persist and tackle through what seems to be endless problems and complications.

That being said, it does pay off to follow the steps of those who have made their mark in the business world.

If we ever got the opportunity to talk with a remarkably successful businessman, we would probably jump on the chance to ask them for tips on how to succeed in life despite immense amounts of hardships and limitations. But what are your chances of actually meeting or speaking with these respectable folks? Our guess is pretty low. Luckily, we’ve composed a list of 10 powerful “secrets” aka behaviors that all successful entrepreneurs consistently incorporate into their lives. This list of simple yet valuable tips has been composed through months of dedicated research and observation, so we have no doubt that at least some of the suggestions can make a difference in your professional or even personal life.

1. Dedicating Years of Your Life Towards The Business 

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Brian Tracy, the most famous and listened-to business coach and author of all time, said the following statement – “You work eight hours per day for survival; everything over eight hours per day is for success.”

Here’s the harsh truth: that 8-figure business won’t come overnight, sorry.

If you’re trying to run a business and make it grow into something spectacular then you better be ready to put a whole lot of time of your life into it. Talk to any successful entrepreneur and you’ll see that most of them take pride in those 5-7 years when they had 18-hour workdays. The trick to being able to sustain this long journey is to simply enjoy it while keeping your eye on the prize. Failure is not an option and you better start believing it.


2. Pick Up On Productivity Tips 





Life as an entrepreneur can get very busy, very fast. A million things are constantly swarming in your mind and your to-do list is pretty much never-ending. In order to be on top of everything and still keep a cool mind, you’re going to need to learn how to be more productive and efficient with your work.

Here’s something you need to keep in mind – just because your days are busy doesn’t mean they’re productive. Busyness does not equal productivity. So how do you make sure you’re being as productive as possible? You need to adopt some new techniques that will allow you to get better, faster results. Most successful entrepreneurs go out of their way to figure out what these techniques are. And that’s what differentiates them from the rest of the gang.

There are obviously plenty of different resources from which you can pick up new productivity tips, but that would make the entirety of this article pointless. So here’s a few bits of advice that, if you’re serious about wanting to be successful, should appeal to you…

Hack 1 – Your Home Office is Not Always Your Best Friend

If you’re starting up your business from home, you’ll see how wonderful things will feel for the first few months. No commute involved, no crazy boss to crush your ego, and no annoying colleagues to fake around with. But after some time, your mental state will inevitably get tired, unstimulated and running out of creative juices. This is perfectly normal, because you don’t really have anyone or anything going on around you to boost your energy or motivation. That’s why it’s important to move around once in a while. If the money in the bank is not looking too great at the moment then choose some spots close to where you live i.e. a café or library. If you feel a bit more daring then take your laptop with you somewhere further, like a beach! This will recharge your entire system and put you back on track.

Hack 2 – Manage Your Social Media Accounts From One Spot 

You’ve got Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Pinterest to manage, which is why things can get a little hectic at this point. What helps is to use a social media dashboard like Cyfe or Hootsuite, which will link all your media profiles in one, easily accessible place.

Hack 3 – Block Off Distracting Websites 

Being able to focus is your biggest priority so the fact that you check Facebook pretty much every half an hour is not really a good thing. Use a program like SelfControl to restrict yourself from accessing certain websites.

Hack 4 – Hack Your Way Out Of Writer’s Block 

If you write most of the marketing content for your business then you’ve probably had a couple of cases of “writer’s block”. To avoid this or hack you way out of it, you need to take advantage of the times when your brain is packed with great ideas. Let’s say it’s Thursday evening and an idea for a new blog popped into your head. Write it down and don’t stop there. Take that genius idea as a sign that your mind is super stimulated right now and is able to come up with the most brilliant topics.

Hack 5 – Get Help 

This will be discussed in further detail in one of our later points but for now we just want to say that it’s a very good idea to hire cheap freelance work to manage small tasks. Doing so would you save you a lot of time and energy, which in turn will boost productivity.

3. Don’t Wait To Get Sick 

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This one right here is a really important point and we need you to actually be engaged instead of skimming through the lines. As we’ve said probably 100 times now, entrepreneurs are busy people. And when the business starts going well and in the direction that we want it to, it’s easy to forget other aspects of our life such as family, friends and our own personal health.

Neglecting your health is probably the biggest and most detrimental mistake you can make ever and that’s because you are nothing without your health. 

Particularly if you love doing what you’re doing right now, understand that the more you take care of yourself, the longer you’ll live to do whatever it is that makes you happy – even if it’s your business (which it should be!).

Exercising is important. De-stressing through yoga or boxing or whatever is important. Eating nutritious meals instead of pizza everyday is important. And YES, you DO have time in your life to make those changes. Start now because tomorrow is too late.


4. Take Risks & Be Brave 

Take risks




We all love getting approval and being accepted and highly looked upon, and that’s because we are social beings in nature and we form our self-esteem by receiving validation from others. And it’s completely out of our control for that to take place to a certain extent because that’s just how we evolved to be.

Constantly seeking for approval is what leads to fear and being scared of taking chances. And what happens when you let fear get the best of you and your ideas? Well, you don’t really get anywhere in life.

In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to know how to use that fearful energy and turn it into something great. Simply put – go with your gut and take risks because that is the only way you make progress in life.


5. Get A Hobby – Preferably One That Helps Run The Business 





Since entrepreneurs are some of the busiest people in the world, when they do get free time (and by free time, we really mean those 5-10 useless minutes when you’re unsure of whether you’ve done enough work or whether it’s just time to hit the sack), they typically use it doing something that requires absolutely 0     brain power…because let’s be honest, there’s not much mental juice left to run.

Giving your brain a break is totally okay and is definitely advisable. But at the same time, we have learned that even the most successful entrepreneurs spend a little bit of their time dabbling in their hobby (any activity that you find fun and enjoyable).

When you get used to high levels of anxiety and pressure, it gets kind of hard to cool down and unwind, but that’s exactly why hobbies are absolutely crucial to every successful entrepreneur’s life. Spending as little as an hour every week on your hobby can provide an immense amount of stress relief and relaxation. It makes you feel good and it reminds you that life doesn’t need to be so serious all the time. And most importantly, it grounds you and makes you less of grim a-hole.

For those of you who have just reached or are reaching the sort of “golden” period of your business (meaning you’re actually starting to see some progress), it’s completely understandable to say that you “don’t have any time to waste.” Your business is making you happy and that’s certainly great news. But guess what! Spending your leisure time doing something fun is relevant to helping your business grow.

Here’s an example to show you how:

If you love playing basketball, then you obviously understand how important it is to form strategies to win. Strategizing is equally as essential when it comes to business. By developing and sharpening your strategizing skills, you are improving your performance as both an entrepreneur and a casual Saturday football player. Ta-da! Or maybe you really love yoga but have long forgotten it ever since your e-mail inbox got stuffed with questions from customers. Spending just 10 minutes every morning before work doing a bit of yoga can give you long-lasting energy levels and a fresh mind to run the business. See how getting a hobby really ends up being in favor of your company?


6. Take Pride In Your Strengths But Admit To Your Weaknesses 

Family pride




No matter how great you are at running your business, there are definitely certain tasks that, although you can do just fine, potentially could be done better by others. It’s important to understand that it’s more than okay to have weaknesses, and that admitting to them will actually help your business flourish.

If SEO is not your thing then quickly get online to find people who can help you with that. Or maybe you’re not the best copywriter and would need someone to help write tons of blogs every month. Nowadays there are so many different options for such cheap prices that it would arguably be inefficient or even dumb not to use them.

Okay, so you’re a perfectionist and you don’t like the idea of other people doing stuff for you because you know that things only go right when you get them done yourself. That’s understandable but ignoring the option of getting help from others will only hurt you and your business in the long run. As your business grows so will your workload, which is why there will come a point in time when you have no choice but to get help from others. Know that now before it gets too late.


7. Give Yourself a Pep Talk On Those Low Days 

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Just because you’re a successful businessman doesn’t mean you’re super hyped up and excited about life every single day. Yes, some days when the coffee is finally working and you’re not getting as many customer complaints then you feel pretty good and your motivation levels stay quite high. But even people like us get bad days.

The trick is to never get sucked into that fatigue, worn out, negligent attitude…no matter how strong it gets. Give yourself a pep talk or go on Youtube.com to watch some motivational videos. We’re basically saying that you should do whatever it takes to push yourself back up because let’s be real here – the business certainly won’t run itself.


8. No Matter How Much You Know, Always Be a Student 

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You need to maintain that thirst you once had to learn, no matter how smart or wise or knowledgeable you think you are now. Particularly when it comes to marketing, things are changing on an everyday basis and the only way you can keep up is if you make the effort to constantly learn.

You need to keep your eyes peeled for articles and blogs being uploaded on a daily basis regarding the product or service you are selling. Be on top of your game because missing out on a certain piece of information could determine whether or not you get to win.


9. Try To Be Lovely To Everyone, Even If They’re Not Your Cup of Tea 

Best Friends




This one is really hard because especially in the business world, you are unavoidably going to meet some major a-holes. But here’s the thing – you know exactly how important it is for entrepreneurs to form connections and build a network.

Whoever it is that you meet, always put a smile on and be the best version of yourself because you need your reputation to stay high. Also, you never know when you may need these people to help you out, whether that be in terms of sales, alliances, etc.


10. Use “Smart Drugs” To Your Advantage 





Nootropics or “smart drugs” have been around since the 50’s but recently they have grown as the new rage because really successful people are admitting into using them. Genius entrepreneur Dave Asprey, for instance, claims he takes over 15 different supplements on a daily basis. Meanwhile, millionaire author of the book The 4 Hour Work Week Tim Ferriss says that taking nootropic supplements is totally worthwhile.

These “smart pills” aren’t as voodoo-like as they sound. They’re basically supplements that enhance cognitive function and mood, which leads to better mental performance. Most nootropics work by increasing blood stimulation in the brain and promoting neurotransmitter availability. This way, your brain gets into a much clearer and alert mode.

All serious entrepreneurs are constantly on the lookout for something that can make them excel in this cutthroat line of work, so when two really successful chairman of the Silicon Valley say they’re fans of nootropics, we listen and take notes.

The entire point of using nootropics is to better yourself and improve your performance. When you’re a businessman or woman, your most important weapon is your brain. That’s why finding the perfect nootropic cocktail can be a huge stepping-stone towards growing a bigger and better business.

Picking your nootropic supplement of choice can get really challenging, especially when so many different brands and types are available. We’ve found our favorite and that’s Nitrovit. Nitrovit is manufactured by Neuro Laboratories, a supplement company who creates all their products in a GMP-certified lab in the U.S. Its formula consists of ingredients that will boost memory, heighten mental clarity, enhance focus, reduce anxiety and promote better mood. You can take a look at Nitrovit’s full supplement facts label and learn more about its benefits by clicking here.

The reason why Nitrovit has become a top choice for many entrepreneurs out there is because it provides them with the mental edge they need to be different than the rest. With higher levels of motivation and a better memory, you will be ready to kickass and be better than the others. Nitrovit is also super affordable, with the price starting at $39.99 per bottle. Visit Nitrovit’s official website directly by clicking here and make your journey the best one yet.

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