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17 Must-Do’s After Having Taken Your Very First Nootropic

So you’ve just taken your very first nootropic. In a few minutes, you’re going to feel it. But wait, what exactly are you going to feel? Well, to not spoil things for you, it’s better if you just find out yourself. I’m sure you’re extremely excited to see all things benefit from your very own superpill. But before you go conquering the world, let’s just see if it’s working for you.

There are quite a few telltale signs that will immediately let you know if you’re actually under the effects of nootropics already. While most might say that getting a “buzz” is the best way to know, some nootropics do not give you a buzz at all. However, there are still other ways to feel or experience the effects. It’s your very first nootropic though, so take caution, and assess your body is reacting with it in your system.

Try the following:

  1. Look at the color red. Does it seem more intense than usual?
  2. Listen to your surroundings. Can you hear more things than you usually do? Or are you just more aware of the things audibly happening around you?
  3. Write on a topic and see how far you can get. Nootropics should increase your creative ability, let’s see by just how much.
  4. Listen to music. Do you hear more things than you usually do? Can you see the bass? Can you hear the very subtle added bits? Is the band coming alive?
  5. Pick up your favorite music instrument. You might not have played guitar for a while, but I’m sure you can enjoy this time around.
  6. Take an IQ test online. While they do say that nootropics don’t increase your IQ, why take chances? Who knows?
  7. Read a book. Maybe you wanted to read a book, but just haven’t found it interesting enough yet. Maybe the first few chapters are little bit boring. You’ll get through this time!
  8. Reread a book. Perhaps there’s a whole new dimension that you haven’t even thought about. They say the story changes the second time you read the same book, so why not read it having taken a brain supplement?
  9. Ponder about the meaning of life. Well, why not?
  10. Plan your whole week’s work. You feel great, and you know for the rest of the week with your new brain supplement, you are going to feel amazing. Why not strategically see how much you think you’ll be able to finish by the end of the week, and see if you can beat that?
  11. Try something unfamiliar. Doing things that aren’t familiar to you engages your brain in unique ways. Try picking up a new skill, and see how long it takes to get good at it.
  12. Alternatively, try to improve a skill you already know, but aren’t too good at yet.
  13. Learn a new language. Because you’d like to be able to say “nootropics” in Spanish, Chinese French.
  14. Have sex. Realize that everything feels a lot more intense having taken a nootropic.
  15. Have even more sex. Isn’t this a no-brainer?
  16. Abandon caffeine altogether. You realize coffee’s got nothing on this.
  17. Contemplate about taking caffeine and nootropics together. You now realize that maybe 1+1 = 10,000.

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