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4 Phrases Unsuccessful People Use That You Need to Avoid

So you’re out to make it in the world! Great! However, success comes not only from hard work, but also from having the right mindset. You see, your mindset affects your subconscious – and your subconscious affects 90% of all your actions. So if you really want to make it big time, you might want to learn a few key phrases that unsuccessful people use, and how they actually affect their work lives, and then, if you have been, you must learn never to use them again!


  1. “I can’t.”
    This doesn’t mean that you should say yes to everything. There are things beyond everyone’s capabilities. However, that does mean that it is “impossible” either. Simply saying “I can’t” dismisses all possibilities. Instead, say “I can’t, but perhaps [Jane] is able to do this”. It not only shows humility, but shows that you know the extents of your capabilities, and you recognize that someone else can do better.
  2. “I can do it myself.”
    Of course, there are certain things that we’re able to do ourselves. But equally, no man is an island. If you want to pave the road to success, you need to understand that you’re going to need a few people to accompany you to help you as well. You need as many people as it takes to complement your weaknesses, since you can’t be great at everything.
  3. “You’re wrong!”
    When someone gives you advice or a little help, it’s not only alienating to immediately dismiss them as wrong, but you might actually be missing the main point. They’re not out there to make you look stupid by coming up with a better solution, they’re there to offer you a different point of view or angle to look at things.
  4. “I have no time to relax”
    Really? Do you know that even Bill Gates plays golf occasionally? You might not understand it, but you do need rest time to allow your body to recover and your brain to relax. Although you might have an extremely busy schedule, it is essential to allow yourself time to wind down with activities that have NOTHING to do with your overall goals. You don’t want to burn out.

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