Draw Ideas to Get a Completely New Perspective


Despite the amount of countermeasures that you might be employing to keep your creativity at an all-time high, everyone still experiences those creative blocks.

This happens more often than you think.

When trying to find a solution to a work problem.

When looking for the best way to spend your winter holidays. Or maybe even writing a simple article such as this one.

At times, your brain just can’t process any more information.


However, according to IDEO’s CEO Tim Brown, try drawing your ideas.

Yes, the very idea of it sounds absurd – drawing ideas? But how can I do that?

Well, if you aren’t working in any field that actually needs any visual representation, drawing your ideas engages your brain to think of it in a whole new perspective, allowing you to potentially tackle a problem from a different angle.



“When we draw an idea instead of what we normally do – using words and numbers – we’re actively engaging a different part of our brains.

Try to draw the idea as accurately as possible, and although it might take some time to figure that out, you’ll eventually be able to come up with novel solutions more quickly.”

Tim Brown, CEO



It isn’t just limited to making drawings or pictures, though. At times, that might not be effective.

You might find that what might work would be mind maps, tables, free writing.

However, the point here is to try to look at your idea from a perspective much different to what you normally do.

It’s a nice way to tell yourself that a creative block might just be overcome with a simple ingenuity.

Take your ideas a bit further and do things unlike the norm.


You might just even surprise your boss and win a promotion. That’d be nice.

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