• Creativity
    origin of creativity

    The Origin of Creativity

    Where do good ideas come from? It’s a kind of problem that probably everyone would be intrinsically interested in. Becoming more creative, coming up with better ideas, and basically becoming more innovative. What is the origin of creativity? Throughout the recent years, it was obvious how scientists would go about understanding how the many functions of the body – they’d study the anatomy of the body. And in this case we can transversely apply this to the mind. The more we want to be able to understand the mind, it is equally vital to understand the brain. And thus psychologists…

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  • Long-term Memory
    remember everything

    Remembering Everything

    Have you ever been in a rush to leave your apartment and then not remember where you left your keys? In frustration you tediously scour every corner of your room, in every place you thought you might have left it? I bet we all get that sometimes. “If I could just remember where I left those darn keys!” If only you could remember. Why are we blessed with memory when memory seems to be so unreliable at times? Well, that’s not true for all people. Some people will remember, everything – even if they didn’t want to. Yes, there is an extremely rare condition…

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  • Brain Health
    depression brain

    Depression Alters Brain Structure

    Have you ever noticed that you’d be feeling down in the dumps after a really stressful event? Depression usually follows a long period of stress. Why does this happen? Well, under stress, the brain releases a plethora of hormones that allow our behavioral and psychological responses. Think of it as the extra push of energy we need to fight or flee from a potentially hazardous situation. Depression occurs when the brain produces too much hormones which cause a chemical imbalance. Typically, depression is diagnosed when a person shows persisting symptoms (sadness, sleep difficulties, and an inability to function in everyday…

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  • Brain pills article

    Vinpocetine: Inconclusive Evidence?

    Vinpocetine: Inconclusive Evidence Vinpocetine is a biosynthetic supplement derived from alkaloid found in the Periwinkle plant called Vinca minor, and is used as a drug in Eastern Europe for the treatment of cerebrovascular disorders and age-related memory impairment, since it has been reported to have cerebral blood-flow enhancing and neuroprotective effects. Nevertheless, the drug is not yet approved in the United States for pharmaceutical use, but just dietary supplement, modality in which is commonly used as a vasodilator that has anticonvulsant and anti-inflammatory action. Unfortunately, most vinpocetine studies were performed before the 1990s. According to this meta-analysis , studies involve…

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  • Articles
    30 percent rule feedback

    Ask for Feedback Following the 30% Rule

    Some of you may have had an occurrence back in college when you had to submit a 10-page long assignment, but being so much of a perfectionist, you just had to create the best possible even on the rough draft. You spend so many hours of your time on the project, getting everything right, and when you finally go ask for feedback from your teacher before creating the finished paper, your teachers says you got it all wrong – and on a small technicality. You have done the paper correctly, but you have done it on a topic irrelevant to…

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  • Articles
    love in the brain

    Love happens in the brain not the heart

    One of the biggest problems that many of us Americans have is relationships. To this, there are so many advice columns available out there: on the internet, in magazines, on popular YouTube channels – all of them in the effort to educate us on how to have more meaningful relationships with our loved ones. Believe it or not, the divorce rate here is at around 50% – a number that’s pretty disturbing.     And if you see signs that your relationship is going sour, you’ve come to the right place. Except we aren’t really going to give you your…

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  • ADHD and Attention Issues
    signs of adhd

    Do I have ADHD – 5 Uncommon Signs you may have ADH

    So you may be wondering – do I have ADHD?… Attention Hyper Deficit Disorder (ADHD) is one of the most widely-known, but little understood, conditions of modern life…. These 5 uncommon signs might help you know if you suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder…   While it is generally seen as something that unruly children suffer from, it is also a reality of day to day life for many adults and is a major cause of car accidents. Recently the British Journal of Psychology published an interesting study. The study outlined how different dietary supplements can help ease the symptoms of ADHD.…

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  • ADHD and Attention Issues
    adhd work better

    Why people with ADHD may do better at work

    People with ADHD are stereotyped in movies as caffeine-addled basket cases, which does a terrible injustice to the reality of the life experience of people who really have ADHD. You may be surprised to learn that many of the great celebrities of our time have had ADHD, including Sir Richard Branson. But people like Jim Carey and Justin Timberlake are well-known for having ADHD. As well as Steve Jobs who, while never officially announced it, is widely considered to be someone who had attention deficit disorder.   What do all of these people have in common?   Creativity and success. ADHD is…

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  • Anxiety and Stress
    curb social media addiction

    How to Curb your Social Media Addiction

    We may not want to admit it, but many of us have an addiction to social media. Before you start shaking your head and denying it to yourself, answer the following questions: Is checking your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter the first thing you do when you wake up and the last thing you do before going to sleep? Are you prioritising your social media use over interactions with people you care about? Do you find yourself instinctively reaching for your phone with no real purpose? If so, then you have an addiction, and you’re not alone. According to Social Media…

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  • Brain Foods
    brain snacks

    The Top 3 Brain-Boosting Snacks

    Every food manufacturer these days seems to offer a top ‘brain-boosting snack’ of some sort. But should they be avoided? Well that depends upon what is in them, and what’s in them matters. Modern research strongly suggests that the food we eat has a direct impact on the cognitive abilities of the brain. Influencing both memory capacity and concentration levels. So instead of eating a processed ‘brain-boosting’ cereal bar or gulping down jugs of coffee on your lunch break for a short-lived and frenzied burst of brain power. Try increasing your intake of these healthy and office-friendly goodies for a…

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