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  • ginkgo biloba

    To Take or Not to Take: Ginkgo Biloba

    Despite being one of the most popular brain supplements in the world, some people have been giving ginkgo biloba a bad name lately, like this article on Live Science: Ginkgo biloba may not be the super-pill we all want it to be, but many people still think it is effective. Is it? In order to answer this, let’s divide the question into two different audiences – elderly people and young to middle aged adults. Elderly People This group of people is no stranger to ginkgo biloba. The extract of the leaves is sold in pill form and has been heavily…

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  • 5 brain foods

    5 Readily Available Brain Foods You Should be Eating

    Taking care of your body should be synonymous with aging. As people age, they need to actively keep their body in good health and good shape. One thing people tend to neglect, however, is the importance of keeping your brain running like a well-oiled engine. Eating “brain foods” have been shown to enhance memory, protect brain cells, and even reduce the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s. Here are 5 foods that you should be eating. 1.  Eggs – Yep, these great sources of protein are not only good for your body, but also keep your brain tuned. These bright, yellow yolks are full of the B-vitamin…

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  • hack healthy eating

    Hack Healthy Eating into Your Brain

    There are three categories of mindsets people have concerning eating healthy. They are: 1) I’m eating healthy. 2) I should be eating healthy. And 3) I don’t care about being healthy. Thankfully, this article directs its attention to both 1) and 2). If you’re under the 3rd category, sorry guys, this one’s not for you. Most people are eating or want to eat healthy foods, but lack the proper motivation to do so. This is usually a problem in the brain caused in the development stage when you were still young. Luckily, the brain, as complex as it is, can be…

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  • brain snacks

    The Top 3 Brain-Boosting Snacks

    Every food manufacturer these days seems to offer a top ‘brain-boosting snack’ of some sort. But should they be avoided? Well that depends upon what is in them, and what’s in them matters. Modern research strongly suggests that the food we eat has a direct impact on the cognitive abilities of the brain. Influencing both memory capacity and concentration levels. So instead of eating a processed ‘brain-boosting’ cereal bar or gulping down jugs of coffee on your lunch break for a short-lived and frenzied burst of brain power. Try increasing your intake of these healthy and office-friendly goodies for a…

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    What are Effects of Coffee

    It’s been long believed that caffeine brings about many upsides to performance in general but  lets actually better understand the Effects of Coffee. Coffee increases alertness and promotes concentration, plus it tastes great! Which coincidently makes coffee a really sought-after drink when studying, working, or doing anything that basically demands a lot of focus and attention. Like us, a lot of you will drink coffee in the morning or even all day to feel sharper from the effects of caffeine.   Scientific Evidence to support the Effects of coffee   A recent study conducted by researchers from John Hopkins University,…

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  • chocolate for health

    The One Food You Shouldn’t Be Skimping Out On

    It doesn’t matter what your reasons are – you’re on a diet, you’re trying to lose weight, your blood sugar is too high – the one food you should never, ever skip out on your daily dose of chocolate. Of course, that’s good news to chocolate lovers. However, for those who are still wondering why I recommend this, it’s because chocolate is one of the foods that quite possibly has a thousand and one benefits for your body!   The benefits that you can reap from eating chocolate moderately are endless – from improving heart health, lowering your overall blood…

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