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  • marijuana brain problem

    Marijuana Not Causing Brain Problem?

    In the past few weeks the whole nation has been flooded with countless reports claiming the effects that marijuana has on the brain. Apparently, it was reported that those who started taking marijuana in their teenage years when their brain is still developing experience lower cognitive ability in their adulthood, scoring significantly lower on cognitive tests when compared to those who started partaking in their twenties or later in life. One scientist, however, Lior Pachter claims that the research report submitted was very flawed. He admitted that he himself didn’t smoke pot or use any other drugs, and after examining…

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  • sex for brain

    Have Sex For Your Brain

    Have you ever wondered if having sex had any effect on your health? Well, obviously it is a good cardio replacement, depending how sexually active you are, and you just generally feel good doing it, but does sex does offer any other benefits to your health that were not previously documented? Back in 2010, a study conducted on rats led to findings that might astound you. Obviously, rats and humans differ in some ways, yet Princeton’s Psychology Department argues that the physiology of what happens with rats is similar enough to what happens to people. The study went was conducted…

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  • brain death

    The Death of a Brain

    What defines life? More importantly, what determines the state of being alive? Is it the blood flowing through your veins? Or the ongoing processes that carry out in your body? Is it the humanity’s condition of having feelings? Or perhaps it is the state of consciousness? It is a long-debated topic whether a “brain-dead” person is still alive. By definition, brain death is the irreversible end of brain activity. There is no potential for consciousness, independent respiration ceases. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? In the past, a confirmation of death was straightforward – when the heart stops beating and breathing no longer occurs,…

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  • fearless brain

    A Fearless Brain Teaches Us about Cognitive Enhancement

    What if you were afraid of nothing. If you were dropped into the African savannah at night, you could just stroll on through to the nearest town, find a place to sleep for the night, and continue on the next day. Transported to the inner city housing projects in Mexico City? No worries – say hola to your hombre and enjoy a burrito with some cerveza. Is the IRS knocking on your door? You’re not worried – you will find a way to settle things out. While this may seem ridiculous to even consider, there are a few people who fear nothing. Their brains are not capable…

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  • hack healthy eating

    Hack Healthy Eating into Your Brain

    There are three categories of mindsets people have concerning eating healthy. They are: 1) I’m eating healthy. 2) I should be eating healthy. And 3) I don’t care about being healthy. Thankfully, this article directs its attention to both 1) and 2). If you’re under the 3rd category, sorry guys, this one’s not for you. Most people are eating or want to eat healthy foods, but lack the proper motivation to do so. This is usually a problem in the brain caused in the development stage when you were still young. Luckily, the brain, as complex as it is, can be…

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  • depression brain

    Depression Alters Brain Structure

    Have you ever noticed that you’d be feeling down in the dumps after a really stressful event? Depression usually follows a long period of stress. Why does this happen? Well, under stress, the brain releases a plethora of hormones that allow our behavioral and psychological responses. Think of it as the extra push of energy we need to fight or flee from a potentially hazardous situation. Depression occurs when the brain produces too much hormones which cause a chemical imbalance. Typically, depression is diagnosed when a person shows persisting symptoms (sadness, sleep difficulties, and an inability to function in everyday…

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  • brain snacks

    The Top 3 Brain-Boosting Snacks

    Every food manufacturer these days seems to offer a top ‘brain-boosting snack’ of some sort. But should they be avoided? Well that depends upon what is in them, and what’s in them matters. Modern research strongly suggests that the food we eat has a direct impact on the cognitive abilities of the brain. Influencing both memory capacity and concentration levels. So instead of eating a processed ‘brain-boosting’ cereal bar or gulping down jugs of coffee on your lunch break for a short-lived and frenzied burst of brain power. Try increasing your intake of these healthy and office-friendly goodies for a…

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  • Food Dye Could Be Causing Your Child’s ADHD

    While at the moment, it’s still quite unclear what really causes ADHD, there are quite a few things that do make it worse. We know that there are certain types of foods that make ADHD symptoms worse, as well as activities that are not really suited for those suffering from ADHD. However, there has been some increasingly interesting studies published lately on how ADHD is affected by food dye – something that is in nearly all consumables, from candy, to soda, to even toothpaste! A new study from Purdue University sheds light on the possible connection, by measuring the amount…

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  • young blood

    Young Blood Reverses Age-Related Impairments

    You read that right. Yes, in the ongoing search for the fountain of youth, it was discovered that one possible solution, at least for the treatment of age related cognitive impairments, might be the use of young blood to reverse the damage on the brain. Sounds too much like science fiction? Well, as much it might be, it works, at least for mice. Published in the journal Nature Medicine, Tony Wyss-Coray and his colleagues went on about their use of infused plasma from young mice injected into older mice. Apparently, through some way, the older mice were then able to perform…

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  • best results from the nootropics

    How can I get the Best Results from Nootropics?

    Guys, let’s get one thing straight: nootropics are not super pills But you can get the best nootropic results if you follow our tips. Nootropics work by providing essential nutrition to your brain. And thereby allowing it to function a lot more efficiently than it currently is. It’s basically like the clean-up crew and maintenance for your brain. Because most people’s brains aren’t functioning at their optimum at all. This is also why so many people get disappointed after having tried nootropics for the very first time. No, it is not the pill that you saw from the movie Limitless. Such pill allowing…

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