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  • hack healthy eating

    Hack Healthy Eating into Your Brain

    There are three categories of mindsets people have concerning eating healthy. They are: 1) I’m eating healthy. 2) I should be eating healthy. And 3) I don’t care about being healthy. Thankfully, this article directs its attention to both 1) and 2). If you’re under the 3rd category, sorry guys, this one’s not for you. Most people are eating or want to eat healthy foods, but lack the proper motivation to do so. This is usually a problem in the brain caused in the development stage when you were still young. Luckily, the brain, as complex as it is, can be…

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  • brain snacks

    The Top 3 Brain-Boosting Snacks

    Every food manufacturer these days seems to offer a top ‘brain-boosting snack’ of some sort. But should they be avoided? Well that depends upon what is in them, and what’s in them matters. Modern research strongly suggests that the food we eat has a direct impact on the cognitive abilities of the brain. Influencing both memory capacity and concentration levels. So instead of eating a processed ‘brain-boosting’ cereal bar or gulping down jugs of coffee on your lunch break for a short-lived and frenzied burst of brain power. Try increasing your intake of these healthy and office-friendly goodies for a…

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  • sleep hours

    How much is too little and too much sleep?

    The National Sleep Organisation has published new guidelines that tell us how much sleep we should be getting, according to our age. It contains no surprises. Newborns need a whopping  14 to 17 hours a day while people aged 65 plus need just seven to eight hours. For the vast majority of adult life, from 18 up to 60, the recommended amount stays stable at seven to nine hours. The Foundation does offer the warning that, in many societies, sleep deprivation is virtually an epidemic. While bringing up children is the age-old cause of it, modern day work pressures and…

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  • truth about sugar

    The bitter truth about sugar

    If you’re aged 30 or over, it goes without saying that you’ll remember a time when people weren’t so fat. Sure, you’d see a few tubbies here and there. But to see someone seriously, massively off-the-scales obese; that was a memorable rarity. Nowadays it’s commonplace, unremarkable. It’s thought that there are 30% more obese people in the world now than undernourished people. And (no pun intended) obesity is shaping up to be, if it isn’t already, one of the world’s greatest causes of illness and death. It used to be infectious plagues like smallpox and Spanish flu that cut swathes…

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  • Food Dye Could Be Causing Your Child’s ADHD

    While at the moment, it’s still quite unclear what really causes ADHD, there are quite a few things that do make it worse. We know that there are certain types of foods that make ADHD symptoms worse, as well as activities that are not really suited for those suffering from ADHD. However, there has been some increasingly interesting studies published lately on how ADHD is affected by food dye – something that is in nearly all consumables, from candy, to soda, to even toothpaste! A new study from Purdue University sheds light on the possible connection, by measuring the amount…

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  • limitless mindset foods

    5 Essential Foods That Bring You One Step Closer to a “Limitless” Mindset

    Let’s be honest, we’ve all seen the movie “Limitless” – and loved it! What most of us wouldn’t give to get our hands on that little super pill! The thing to note here however is that one pill will never provide all of the answers, because to be truly limitless, the body needs not just a boost from nootropics, but plenty of rejuvenating rest, couple this with physical and mental exercise to help pump blood around the body and brain to keep everything firing on all cylinders, and above all – a nutrient rich diet. If putting down the pizza…

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  • aromatherapy

    5 Beautiful All-Natural Herbs Which Provide Amazing Aromatherapy

    As we know for most people, a smell isn’t just a fragrance—it’s a memory. When you get a whiff of chocolate frosted cake, you may think of your mother’s infamous baking recipe. The reason why we feel this way as scientifically proven, is due to the fact that our olfactory has a direct link to the emotional centers of our brains. A majority of the things we are able to smell is somehow associated with our past, whether it be due to a specific event or just in general a positive memory. Other than bringing back old memories, these scents…

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  • exercise and drinking

    Exercise Can Offset Brain Damage from Heavy Drinking

    I’m not going to lie, I enjoy the occasional night out with my buddies, getting wasted to the point that I don’t even remember my own name – let alone the girl who’s grinding on me. However, the years when you’d see me drinking every night of the week are far behind me. We do have a few readers that are in their college years, though, and to you, I dedicate this article. If you’re at college and you’re trying to justify your drinking habits, you’d have probably already memorized that article that stated how drinking alcohol can have benefits…

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  • sitting all day effects

    The Effects of Sitting all Day

    Sitting all day affects the brain in the same way as smoking all day a new study suggests. There have been many articles written about how physical exercise positively affects the body, and how a lack of exercise will bring about negative consequences to the body. Put simply, if you sit down all day at your desk working, you risk adding pounds to your weight and inches to your waistline. If this was not enough motivation to get up and do something, more recent news shows that a lack of physical exercise makes our brains less sharp as well. Memory…

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  • erase stress

    3 Ways to Eliminate Stress from Your Life

    If you’ve been feeling like you’ve wanted to explode in frustration lately, this might just be the article that you need to turn that frown upside down (no, really). Do know, though, that it probably isn’t even your fault. You can finally let that block off your chest now and breathe easy. Stress comes from a number of things, some that you can control, and some that you can’t – it’s simply how you react to it that makes all the difference. And although it’s impossible to be happy all the time, there are some things that you can do…

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