Long-term Memory

  • unfamiliarity

    Unfamiliarity Begets Improved Memory

    It’s common knowledge that the brain needs to be exercised regularly with mental challenges to keep it sharp in today’s ever-changing and increasingly challenging environment. We’ve been taught from an early age to keep challenging our brain with crossword puzzles, strategic games, and the hours of studying we had to undergo come exam week. A new study, however, elaborates on how learning a new, unfamiliar skill may produce a notable boost in memory. The study, conducted by the University of Texas just last year, outlined an experiment that involved over 200 people, aged between 60 and 90, who were divided into 3…

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  • remember everything

    Remembering Everything

    Have you ever been in a rush to leave your apartment and then not remember where you left your keys? In frustration you tediously scour every corner of your room, in every place you thought you might have left it? I bet we all get that sometimes. “If I could just remember where I left those darn keys!” If only you could remember. Why are we blessed with memory when memory seems to be so unreliable at times? Well, that’s not true for all people. Some people will remember, everything – even if they didn’t want to. Yes, there is an extremely rare condition…

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  • forgetful

    Why People Are So Forgetful

    Understanding why you are so forgetful You got to admit, you’ve had the occasional old person moment – you probably left the house with your keys still inside, maybe you forgot to let the dog go out to do its business, or even that time when you went to the supermarket forgetting what you were going to buy. Yes, we’ve all had our brain farts at times, and to tell you the truth, it’s getting me worried – I might even have my midlife crisis right now. Your brain is like an Overloaded Computer However, a German study recently last…

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  • what is memory

    What is Memory?

    What is a memory really? Is it like a video in your head? A video that you play back as many times as you’d like? No, apparently not. According to a new study in the Journal of Neuroscience, memory is more like a continuous video editing process. Pinpointed at the hippocampus where all this editing occurs, the researchers from North-western University say that even your vague recollections of your love at first sight, or your 12th birthday, or your first PlayStation might all just be tricks of memory. When you think back on a memory, you might not be remembering what you…

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  • What Was Your Name Again? (Why It’s So Hard to Remember)

    It has probably have happened to everyone at some point of their lives, and is a problem that continue to plagues many (me included) even today – “What was your name again?” I probably meet almost a dozen new people every day, but it seems that no matter how hard I try, I cannot recall even one single name at the end of the day. Unless of course, they are smoking hot! But even then, it’s still quite difficult. Surely enough, I can’t be the only one!   So I read a little more about it, and it seems that…

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    Photographic memory is one of the most elusive things to us here on earth. Think about it – do you even know a person who has photographic memory? We’ve heard about them, we’ve read about them, and in some cases, we’ve watched videos of them – however, chances are, you don’t know anyone who has photographic memory. Well, you’re in luck, because with a little bit of practice, you’ll be that lucky one in your group of friends that can remember the order of a deck of cards in under a minute. Well, not really. Sorry to say, it’s quite…

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  • student guide to nootropics

    A Student’s Complete Guide To Nootropics

    You’re a high-achieving student with a goal in mind, and there’s no way you’ll settle for average passing scores. You’ve been putting in your all into whatever assignment or project is due tomorrow but are lacking the energy to push through for the next few hours. Or maybe you’re having a really hard time studying because you lack the focus to ignore social media distractions. Whatever the case may be, there is a solution to your problem.  When it comes to college or university, there are only three types of students – the ones who have no idea what’s going…

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  • What is Vitamin B6, Vitamin B6, Vit B6, What is Vit B6, Vitamin B6 dosage

    Vitamin B6 – Benefits, Dosage, And Side Effects

    Vitamin B6 – Benefits, Dosage, And Side Effects Vitamin B6 – how important is it? What kind of benefits can it bring to the table? And how much should you take? Vitamin B6, among others, is one of the most important supplements you should be using if you want higher sex drive, great levels of energy, mental clarity and long-term brain health, and even better sleep quality. Hormone boosting nutrients such as Vitamin B6 are appropriate for both men and women who are looking for that extra kick to really push themselves in the gym, at work, or just want…

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  • how to stay consistent

    How To Stay Consistent With Nootropics

    As anyone who has taken nootropics regularly knows, taking tablets every day at the same time every day is tough. Maybe one night you wake up late and rush out of the door, or perhaps you decide to crash at a friend’s house, and you head to work the next day without going home first. Either way, we’ve all missed a dose once or twice before. Now, as you all know, all nootropics are different and so are humans. How a person reacts to a certain nootropic can be different, depending on that person’s gender, age, weight and metabolism, genetics,…

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  • 3 keys to unlock your brain

    3 Key Ways to Instantly Unlock Brainpower

      This blog post is dedicated to all of you out there who more often than not just feel…meh. You’re unfocused, you’re tired all the time, you’re unexcited about your life, you’re lacking creative ideas and you’re constantly overwhelmed with anxiety and sadness whether you realize it or not. Sure, some days are better than others but overall you still feel a sort of barrier that’s stopping you from achieving your goals – that’s if you even have any at this point. Today’s message that we want to put out there is that change is possible.  You’ve seen the movie…

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