Memory Enhancement

  • unfamiliarity

    Unfamiliarity Begets Improved Memory

    It’s common knowledge that the brain needs to be exercised regularly with mental challenges to keep it sharp in today’s ever-changing and increasingly challenging environment. We’ve been taught from an early age to keep challenging our brain with crossword puzzles, strategic games, and the hours of studying we had to undergo come exam week. A new study, however, elaborates on how learning a new, unfamiliar skill may produce a notable boost in memory. The study, conducted by the University of Texas just last year, outlined an experiment that involved over 200 people, aged between 60 and 90, who were divided into 3…

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  • remember everything

    Remembering Everything

    Have you ever been in a rush to leave your apartment and then not remember where you left your keys? In frustration you tediously scour every corner of your room, in every place you thought you might have left it? I bet we all get that sometimes. “If I could just remember where I left those darn keys!” If only you could remember. Why are we blessed with memory when memory seems to be so unreliable at times? Well, that’s not true for all people. Some people will remember, everything – even if they didn’t want to. Yes, there is an extremely rare condition…

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  • limitless mindset foods

    5 Essential Foods That Bring You One Step Closer to a “Limitless” Mindset

    Let’s be honest, we’ve all seen the movie “Limitless” – and loved it! What most of us wouldn’t give to get our hands on that little super pill! The thing to note here however is that one pill will never provide all of the answers, because to be truly limitless, the body needs not just a boost from nootropics, but plenty of rejuvenating rest, couple this with physical and mental exercise to help pump blood around the body and brain to keep everything firing on all cylinders, and above all – a nutrient rich diet. If putting down the pizza…

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  • forgetful

    Why People Are So Forgetful

    Understanding why you are so forgetful You got to admit, you’ve had the occasional old person moment – you probably left the house with your keys still inside, maybe you forgot to let the dog go out to do its business, or even that time when you went to the supermarket forgetting what you were going to buy. Yes, we’ve all had our brain farts at times, and to tell you the truth, it’s getting me worried – I might even have my midlife crisis right now. Your brain is like an Overloaded Computer However, a German study recently last…

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  • what is memory

    What is Memory?

    What is a memory really? Is it like a video in your head? A video that you play back as many times as you’d like? No, apparently not. According to a new study in the Journal of Neuroscience, memory is more like a continuous video editing process. Pinpointed at the hippocampus where all this editing occurs, the researchers from North-western University say that even your vague recollections of your love at first sight, or your 12th birthday, or your first PlayStation might all just be tricks of memory. When you think back on a memory, you might not be remembering what you…

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  • write down ideas

    Why It’s Nothing if You Didn’t Write it Down

    If you have ever come up with a great idea and didn’t even bother to write it down, you are an idiot. For the most part, your memory probably isn’t nearly as accurate as you think, and nine times out of ten, unless your brain has a reason to remember, you will almost undoubtedly forget. Meanwhile, how hard is it really to take out a pen and paper and scribble down some notes for a few seconds? Make it easier for yourself: write it down. Well, from a scientific point of view, this is really how our memory works. Anything…

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  • writing things down

    Why You Should Be Writing Things Down

    It’s commonplace nowadays that when you walk into a college classroom, everyone is on their MacBook Airs and Windows Ultrabooks. What happened to the age of writing things down on paper? I remember back in college, I didn’t even carry bags to school – just a small notebook and my trusty old blue ball-point pen. Now, when you ask students for a pen, they look at you in wonder of what type of app you’re talking about. Heh. The act of writing helps you clarify your thoughts, remember things better, and even reach your goals more surely, though. We’re not…

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  • pink seat

    Consistent Seating Increases Attention in Class

    It’s different for everyone, but there’s that one point when you’re in class where you just suddenly realize that there’s no point listening to the professor. It might be 5 minutes, 15 minute, or maybe an hour into class – every word that comes out of his mouth just sounds increasingly more and more like indistinct slurs of speech. Yes, you’re not paying attention, and you couldn’t be bothered anyways. It isn’t a difficult assumption to make that we’ve all been in that sort of situation at one point in college, drifting away in your thoughts during class, only to…

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  • journal

    Keep a Journal for Trivial Information throughout the Day

    Learning is always good for your brain. Every time you experiment and learn something new, your brain gets stimulated in ways different to 90% of what’s happening in it every day. Every time you learn a new unfamiliar skill, your memory becomes all the more finely tuned and enhanced. Help your brain out a little bit in this process by writing down the things that you learn every day in a little journal. Whether you get your information online, from your buddies, or something you read on the subway – put a note down into your little notebook. It doesn’t…

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  • What Was Your Name Again? (Why It’s So Hard to Remember)

    It has probably have happened to everyone at some point of their lives, and is a problem that continue to plagues many (me included) even today – “What was your name again?” I probably meet almost a dozen new people every day, but it seems that no matter how hard I try, I cannot recall even one single name at the end of the day. Unless of course, they are smoking hot! But even then, it’s still quite difficult. Surely enough, I can’t be the only one!   So I read a little more about it, and it seems that…

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