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  • Fish Oil and Cognitive Support

    Fish Oil and Cognitive Support

    Humans are currently getting essential fish oil nutrient Omega 3 from the tissues of oily fish. However, the fish itself does not produce the famous fatty acids contained in the fish oil. Rather, they accumulate them by consuming microalgae, the original holder of omega-3’s EPA and DHA (too bad we cannot synthesize it by ourselves!). Together with a high quantity of antioxidants, these compounds prevent the oxidative degradation of lipids that results in cell damage. Predictably, the health effects of fish oil supplementation seem to be broad and diverse… Supposedly fish oil can act as a sort of prevention against…

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  • black peppercorns containing Piperine.

    Piperine Benefits, Dosage, And Side Effects

    Piperine Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects, and Costs (Black Pepper Extract/BioPerine) What are Piperine benefits? Most people don’t know because Piperine’s benefits are so few; therefore, most health supplements do not use it. And yet, our Editor’s Choice winner for the focus and memory supplement category – NITROvit features it – and the incredible results this supplement delivers could be down to Piperine (BioPerine). Are you confused? Well, read on; we’ll explain why only the best manufacturers add it to their formulas and, despite Piperine having so few benefits, what exactly Piperine does : – What is Piperine? – Piperine Principal…

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  • caffeine lover

    All Caffeine Lovers!

    A new caffeinated what now?! That’s right – the world of scientific technology has managed to blow our minds once again, this time with an energy-boosting, Caffeine product that you can wear.  Coffee has become part of our daily lives but it would be a straight-up lie if we were to say that we haven’t looked for other ways to pump up our bodies and wake up our minds. There’s a whole bunch of articles on the Internet suggesting you to start the day with some green tea, a mild jog around the neighborhood or yuck – one of those…

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  • Zinc Supplement dose

    Zinc Benefits, Dosage, and Side-effects

    Zinc Benefits, Dosage, and Side-effects Are all the rumors about zinc benefits like, being able to boost testosterone true? Will supplementing with zinc really improve muscle growth and maintain overall health? Find out all the answers to your questions here with us in this article. Zinc is a mineral that is absolutely vital to our body’s regular functioning and maintenance of overall health. It maintains immune system strength, it is used in the production of energy, it supports proper muscle growth, it plays a role in the manufacturing of different proteins and enzymes, it helps to heal wounds, it enhances…

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  • What is Vitamin D3, Vitamin D3, Vit D3, What is Vit D3, Vitamin D3 dosage

    Vitamin D3 Benefits, Dosage, And Side Effects

    Vitamin D3 Benefits, Dosage, And Side Effects Vitamin D3 Benefits are oftentimes overlooked by athletes and gym freaks because the market places more focus on supplements such as L-Carnitine, Creatine and Whey Protein. A deficiency in Vitamin D3, however, can cause a great variety of health problems. Including depression, fatigue, muscle pain and more. In men, low levels of Vitamin D3 have interestingly been correlated with decreased testosterone and sex drive. Most of us feel more energized, active and zestful during the summertime, and that’s because the sun is our main source of Vitamin D3. But the secret to Vitamin…

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  • Oyster Extract Benefits

    Oyster Extract – Benefits, Dosage, And Side Effects

    Oyster Extract – Benefits, Dosage, And Side Effects Oyster Extract: If you’ve ever heard the advice “never order oysters on a first date,” you know it’s because this particular saltwater clam is known as the world’s ultimate aphrodisiac. While eating the food may be able to spark up some sexy, romantic heat, using a purified Oyster extract supplement comes with many more benefits. Oyster is packed with tons of different minerals, but the main player of the game is undoubtedly Zinc. Not only does Zinc support sexual health, it also plays a role in maintaining a well-functioning immune system. Also…

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  • What is Vitamin B6, Vitamin B6, Vit B6, What is Vit B6, Vitamin B6 dosage

    Vitamin B6 – Benefits, Dosage, And Side Effects

    Vitamin B6 – Benefits, Dosage, And Side Effects Vitamin B6 – how important is it? What kind of benefits can it bring to the table? And how much should you take? Vitamin B6, among others, is one of the most important supplements you should be using if you want higher sex drive, great levels of energy, mental clarity and long-term brain health, and even better sleep quality. Hormone boosting nutrients such as Vitamin B6 are appropriate for both men and women who are looking for that extra kick to really push themselves in the gym, at work, or just want…

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  • Boost testosterone with vitamins

    Redefine What It Means To Be A Middle-Aged Man With These Top 3 Testosterone Boosting Vitamins

      Redefine What It Means To Be A Middle-Aged Man With These Top 3 Testosterone Boosting Vitamins. Turn Back The Clock With Our Roundup Of The 3 Best Testosterone Boosting Vitamins For Those Wanting More Stamina, Energy, And Sex Drive. To this day, my biggest role model in life is my 72-year-old father. The way he carries his life with such integrity, strength and nobility inspires me to become a better man every day. Truth be told, the reason why I became so passionate about supplements and performance optimization in the first place was because from such a young age,…

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  • Maca benefits

    Maca, an Ancient Nootropic

    Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a herbaceous biennial plant that grows above 4000 altitude meters in Peru’s Central Andes. Maca is studied because its effects on sexual function, spermatogenesis, female reproductive function, memory, depression and anxiety; and energy as well as effects on benign prostatic hyperplasia, osteoporosis and metabolic syndrome. Its anti-aging effect is also discussed as well as safety in consumption. Thus, maca has different varieties according to the color of the hypocotyl. Black maca shows the best results on spermatogenesis, memory and fatigue, while red maca is the variety that reverses the benign prostatic hyperplasia and experimentally induced osteoporosis.…

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  • Coconut oil, MCT oil, healthy oil

    Healthy Oils For Your Brain

    As we enter into the new millennium, scientists and other medical professionals have begun to change their minds about the healthfulness of oils. Years ago all anyone could talk about was low-fat diets. But now we’ve begun to understand how essential certain fats are to our physical and mental wellbeing.   >If you want Increased Cognitive ability Click here to read Our Nitrovit supplement Review<   You see, the human brain is nearly 60 per cent fat, and fatty acids are thought to be the most essential molecules that determine your brain’s ability to function normally. The regular consumption of…

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