• ginkgo biloba

    To Take or Not to Take: Ginkgo Biloba

    Despite being one of the most popular brain supplements in the world, some people have been giving ginkgo biloba a bad name lately, like this article on Live Science: Ginkgo biloba may not be the super-pill we all want it to be, but many people still think it is effective. Is it? In order to answer this, let’s divide the question into two different audiences – elderly people and young to middle aged adults. Elderly People This group of people is no stranger to ginkgo biloba. The extract of the leaves is sold in pill form and has been heavily…

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  • vinpocetine

    Vinpocetine: Inconclusive Evidence?

    Vinpocetine: Inconclusive Evidence Vinpocetine is a biosynthetic supplement derived from alkaloid found in the Periwinkle plant called Vinca minor, and is used as a drug in Eastern Europe for the treatment of cerebrovascular disorders and age-related memory impairment, since it has been reported to have cerebral blood-flow enhancing and neuroprotective effects. Nevertheless, the drug is not yet approved in the United States for pharmaceutical use, but just dietary supplement, modality in which is commonly used as a vasodilator that has anticonvulsant and anti-inflammatory action. Unfortunately, most vinpocetine studies were performed before the 1990s. According to this meta-analysis , studies involve…

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  • best results from the nootropics

    How can I get the Best Results from Nootropics?

    Guys, let’s get one thing straight: nootropics are not super pills But you can get the best nootropic results if you follow our tips. Nootropics work by providing essential nutrition to your brain. And thereby allowing it to function a lot more efficiently than it currently is. It’s basically like the clean-up crew and maintenance for your brain. Because most people’s brains aren’t functioning at their optimum at all. This is also why so many people get disappointed after having tried nootropics for the very first time. No, it is not the pill that you saw from the movie Limitless. Such pill allowing…

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  • elon silicon valley

    Brain-Enhancing Drugs: Is Elon and the Valley on Brain Pills?

    We all know about the ‘supposed’ brain-enhancing drugs like Adderall that helps university students study. But even those in Silicon Valley are now crediting nootropics for laying the foundations for much of their success over the last couple of decades. Many would love to keep their secret brain-enhancing supplements all to themselves. But increasing media attention is making increased public take-up seem like a foregone conclusion. Movies such as Limitless, and Lucy both really hitting home the obsession we have with human enhancement. And the draw of the potential benefits of simply popping a brain-enhancing nootropic “smart pill”.   What are Nootropics?   “Nootropic” is the name given…

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  • searching for brain enhancers

    In Search of a Brain Enhancer

    “Imagine if you could use 100% of your brain.” It’s a saying most commonly heard today in the movies, and one that has spurred up quite a number of discussions. With so many movies coming out recently about brain enhancement, are people really looking for ways to increase their brain function? We’re talking about the movies that came out recently that included a plot where the protagonist enhances their brain and gains extraordinary powers. Movies like Limitless with Bradley Cooper, and the now upcoming Lucy with the foxy Scarlett Johansson come to mind. Why is the whole world really obsessed over looking for a…

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  • 17 must do

    17 Must-Do’s After Having Taken Your Very First Nootropic

    So you’ve just taken your very first nootropic. In a few minutes, you’re going to feel it. But wait, what exactly are you going to feel? Well, to not spoil things for you, it’s better if you just find out yourself. I’m sure you’re extremely excited to see all things benefit from your very own superpill. But before you go conquering the world, let’s just see if it’s working for you. There are quite a few telltale signs that will immediately let you know if you’re actually under the effects of nootropics already. While most might say that getting a…

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  • 3 awesome things

    Three Awesome Things Nootropics Do for You that Have Nothing to Do with Brain Function

    While a lot of emphasis has been put on nootropics for their use to increase focus, memory, motivation, and a host of other things brain-related, these ‘brain pills’ actually do a bit more than just that. There are other effects that some would consider peculiar – of course, it’s not like you will get superpowers. These effects are quite normal (but awesome in their own way) – you just wouldn’t expect them from supplements that are supposed to enhance the brain. Aside from allowing you to get things done, here are three other amazing things that nootropics do for you:…

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  • nootropics experience

    Three Fundamental Things that Can Make or Break your Experience with Nootropics

    Are you finding that nootropics aren’t exactly working the way you want them to? Were you expecting a lot more? Let’s get this straight – nootropics are not miracle pills (and they don’t increase your IQ either). Sure, they allow your brain to function at a more optimal level due to the nourishment that their ingredients bring. However, whether or not you get the results that want highly depend on your own actions too. If you are just sat in front of the sofa for eight hours a day, just playing your Xbox, watching some old movies because you’re so…

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  • black peppercorns containing Piperine.

    Piperine Benefits, Dosage, And Side Effects

    Piperine Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects, and Costs (Black Pepper Extract/BioPerine) What are Piperine benefits? Most people don’t know because Piperine’s benefits are so few; therefore, most health supplements do not use it. And yet, our Editor’s Choice winner for the focus and memory supplement category – NITROvit features it – and the incredible results this supplement delivers could be down to Piperine (BioPerine). Are you confused? Well, read on; we’ll explain why only the best manufacturers add it to their formulas and, despite Piperine having so few benefits, what exactly Piperine does : – What is Piperine? – Piperine Principal…

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  • student guide to nootropics

    A Student’s Complete Guide To Nootropics

    You’re a high-achieving student with a goal in mind, and there’s no way you’ll settle for average passing scores. You’ve been putting in your all into whatever assignment or project is due tomorrow but are lacking the energy to push through for the next few hours. Or maybe you’re having a really hard time studying because you lack the focus to ignore social media distractions. Whatever the case may be, there is a solution to your problem.  When it comes to college or university, there are only three types of students – the ones who have no idea what’s going…

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