• focus on your food when eating

    Focus On Your Food When You Eat

    In this day and age, everyone’s always multitasking. Even the word “multitasking” has becoming commonplace. People often find that they’re doing two or more things at the same time. Come exam week, you’re studying, whilst on Facebook as well. When you’re at the office, you might be working, meanwhile, also listening to some calming music. Even as this article is being written, there are quite a few tabs open on YouTube and 9GAG. As they say, “time is of the essence.” However, on multitasking, one of the most common ones that dates back quite a while ago, and is the…

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  • be the dumbest person in the room

    Why You Should Always Be the Dumbest in the Room

    As cliched as it may sound, the phrase “tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are” still holds very true today. In fact, it may even be more increasingly important in current times where the global workforce economy is so competitive. Selecting the right people you surround yourself with can have a huge impact on your personal growth, and may even influence your ultimate success (or failure). Back in college, I was a very high achiever, and was able to maintain my 4.0 GPA for a very long time. I studied really hard and I…

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  • Your Negative Friends are Only there to Bring You Down

    We all have the one or two friends that are always so pessimistic when we are trying to get things done in life. As much as you would not like to admit that they are, you can identify them as the friends that have no life – not accomplishing much, and are always constantly envious of your achievements. They always seem to bring you down and sap away all your energy, leaving you feeling as gloomy as they are. Well, to tell you the truth, it is probably time to sever all ties. Perhaps it is your best friend, your…

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  • Brain-Eating Parasite

    12 year old girl was a Victim of a Rare Brain-Eating Parasite! Have you been watching any scary movies lately? Well, here’s a story that might just give you the creeps. In recent news, there was a 12 year old girl from Arkansas that was confined in the hospital after it was discovered that she had been infected by a brain-eating parasite. It was confirmed by the Arkansas Department of Health, that the girl’s brain was infected by a rare amoeba. This amoeba, called N. Fowleri, thrives in warm waters and enters through the nasal cavity. There, it just literally…

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  • caffeine lover

    All Caffeine Lovers!

    A new caffeinated what now?! That’s right – the world of scientific technology has managed to blow our minds once again, this time with an energy-boosting, Caffeine product that you can wear.  Coffee has become part of our daily lives but it would be a straight-up lie if we were to say that we haven’t looked for other ways to pump up our bodies and wake up our minds. There’s a whole bunch of articles on the Internet suggesting you to start the day with some green tea, a mild jog around the neighborhood or yuck – one of those…

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  • the effects of social media on your brain

    The effects of social media on your brain

    The Brain Drain of Facebook, Twitter, and Other Digital Distractions The effects of social media on your brain In this wired world of instant technology, it sometimes feels like we are constantly distracted and constantly multitasking. Many people have reported modern technology makes people “dumber,” but is there any scientific evidence to back this up? If so, then what is really happening when you check Facebook and read this article on SupplementBuyer, at the same time?   Research into the effects of social media on your brain   Researchers at the University of California at Irvine and Carnegie Mellon have…

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  • life hacks with smart drugs

    Amazing Life hacks to Try NOW with Smart Drugs

    2 Amazing Life hacks you can implement in your life Right Now!   Wouldn’t it just be absolutely awesome if we would be able to control and influence every aspect of how our brain works? I’m sure if we would be able to do so, we could achieve amazing things. If you needed a little extra brain power into your ability to focus, you could easily just make a few adjustments in your head to make that possible. If you wanted to be able to boost your memory to allow you to remember EVERYTHING, that would be equally as easy…

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  • Maca benefits

    Maca, an Ancient Nootropic

    Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a herbaceous biennial plant that grows above 4000 altitude meters in Peru’s Central Andes. Maca is studied because its effects on sexual function, spermatogenesis, female reproductive function, memory, depression and anxiety; and energy as well as effects on benign prostatic hyperplasia, osteoporosis and metabolic syndrome. Its anti-aging effect is also discussed as well as safety in consumption. Thus, maca has different varieties according to the color of the hypocotyl. Black maca shows the best results on spermatogenesis, memory and fatigue, while red maca is the variety that reverses the benign prostatic hyperplasia and experimentally induced osteoporosis.…

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  • Coconut oil, MCT oil, healthy oil

    Healthy Oils For Your Brain

    As we enter into the new millennium, scientists and other medical professionals have begun to change their minds about the healthfulness of oils. Years ago all anyone could talk about was low-fat diets. But now we’ve begun to understand how essential certain fats are to our physical and mental wellbeing.   >If you want Increased Cognitive ability Click here to read Our Nitrovit supplement Review<   You see, the human brain is nearly 60 per cent fat, and fatty acids are thought to be the most essential molecules that determine your brain’s ability to function normally. The regular consumption of…

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  • blood flow to the brain

    10 Ways To Increase Blood Flow To Your Brain

    Did you know that an increase in blood flow to your brain can help protect your memory and thinking skills? This makes sense if you remember that our brain receives roughly 15% of our cardiac blood output and uses three times as much oxygen as our muscles do. Oxygen is vital to brain function and increasing the oxygen flow to your brain may sharpen your focus and boost your cognitive abilities. 1.Aerobic exercise One way to get blood flowing to your brain is to get regular aerobic exercise. Whether you’re taking a dance class, working out to a video online,…

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