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    Unfamiliarity Begets Improved Memory

    It’s common knowledge that the brain needs to be exercised regularly with mental challenges to keep it sharp in today’s ever-changing and increasingly challenging environment. We’ve been taught from an early age to keep challenging our brain with crossword puzzles, strategic games, and the hours of studying we had to undergo come exam week. A new study, however, elaborates on how learning a new, unfamiliar skill may produce a notable boost in memory. The study, conducted by the University of Texas just last year, outlined an experiment that involved over 200 people, aged between 60 and 90, who were divided into 3…

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    What are Effects of Coffee

    It’s been long believed that caffeine brings about many upsides to performance in general but  lets actually better understand the Effects of Coffee. Coffee increases alertness and promotes concentration, plus it tastes great! Which coincidently makes coffee a really sought-after drink when studying, working, or doing anything that basically demands a lot of focus and attention. Like us, a lot of you will drink coffee in the morning or even all day to feel sharper from the effects of caffeine.   Scientific Evidence to support the Effects of coffee   A recent study conducted by researchers from John Hopkins University,…

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  • forgetful

    Why People Are So Forgetful

    Understanding why you are so forgetful You got to admit, you’ve had the occasional old person moment – you probably left the house with your keys still inside, maybe you forgot to let the dog go out to do its business, or even that time when you went to the supermarket forgetting what you were going to buy. Yes, we’ve all had our brain farts at times, and to tell you the truth, it’s getting me worried – I might even have my midlife crisis right now. Your brain is like an Overloaded Computer However, a German study recently last…

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  • Sleep Your (Medical) Problems Away!

    Who doesn’t love sleep? The wonderment of being in the dream world, the conversion of short-term to long-term memory, and the sweet, sweet rest the brain gets from its very active day – what’s not to love? But aside from all that, what else does the brain do during sleep?  What else is happening in that old noggin when you’re catching the Z’s? The purpose behind sleep has left scientists and researchers stumped for a long, long time. When you think about how people and creatures evolved into having sleep in their daily lives, sleep is the only time you’re…

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    Piperine Benefits, Dosage, And Side Effects

    Piperine Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects, and Costs (Black Pepper Extract/BioPerine) What are Piperine benefits? Most people don’t know because Piperine’s benefits are so few; therefore, most health supplements do not use it. And yet, our Editor’s Choice winner for the focus and memory supplement category – NITROvit features it – and the incredible results this supplement delivers could be down to Piperine (BioPerine). Are you confused? Well, read on; we’ll explain why only the best manufacturers add it to their formulas and, despite Piperine having so few benefits, what exactly Piperine does : – What is Piperine? – Piperine Principal…

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  • Oyster Extract Benefits

    Oyster Extract – Benefits, Dosage, And Side Effects

    Oyster Extract – Benefits, Dosage, And Side Effects Oyster Extract: If you’ve ever heard the advice “never order oysters on a first date,” you know it’s because this particular saltwater clam is known as the world’s ultimate aphrodisiac. While eating the food may be able to spark up some sexy, romantic heat, using a purified Oyster extract supplement comes with many more benefits. Oyster is packed with tons of different minerals, but the main player of the game is undoubtedly Zinc. Not only does Zinc support sexual health, it also plays a role in maintaining a well-functioning immune system. Also…

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