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  • noocube review

    Review: NooCube

    I constantly look for ways to optimize my cognitive performance. So, I try my hardest to keep tabs on the latest and most popular brain supplements on the market. Recently, a nootropic supplement caught my eye for two simple reasons: There are no stimulants in it and the smart drug is made of just 7 ingredients. Reviewing the ingredients list, you’ll find none of them are new or rare. All 7-8 ingredients are well-known and well-researched substances that have been the subject of numerous research studies. The manufacturers and the users hope the synergistic combination of these ingredients will enhance…

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  • Nitroamp review

    Review: NITROamp by Project Noo You

    While a quick glance at NITROamp’s supplement facts label might lead you to believe that it is just a caffeine supplement, but it does much more. Created as a ‘supplement stack’ for another cognitive enhancement pill NITROvit which is actually Our Editors Choice, so we have high hopes for NITROamp. NITROamp can add value and enhance any stack you have, but it also has some mild brain enhancing effects. Perfect if you are just a beginner or are missing that final piece to completing your ‘brain pill stack’.   What are NITROamps Ingredients?   1. Guarana 300mg 2. L-Theanine (Green…

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  • smart x review

    Review: Smart X Cerebral Success

    Price of SmartX: $65.00 Purely by observation, we’ve learned that supplement manufacturers have either really got it or not at all. That includes their dedication towards the product and willingness to spend the time and money to create a truly beneficial product for customers. SmartX Cerebral Success is a product that has been talked about a lot lately. Customers have been going wild about it, successfully capturing the attention of most experts. Why? Well beyond it’s supposedly super effective formula, the product was introduced via ABC’s Shark Tank and is available in most local GNC stores. So we figured, why not share…

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  • Review: Geniux

    The way a company markets and sells reveals a lot about the product they make. Recently, I came across a Geniux brain supplement that is only available for purchase from the manufacturer’s website. Besides, the company has no clinical trial report to establish the effectiveness of the supplement. Another interesting point is the use of a unique ingredient; more on the ingredients later. My team and I finally decided to evaluate in this Geniux review. Truth be told, there are a few things about the supplement that we really like and a few things about the company that raises our…

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  • mind soothe review

    Review: MindSoothe

    Price: $38.95/10 days (around $116.85/month)  People whose lives are filled with stress and pressure may notice a significant drop in their focus and productivity. That’s because nothing good ever comes with emotional turmoil. High levels of stress and anxiety are just annoyances that you try to ‘get over’ in the short-term, but overtime they lead to much more significant problems such as halting your professional life and career. Anti-anxiety products are common, but we’re looking for something that’s better than your regular cup of chamomile tea. Since we focus on nootropics and ways to boost cognitive function, we are on…

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  • mind boost day review

    Review: MindBoost Day By Simple Smart Science

    Price : $39 Simple Smart Science only has one goal in mind and that is to help you “become the best version of yourself” using only the best and most high quality ingredients. If you want to wake up each day feeling great and ready to give your 100% (which to be honest, who doesn’t?), know that taking a supplement like MindBoost Day could possibly help you get there. MindBoost Day aims to give you the energy, motivation and of course brain-boosting effect you need to truly find your unlimited potential while staying happy and healthy. What’s in it? Bacopa…

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  • vigrx review

    Review: VigRX Plus

    First of all, big props to the marketing team behind VigRX Plus. They took the celebrity sponsor route in promoting VigRX Plus, and that proved a massive success for the company. This isn’t the first time a male enhancement pill company has done something like this though. Other brands have used famous spokespeople as well – ranging from Vaso Ultra’s porn star Ron Jeremy to Enzyte’s unmistakable “Smiling Bob.” VigRX Plus’ superstar is Dr. Steven Lamm, a well-respected doctor who has appeared on ABC’s The View.     We did a little background research, and Dr. Lamm has a pretty…

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  • brainstorm by allergy research group

    Review: BrainStorm by Allergy Research Group

    If you’ve come across BrainStorm’s formula and was astounded by the amount of complicated ingredient names on the list, you’re not alone, our team was equally astounded when we conducting our BrainStorm Review. In fact, as experienced as we are in this field, we too were quite shocked by the extent of BrainStorm’s blend. BrainStorm by Allergy Research Group, a supplement that claims to give neurotransmitter support – is this a nootropic product we’re fond of? Or have we seen better? Find out all about it in our review. What’s In it?    We are looking at a super extensive…

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  • enzyte review

    Review: Enzyte

    Enzyte, unlike some of the other products we’ve reviewed, lives up to it’s word. The manufacturers claim that they have garnered millions of men worldwide, and that their performance enhancer, containing the most potent natural ingredients, is able to help users achieve powerful erections, boost sexual spontaneity, enhance erection quality and stamina, maintain good blood flow, and heighten arousal and sexual response. While the manufacturers claim that Enzyte is great for those who have problems with performance problems, they also note that it is suitable for men of all ages and lifestyles. Their website is filled with information on Enzyte’s…

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  • beautiful mind by essential stacks review

    Review: Beautiful Mind by Essential Stacks

    Essential Stacks (the creators of Beautiful Mind) has such as welcoming website that we couldn’t help but look further into their product. Based on first impressions alone, Beautiful Mind, their cognitive boosting supplement, doesn’t quite stand out from other nootropic stacks we’ve seen. It contains the same list of ingredients (Vinpocetine, Huperzine A, etc) and promises the same things.   What are Beautiful Mind’s Ingredients?   Vinpocetine: Increases blood flow to the brain and promotes neurotransmitter release. Vinpocetine can help improve focus, concentration and memory recall.   Bacopin: Boosts memory by improving brain cell communication.   Phosphatidylserine: Improves working memory…

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