Disorganization Begets Creativity

Now you have one awesome reason why you can just leave clothes lying on the floor, pieces of paper just stacked in randomness on your table, and having an extremely cluttered inbox – your disorganization actually helps the one skill that many people are lacking in: creativity. If you are like most people, you’re an extremely hard worker, but somehow, you lack the “creative” gene.

You can’t really think outside the box, unless you force yourself to, and any smudge of creativity from yourself is most often forced, and does not come naturally.

Well, while messy people do constantly quote the saying “a neat desk is a sign of a troubled mind,” it seems that they really are right. Well, according to scientific research, being very, very messy is actually a sign of creativity. For some odd reason, having a chaotic life, in which even the very fine details are also chaotic can induce creative ideas.

Chaos really encourages people to think outside the box and come up with extremely novel solutions to things.

In a study according to the Northwestern University, it was found that participants were able to solve creative problems a lot more quickly – and with better answers – when in a messy room, as opposed to being in one where everything was neat and tidy.

Of course, you can’t be disorderly everywhere you go. There is obviously a right place and a right time to these things. You probably don’t want to have a messy desk at work when you are doing monotonous easy problem-solving tasks, but say, if you are facing a problem where the “normal” solutions or the ones you resort to the most won’t work, perhaps ruffling and scattering a few papers around may have some benefits in your ability to get things done.

As with most things, don’t always just limit yourself to one kind of thinking.

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