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Got a Test or Exam Coming Up? You Need To Start Following These Study Tips

You’re getting tired, the words on that book are getting harder to read, you’d do anything to go to sleep right now but you somewhat know you deserve having to pull this all-nighter because well, you did procrastinate for 2 weeks.

There has to be a better way to study, a smarter and shorter way, a way that doesn’t require you having to chug down 5 cups of coffee in a single night (okay, so that might be a bit of an exaggeration) or needing to write endless notes. Lucky for you because science has put this challenge to the test!

If you are currently taking a break from your cramming study session by reading this article in hope that you’ll be able to spend the next few hours learning and memorizing more effectively, then you’re in luck. Now for those of you who have fortunately landed on this article days or even weeks prior to your exam date, get ready to learn how to kick some major ass.

The following study tips have been scientifically proven to work, so no need to think that we’re just giving you a bunch of useless advice. Pay attention class, here are 5 ways to boost your study habits and get the perfect grades that you (more like your parents!) have always wanted…

1. Ditch The E-Books

Nowadays we pretty much spend all our time on either our laptops or cell phones, which is why e-learning is becoming increasingly popular. The idea makes sense – since you’re spending so much time on that thing anyway, why not be productive with it and save some paper all at once. Here’s the catch, though – research has shown that reading online material i.e. an e-book reduces reading speed and even the ability to retain information. More specifically, the average speed when reading off an iPad is 6.2% slower and off a Kindle is 10.7% slower compared to reading off printed material i.e. those things they stick in the library shelves.

Another study conducted in 2012 and posted in the Guardian showed that people feel more emotionally connected when reading something on paper than on the iPad.2 But the most relevant data that researches have found is that recall abilities worsen when reading information on a screen than on printed paper.

So next time your teacher or professor sends you a pdf file to learn from or refuses to use print textbooks, either show them this article to prove them wrong or print the file out!

2. Use the 24-Hour Rule 

What’s the 24-hour rule? Well, it was discovered back in 1885 by a bunch of scientists who actually called it the “curve of forgetting”. But we decided to give it an easier, more memorable name. So the 24-hour rule states that after learning something new, you should make the effort to re-learn that same piece of information within 24 hours. This helps you remember by 80% more.4 Sounds simple enough, so there’s definitely no space for excuses!

3. Go For a Run Before Studying 

This may sound ridiculous but just give it a chance. Engaging in some light exercise before studying has actually been shown to boost brainpower and enhance learning skills. That’s because exercising releases endorphins, which makes you feel better and more motivated. It also increases blood flow to the brain, which leads to both increased brain activity and improved cell-to-cell communication.

4. Gum, Anyone? 

Next time your classmates offer you gum in class, don’t reject their kind offer. Students who chew gum, particularly peppermint or guarana flavored, have been shown to score higher during tests. Chewing gum also stimulates blood flow to the brain, which leads to extended periods of focus and prevents you from drifting off in your own thoughts.

But if chewing gum is against school regulation then just make sure you get a pack before heading home so you can chew away while reviewing for tomorrow’s test.

5.Use A Nootropic Stack 

Nootropics are brain-boosting supplements that work by increasing blood flow to the brain and regulating neurotransmitter release. There’s a bunch of nootropic stack options available out there, but everybody has favorites, and ours happens to be Nitrovit by Neuro Laboratories. Why? Well the simplest reason is because they have a unique formula that combines only the best and purest forms of nootropics. Their highlight ingredient, Noopept, is an extremely effective dipeptide compound that boosts acetylcholine release – which helps you learn better – and increases NGF levels in the brain – which boosts memory formation and improves memory recall. So if you’re 18 or above and want to get your hands on a super study aid, we definitely recommend that you give Nitrovit a go.

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