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How can I get the Best Results from Nootropics?

Guys, let’s get one thing straight: nootropics are not super pills But you can get the best nootropic results if you follow our tips.

Nootropics work by providing essential nutrition to your brain.

And thereby allowing it to function a lot more efficiently than it currently is.

It’s basically like the clean-up crew and maintenance for your brain.

Because most people’s brains aren’t functioning at their optimum at all.

This is also why so many people get disappointed after having tried nootropics for the very first time.

No, it is not the pill that you saw from the movie Limitless.

Such pill allowing you to write a book in four days, become a genius stock broker, and in a year run for congress do not exist – and you are an idiot if you believe it does.

But now that that’s out of the way, nootropics do really help you in terms of focus, memory, clarity, and your ability to keep motivating yourself – and through all of these, you get results.

But it is through action that you achieve what you need to achieve.

Meaning, if you are just sat at home 24 hours a day, living in your parents’ basement, playing Xbox and eating pizza all day, nootropics are not for you.

You are not going to get anything from them. It’s the same thing with fat loss pills – you can’t expect to lose weight while taking a fat loss pill if you aren’t exercising and eating right, are you?

In the exact same way, there are ways you can get the maximum out of every single nootropic.


Getting the best out of your nootropics consists of these three aspects:


Exercise regularly

It doesn’t need to be every day, but it definitely needs to be several times a week for at least thirty minutes.

Doing cardiovascular activities gets your blood pumping in your body, and when more blood is circulating, more blood goes to your brain as well, allowing it to work more!


Man excercising and lifting a dumbell

Watch the food you eat.

Enough with the junk food and try eating foods that are actually healthy.

The additives they put in processed food and even restaurant food is not good for you at all.


healthy foods in bowls on a table


Try cooking at home

It’s fun, and you know exactly what’s in your food.

This doesn’t mean you have to go gluten-free or vegan, or any similar extremes.

Just Cook good, healthy and Nutritious food.

Here are some Recipes.


A Father and son preparing food in kitchen


Monitor your input.

Your productivity is greatly affected by your mindset, so aside from just checking what you put in your mouth, check the other input – the things you hear, the things you watch, the things you see, the people you surround yourself with.

If your peers are all negative, its only natural you’re going to have a pretty negative mindset.

Instead, listen to motivational speeches and avoid negativity in the media.

Be around positive friends, surround yourself with all things good.

Say no to Negativity and give Nootropics a try!


Good friends

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