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In Search of a Brain Enhancer

“Imagine if you could use 100% of your brain.”

It’s a saying most commonly heard today in the movies, and one that has spurred up quite a number of discussions. With so many movies coming out recently about brain enhancement, are people really looking for ways to increase their brain function? We’re talking about the movies that came out recently that included a plot where the protagonist enhances their brain and gains extraordinary powers. Movies like Limitless with Bradley Cooper, and the now upcoming Lucy with the foxy Scarlett Johansson come to mind. Why is the whole world really obsessed over looking for a pill or maybe any sort of other method to increase their brain power?

It really is perplexing, the way everyone is out there, looking for a pill that enhances their brain. However, maybe the economy demands it. In today’s competitive work environment, maybe a surge of extra brain power is really what you need to get you up and above the competition.

It isn’t only in the office, though. College students from all across the country claim that their studies are simply getting more and more competitive. In fact, a recent news story covered in the UK reported on how 1 in 10 students surveyed admittedly claimed to be on a brain enhancer. However, with experts on body language on board, the experts speculated that some of the students were lying on the survey, and that the number was actually closer to 1 in 3 students.

This leads to the question: are brain enhancers more prevalent in today’s society that we think? Simply Google the word “brain enhancer” or “nootropic” and you’ll be bound to find the answer to that question. The answer is “yes.” The names such as Alpha BrainNitrovit, and Excelerol might come to mind.

The fact of the matter is that there are brain enhancers already out there on the internet, and judging from the vast discussions on online forums, they do work. You might not know it, but chances are, at least a handful of your 300 friends on Facebook are on one.

So the question now is, why aren’t you? As mentioned, the world right now is a very competitive place, and research shows that it will only keep getting more competitive in the future. With that in mind, do you want to be left behind as your coworkers or friends at college start soaring in excellence?

Current brain enhancers might not push your brain to work at 100% capacity, but they’ll surely give you that mental edge.

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