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Keep a Journal for Trivial Information throughout the Day

Learning is always good for your brain. Every time you experiment and learn something new, your brain gets stimulated in ways different to 90% of what’s happening in it every day. Every time you learn a new unfamiliar skill, your memory becomes all the more finely tuned and enhanced. Help your brain out a little bit in this process by writing down the things that you learn every day in a little journal.

Whether you get your information online, from your buddies, or something you read on the subway – put a note down into your little notebook. It doesn’t even matter what you write down, really. It just needs to be something you didn’t know about before or at least haven’t taken complete notice of. It may even be something as trivial as “the sky is actually cyan, and not sky blue.” Some mere observations will do.

However, the reason you’re really writing them down is so that you can actually remember, and later, read them again, consolidating the memory and sealing the learning process. The more things you list down every day, the better – but make sure you go back and read your little ‘facts’ journal at the end of the day or before you go to bed so you can at the very least, review what you’ve learned in the whole day.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, try re-reading everything for the whole week again, once a week. Or even better, revisit everything you’ve learned for the whole month at the end of the month. There’s literally so many things you can do with this – where learning something new doesn’t have to be learning to play the piano or learning to skate.

Try something simple, write it down, and then keep going from there.

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