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Some Key Notes To Naturally Enhance Your Memory and Focus


When I turned 40 recently, I panicked… Both my testosterone levels, and cognitive functions were already on the unavoidable downward spiral.

On top of that, life today is just so… Loud! What I mean by that is everything seems to be commanding my attention… Adverts, social media, traffic, and the poison that is the ‘News’.

Forgetful probably isn’t the correct word, so I’ll say I was noticing myself getting more and more ‘addled’.

I found myself writing down the simplest thing such as ‘milk’, but if I didn’t, I would forget.

Again, this to me is more than just age playing its part. This is a result of me having so much other nonsense in my head – like most of us today.

I decided to take a look at how I could not just protect, but also enhance my memory and focus levels.

When we were younger, we paid less attention to the lapses in concentration, but as we pass our 40’s, we begin to worry about what they mean.

Even though it may be true that as we age, certain changes in brain function are inevitable, major memory problems aren’t necessarily one of them.

There are aspects of a weak memory – such as formation and recall – that are often caused by our poor lifestyle choices, rather than old age itself.

Here are some of the discoveries I found while researching what I could and couldn’t do, to sharpen up my brain for today, while protecting my memory for the future.

I hope you find it useful.


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Aging and Memory

As we celebrate more birthdays and age, we tend to complain more of forgetfulness.

Have you ever been talking about the movie you saw last weekend and you realized you can’t remember the title of the movie? You simply can’t remember where you dropped the car key.

You find yourself standing in the middle of the kitchen wondering what you have come there to pick in the first place.

Seriously, memory lapses can be frustrating, but in most times, they are not a thing to bother about. Memory changes resulting from aging are not the same as dementia.

Various physiological changes can be experienced as we grow older that are capable of causing glitches in brain functions.

Recalling information may now take longer and we may not be as quick as we used to be.

Though we often confuse this slowing of our mental processes with memory loss, but that is not always the case.

Therefore, we might be wondering if it’s even possible at all to stop the memory decline that already seems to be ongoing or if it’s possible to improve memory power naturally without any serious medical intervention like surgery or using memory pills.

Yes, there are lots of ways we can enhance the brain power and help ourselves out of memory inabilities by engaging in some memory-boosting activities, taking some certain memory-enhancing foods and supplements.


Must I Experience Memory Loss Because I’m Growing Older?

No. memory loss is not an inevitable result of aging because the brain is always capable of producing new brain cells even at old age.

However, I will want you to think it as your muscle strength; when you don’t use it, you lose it.

Our lifestyle choices, health habits, as well as your daily activities have important roles to play in your brain health.

Nevertheless, whatever your age is, there are many ways you can enhance your memory, prevent memory loss, and protect your grey matter.


Causes of Age-Related Memory Loss

There are few reasons we experience a certain degree of forgetfulness or memory loss as we age including:

• Hormonal decline
The brain cells are continually being protected and repaired by some certain hormones and proteins which thus stimulate neural growth.
But as we age, there tends to be a decline in these hormones which could result in forgetfulness and age-related memory loss.

• Deteriorating of Hippocampus
As people grow older, the hippocampus which is a region of the brain involved in the formation and retrieval of memories begins to dwindle.
This could result in occasional forgetfulness in such people individuals, especially above the age of 45.

• Decreased blood flow to the brain
Older people tend to experience a decrease in blood flow to the brain. This can impair memory and cause some cognitive skills changes.


There are also some lifestyle choices that could result in memory loss when we get old including:

• Use of certain medication
Some over-the-counter medications like antihistamines, antidepressants, muscle relaxants, and sleeping pills that have the ability to interfere with your brain power.

• Excessive intake of alcohol
Excessive use of alcohol, tobacco or drug is one of the leading causes of memory loss when old age comes.
When you smoke too much, it harms the brain by reducing the amount of oxygen that gets to it which could have an effect on the memory and illicit drug uses also have the tendencies of changing certain chemical in the brain and make it harder to recollect information at old age.

• Inadequate sleep time
For the effective and efficient functioning of the brain, both quality and quantity of sleep are important.
Getting too little sleep or frequent waking in the middle of the night can result in fatigue which could interfere with the brain’s ability to retrieve information.

• Nutritional deficiency
Good nutrition is very important for the efficient functioning of the brain including high-quality proteins and fats.
Deficiencies in vitamins B12 and B1, as well as some other food nutrients, can affect the memory.


Brain-Boosting Activities for Older Adults

You may also want to know how to boost memory naturally.

Brain function can be likened to our physical muscles; if we don’t use it, we lose it.

The same way physical exercise helps you keep strong and fit physically, mental exercises can also help your brain perform better and hence reduces the risk of developing any mental decline.

Brain function can be enhanced by these activities, even in older adults.

However, you will be able to make the most out of any of these exercises only if you find them enjoyable. So, you will need to find the one that best appeal to you and you loved doing.

The more sense you can engage at once, the better the cognitive workout…

Try playing music during an activity for example. Maybe light a scented candle, or giving yourself a (healthy) reward after you finish such as some dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate provides antioxidants that will naturally lift your dopamine levels, boosting your ‘feel good’ chemicals.


Play some games that challenge and stimulate your mind: get yourself into the habit of boosting your brain power with some games like chess, word puzzles, Sudoku, Scrabble, bridge, picture puzzles, etc.

Read more: Read newspapers, articles, magazines, and books that challenge you.

Exercise more: Exercise is known to help boost blood circulation to your brain, therefore, enhancing sufficient oxygen reaching the brain in the process. Exercise helps to improve brain power (ATP energy) and also create new neurons. Try a class of Yoga or Tai Chi if you haven’t yet tried.

Music: Retirement can be a great opportunity to try something new like learning how to play some musical instruments. Playing an instrument delivers endless opportunities to keep your mind engaged since there will always new songs to learn.

Challenge yourself: Take on a project that involves design and planning, such as a new garden, a quilt, or home business.


Foods That Enhance Brain Function

A very important factor that also influences memory performance and functionality of the brain is your food.

There are certain foods, because of the healthy nutrients packed in them, are able to enhance your brain function.

Examples of such foods include:

Wild salmon: it is a natural source of Omega-3 oil DHA which plays an essential role in stimulating brain cell growth and maintaining brain health.

Coconut oil: reduces the production of free radicals and also helps the brain’s neurons to effectively utilize energy.

Olive oil: rich in polyphenols which are powerful antioxidant offering protection to the brain.

Blueberries: rich in antioxidants protecting the brain and also reduces inflammation causing degenerative disorders in the brain.

Walnuts: contains an adequate amount of nutrients that benefit the brain such as vitamin E, Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and manganese.

Turmeric: activates the DNA that reduces inflammation and has a long-term history for this purpose.

Jicama: jicama is a great source if prebiotic fiber and also rich in Vitamins B6, E, and folate.

Pumpkin seeds: a rich source of zinc which plays an important role in memory and overall function.

• Other great foods for brain enhancement include:
Eggs, spinach, almond, kimchi, dandelion greens, avocado, dark chocolate, red wine and so on.


Foods to Avoid When Trying to Improve Brain Function

There are also certain foods to avoid as they are capable of inducing memory loss. Such foods include white bread, cheese, processed meat, pasta, microwave popcorn, and beer.


Memory Supplements and Brain Enhancement

The most natural and effective way to combat memory decline is through eating the right food.

However, getting all these essential nutrients is not as easy; it may be costlier, and availability may be difficult.

Therefore, a perfect and excellent alternative can be sort, and that is the use of brain enhancing supplements known as nootropics.


Nootropics for Memory Loss:

Nootropics are supplements that contain a wide variety of memory vitamins and brain-boosting nutrients packed in the adequate proportion to benefit the brain and helps is functioning.

These cognitive enhancers are known for their essential effects on mental performance and many of them are known to be very effective when it comes to enhancing and supporting memory, information retrieval, energy, and focus.

They are the key to memory enhancement and a great member of this supplements that have gained so much popularity because of its effectiveness over time is Noopept.

Noopept is a nootropic supplement that has been making waves lately because of its benefits on cognitive ability both in young and adults.

This supplement, unlike many other memory supplements, gets to work immediately as it simply attunes itself better to the brain’s receptors and this has also makes it effective even in a relatively low dose.

Noopept has been found to be high in neuroprotective properties which cause a great neuron stimulation that hence prevents oxidative damage and apoptosis in the brain.

It also increases nerve growth factor (NGF), a protein that supports the growth and maintenance of nerve cells which supports the mechanisms involved in neurogenesis – the body’s ability to create new cells in the brain. This results in improved mental abilities.

Noopept is also rich in BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) which is a protein that plays a vital role in enhancing brain function just as the NGF.


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Final Note:

Even if you are already experiencing a decline in your memory or you are looking to prevent memory loss that results from aging, your food and lifestyle choices are important factors to look into.

And a perfect way to help your memory and brain health is by the use of memory supplements; use Noopept for memory loss resulting from aging.


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