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Motivation to Lose Weight: Being Fat is Bad for the Brain

There is now yet another reason why you should shed off the extra pounds: it’s bad for the brain. Like really bad. Maybe even devastating.

Before you start reading this article, you might want to cherish every moment of eating that last cheeseburger you’ve been munching on for the last few minutes.

We say last because you might not want to pick up another one afterwards.

No, we aren’t going to discuss things that will severely gross you out, but we are going to cover a few topics that might just not be appealing to all those who love junk food.

How does exercising positively effect my brain?

Perhaps one of the more talked about topics regarding being physically fit and the brain is how exercising for even just 20 minutes a day can yield so many benefits to your mental state of being.

It keeps your brain running optimally.

Learn more about the benefits that exercise has on the brain in our other article.

Women drinking from bottle after running

However, one thing that people fail to talk about is the inverse – the effects on the brain when you are not physically fit.

Well, neuroscience suggests that it might even be quite deadly.

Apparently, obesity is so harmful for the brain that it can even alter cognition and mess with how the brain works.

It has for a long time been thought that the brain, all the way at the top of the body, is completely devoid from any harm from being fat.

In fact, it doesn’t even contain fat cells.

It rests behind a protective barrier that prevents any unwanted molecules to enter, causing scientists to theorize that it would be safe from harm.

Despite this, there has been more and more concerning evidence that those who are obese have weaker protective barriers, allowing leaks of unfavourable substances to enter into the brain more easily.

Being over weight is suppressing your intelligence

In another test, it was shown that the synapses that transfer information in the brain are a lot weaker in obese people.

Information isn’t transmitted as effectively as people who are fitter, meaning that miscommunication may occur internally.

In some findings, it seems that even memory is affected in obese people.

It really is quite alarming.

Previously, carrying a few extra pounds only meant that you are physically unfit, but it seems that being fat may even put you in a mental disadvantage.

But even if you are pretty smart, perhaps hitting the gym may make you even smarter?

Or even dieting and eating brain boosting foods can sharpen, read our article on brain boosting foods by clicking here.

Who knows?

Give it a shot.

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