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Review: Noots Focus & Flow

Focus and Memory Boosters Hit The Land Down Under

What are our first impressions?

A few months ago a member from our team of editors went on holiday to the beautiful city Melbourne, Australia. She quickly learned that Melbourne has in fact been voted as the “hardest working city in Australia,” so it wasn’t much of a surprise that nootropics or brain-enhancing supplements are becoming quite popular in the region. A quick search on Google led her to the new yet highly successful Australian nootropic company, Noots. Noots is the first nootropic business of its kind to have established itself in Australia. Eager to learn more about the company, its owners and of course the products offered, our team member decided to meet up with Noots’ very own CEO to conduct a casual interview.

In the interview, she met with CEO John Mitchell and Ambassador Lucas Aoun, who gave interesting news on Noots’ background story, the company’s values and beliefs and the formula of the products. The two lovely gentlemen even gave us 2 samples of their main products for us to be able to try the formula. If you like things kept short then know this – Noots is a very reliable company composed of young, hardworking individuals who have not allowed age to get in the way of their success. They believe in the use of natural, research-proven ingredients to improve your brain’s natural functions in a smooth and safe manner.

To learn more about Noots and how their products performed, keep on reading.

Who’s in control? 

Noots prides itself for using nothing but PhD-backed, results-proven ingredients in their formulas. All of the ingredients used in Flow and Focus (their two main products) have passed the GRAS status, meaning they are viewed by the FDA as being generally safe for consumption.

Noots holds a small office space in Melbourne CBD, where their team members come in to work productively and have meetings. The two representatives of the company that our editor fortunately had the chance to meet were extremely informative on their products and were more than happy to share about the company. Noots is also known for their stellar customer service, so should you have any concern with their product, feel free to contact them via their website

SCORE: 18/20

What are the ingredients? 

Noots Focus & Flow consists of the following ingredients:

  • Bacopa 200mg
  • Rhodiola 250mg
  • Theacrine 100mg
  • Theanine 100mg
  • ALCAR 250mg
  • NALT 100mg

Flow, as the name of the product suggests, is designed to help you “get in the zone.” The formula has ingredients such as Theanine and NALT, which can successfully reduce anxiety and in turn promote long-lasting focus. Other great ingredients from the formula that definitely deserve a shout-out are Rhodiola, which can improve mood, motivation and concentration, as well as Theacrine, a substance similar to Caffeine that can boost alertness and mental energy without the crash.

Noots’ second product is called Focus, which can help you get into a “deep state of concentration” almost instantly. Focus’ formula consists of:

  • Piracetam 500mg
  • ALCAR 300mg
  • Theacrine 50mg
  • Theanine 100mg
  • NALT 100mg

What differentiates Focus from Flow is primarily Piracetam, which is considered one of the stronger types of nootropics in the market. Piracetam belongs in the racetam family and works to improve mental function. This is done by the delivery of more oxygenated blood flow into the brain and inhibiting glucose uptake. As a result, Piracetam has been shown to boost alertness, energy, focus, memory and overall cognition.

Both products consist of very simple yet highly powerful formulas that in our experience were capable of bringing great results. Read below to learn in more detail how our editor’s experience with Focus and Flow went.

SCORE: 17/20

Did the product perform? 

When we meet with a nootropic company we are always interested to learn the story that went behind their production. As for Noots, their main Ambassador Lucas Aoun began his journey with nootropics while being a soccer player. He said during the interview, “I was always looking for that mental edge. Not really focusing on physical performance but I knew that mental performance could significantly help. I started with ALCAR and I noticed every time I had it I was a little bit sharper. That led me on to L-Theanine as a stress-relief, something that helps with sleep. The first time I had it, the results were amazing. All this stuff…it really can serve a purpose. That’s when I knew that if you could hack your biology on demand, you can really tailor that to whatever situation you’re in.”

Similar to how Lucas described it, using Noots Focus & Flow brought about very similar results. Our editor felt sharper and more focused after taking a capsule of each product in the morning after breakfast. She was able to concentrate and get so much work done within a 5-hour window without feeling any kind of crash or tiredness. For this reason, we definitely recommend Focus and Flow to people who need long periods of distraction-free focus.

The owners of Noots focus on long-term benefits and optimizing the health of their customers. For this reason, they’ve created milder formulas that can help you retain great cognitive performance down the road, as opposed to the first few weeks of use. This shows once again how dedicated the creators of Noots focus & flow are and how much they care for each customer’s experience.

SCORE: 17/20

Is it safe?

Flow and Focus are very well formulated supplements that can be taken at a daily basis without causing harsh side effects. Our editor did not experience any kind of side effects during her use of both Flow and Focus, but some may argue that may be the case because she is an experienced nootropic user.

One thing that we do feel the need to point out is that Focus lacks a good choline source. Focus does have quite a potent main ingredient in the mix (Piracetam), which should be used in combination with an A-grade choline source such as Alpha GPC. We say this because many beginner users experience headaches or drowsiness when using a nootropic supplement without choline. However, Focus does have Theanine, which works to reduce stress and thus may prevent the appearance of any side effects.

SCORE: 17/20

How much does it cost? 

A one-month supply of both Noots Flow & Focus costs AU$44 each, which rounds up to around US$33. If you go for Noots’ monthly subscription then you automatically get a 10% discount. This is obviously the more economical choice. However, we completely understand that not everyone is willing to make an instant commitment to a company. If that is the case, visit the company’s website ( to get a 10-day free trial. We truly appreciate Noots’ effort of keeping their products within the average man’s budget. They have essentially provided the opportunity for every student or entrepreneur who wishes to try nootropics in Australia to be able to do so for an affordable price.

SCORE: 18/20

What’s our verdict on it? 

If you live in Australia, are interested in nootropics and don’t know where to start. We suggest going with one of Noots’ safe and powerful formulas. In our opinion, Focus is a product more suitable for those who have a lot of work to finish and thus need maximum concentration for a longer period of time. Flow, on the other hand, is a great daily supplement that can be taken to improve overall cognition and alertness. Their company offers a 10-day free trial for anyone interested in nootropics but aren’t quite ready  commit. Overall, Noots is a great company with diligent members that have successfully created two brain-bending products. We wish them the best of luck in their career!

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