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Brain Enhancement Supplements Guide: Your Gateway to the World of Cognitive Enhancers
The need to stay ahead of the competition and find an edge to escape the rat race has forced us to seek brain enhancement supplements.

Modern science has spent more time and resources in the past 50 years than ever before. Especially in researching, evaluating, and improving cognitive enhancers.

This guide is designed to introduce you to brain enhancement supplements.  Also, it will assist you in finding the right supplement to get the desired results.
What Are Brain Enhancement Supplements?
They are supplements either natural or synthetic compounds that have a positive influence on the brain.

These substances are taken individually or in a combination of two or more ingredients. They have been demonstrated the ability to boost one or more cognitive functions.

The cognition-enhancing supplements are technically not drugs. But they work on the brain to improve memory, boost learning, sharpen focus, reduce stress, and more.

Brain enhancement supplements are not only known for their cognition-enhancing effects. They can prevent or at least slow down the natural degeneration of the brain and thereby promote overall brain health.

A simple search on the internet will throw up thousands of supplements that promise to make you superhuman, physically and mentally.

As the saying goes, to separate the wheat from the chaff. You can identify the best brain enhancement supplements by following these three simple rules.

Clear Mechanism of Action: Extensively studied substances that have been shown to benefit the brain in some way.

Backed by Research: Benefits supported by scientific research on humans or animals.

Safety: No or very few side effects and low toxicity even after long-term use.
Why Do I Need Brain Enhancement Supplements?
Your presence here indicates an eagerness to boost your brainpower. But before checking out the list of supplements, evaluating your state of well-being will help you make a better choice.

Know yourself and your requirements better by asking the following questions:

Do I suffer from low energy levels?
Do I find it hard to focus on the task at hand?
Am I distracted often by external stimuli such as sounds, social media, etc.?
Do I experience symptoms of brain fog?
Do I lack the motivation or drive to set goals and pursue them?
Do I experience mood swings and get stressed quickly?
Am I becoming more forgetful, misplacing glasses, keys, etc., failing to remember names, or unable to recall important information when necessary?
When was the last time I had 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep?

Answers to these will pinpoint the issues you’re facing.

In addition, try to come up with a measure of success (i.e.) the goals you want to achieve with the regular use of brain enhancement supplements.
Do Brain Enhancement Supplements Work?
It’s easy to list hundreds of cognition-enhancing compounds. But only around a hundred of them are used as brain enhancement supplements.

That’s because only a select set of substances have been shown to have a positive effect on the brain.

Several studies in the past, including human and animal, found that supplements do help brain health significantly in several ways.

In addition, some of the substances that make up modern-day brain enhancement supplements have been widely used for many centuries.

For example, the use and benefits of Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) and Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) are well documented in ancient texts of Ayurveda.

Before they were written down, the ancient Vedic texts were passed down from one generation to the next orally. The ancient scholars were regularly given Brahmi and Ashwagandha to help memorize long scriptures.
How Do Brain Enhancement Supplements Bring About Change?
The scientific community has made tremendous advancements in studying our brains. But unfortunately, we’re nowhere close to understanding this complex organ in totality.

We’re slowly but surely unravelling the mysteries. How do neurons communicate, the role of neurotransmitters? How certain substances influence brain chemicals, brain impulses, neurons, brain waves, etc.

From the studies carried out so far, scientists believe cognition-enhancing substances make the brain more efficient. By the following actions:

Triggering the production of neurotransmitters and preventing or slowing down their breakdown. On the whole, brain enhancement supplements maintain healthy levels of brain chemicals.
Our brain consumes more oxygen and nutrients than any other organ in the body. Supplements increase the flow of oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood to the brain. They also readily remove waste material from the organ.
Reduce oxidative stress and prevent tissue damage by removing free radicals from the brain. Some of the brain enhancement supplements prevent neurodegeneration and also help maintain and boost brain cell regeneration.
Optimize electric impulse transmission between neurons. Plus, improve communication between different parts of the brain by boosting neuron signalling and synthesis in the brain.
Brain supplements promote those brain waves that positively affect focus, mood, and motivation.
Cognition-enhancing substances clear mental fog and lethargy by increasing energy production in the brain and body.

Are Brain Enhancement Supplements Safe?
Brain enhancement supplements are generally safe if you follow the prescribed dosage and avoid dangerous and low-quality combinations.

After reviewing over 150 studies on cognition-enhancing substances no serious side effects have been observed.

There is a lot we still don’t know about brain enhancement supplements. Although most scientists back their safety, prudence can help you avoid even minor side effects. Here are three things you can do:

Take the exact dose recommended by the manufacturer or doctor. Alternatively, begin with the smallest recommended dose.
Take your brain enhancement supplements on time and support its action with quality sleep, a healthy diet, and a healthy lifestyle.
Keep a record of any side effects (change in appetite, mood, sleep pattern, etc.) and find ways to mitigate them.

The safety of a particular brain product depends on its ingredients, dosage, and the quality and quantity of substances used.

The effects of cognition-enhancing substances also depend on your medical history and lifestyle.

People with a history of substance abuse, health problems, or mental illness need to consult a doctor before taking brain supplements.
What Are the Benefits of Brain Enhancement Supplements?
Contrary to what some people believe brain enhancement supplements are not Limitless pills that give you superhuman cognitive powers in an instant.

Expertly designed brain enhancement supplements promise and deliver both short- and long-term benefits.

These benefits are supported by scientific studies and they include many areas of cognitive functions and brain health.
Short-term Benefits
Once absorbed in the system, the user may experience one or more of these benefits immediately.

Increase in energy levels
Improvement in memory recall
Increase in concentration and motivation
Improved alertness
Decrease in mental fatigue

Long-term Benefits
It’s said that people turn to brain supplements for long-term benefits. Then it’s no surprise that most of these supplements work for a longer period.

It must also be noted that for long-term benefits you need to take these supplements regularly. Some of the science-backed long-term benefits include:

Improvement in long-term memory (better memory storage and recall)
Improved focus, increased attention span, better-thinking ability, and fast information processing
Stable mood and better resistance to stress and anxiety
Increase in creativity and better social behavior
Improvement in sleep quality and boost in mental and physical energy
Overall improvement in brain health (anti-ageing, neuron protection, neuron repair, and neuroregeneration)

How to Use Brain Enhancement Supplements?
Brain enhancement supplements come in the form of capsules, powder, syrup, etc.

These supplements are to be consumed as recommended by the manufacturer. But, still, there are certain doubts on how and when to take brain supplements.

This is an important question because we all are different and we use supplements to improve a wide range of cognitive functions.

As a general rule, experts recommend taking brain enhancement supplements in the morning and afternoon. This will ensure you reap the benefit of the supplement throughout the day.

That said cognitive demands are higher in certain situations. In such cases, you can take brain supplements 30-60 minutes before the peak demand. Doing so will give the body enough time to absorb the ingredients.
Tips to Enhance the Impact of Brain Supplements
We would be stretching the truth by saying that brain enhancement supplements are the sole solution to all your brain problems.

Even cognition-enhancing substances need a favorable environment to bring out the best in you.

You need to support the supplements with additional measures to increase their impact.

The following are a few ideas to maximize the positive effects of brain enhancement supplements.

Maintain a proper morning routine and try to get early morning sunlight exposure.
Follow a healthy diet that’s rich in proteins, fiber, fruits, omega-3 fatty acids, but low in carbohydrates.
Do not skip breakfast. Inculcate the habit of taking small meals several times a day.
Exercise regularly and maintain a good mix of low- and high-intensity workouts.
Choose a quiet place to work that’s devoid of distractions.
Take regular walks in the fresh air and stay hydrated.
Follow an evening routine to relax before sleep. Avoid a heavy meal before sleep and switch off electronic devices at least an hour before bed.
Maintain a healthy sleep routine with 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep.
Listen to classical, soft, or algorithmic music to relax and boost concentration.
Take up crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and similar games to boost mental performance.
Meditate every day to supercharge the brain and also help you focus.

Final Thoughts
The right brain enhancement supplement taken with the right support system (diet, sleep, exercise, and lifestyle). It will offer a broad variety of benefits. You have plenty to gain from brain enhancement supplements.

For people who are just starting, this guide is a good place to learn the basics of cognitive enhancers. Plus, you can lay the foundation for a new and improved YOU by checking our list of top brain enhancement supplements.

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