5-Hour Energy Review: Energy? Yes. ‘No Crash Later’? No.

A little too much caffeine, especially for those who already drink coffee often.

5-Hour Energy Percentage Score: 71%

5-Hour Energy, as the name implies, gives you five hours of continuous energy, allowing you to keep going and going without having to take a break. It really is great for some uses, but we’ve been getting some questions regarding its use, and whether it would be okay to supplement with other brain enhancers. That answer isn’t exactly easy to answer, though. 5-Hour Energy was made for adults, but also contains multivitamins and other important nutrients that creates, in theory, a ‘crash-less’ boost of energy.

5-Hour Energy Ingredients

As mentioned, among 5-Hour Energy’s repertoire of ingredients are multivitamins, other nutrients, and Caffeine. Along with this are actually some nootropic ingredients such as taurine, n-acetyl l-tyrosine, l-phenylalanine, and citicoline. However, what’s most important to assess here, to use 5-Hour Energy as a sort of ‘stack’ to nootropics is actually the amount of caffeine included in the formula. According to some reports, it’s actually a whopping 215mg, which is A LOT. In perspective, a standard cup of coffee and a can of Red Bull only have ~80mg. So in this respect, it’s actually quite a large amount – bordering the lines of unsafe, especially if you’re also taking a few cups of coffee in a day.

Details of 5-Hour Energy

On their website, they claim that 5-Hour Energy to be “No Crash Later.” While it might sound great, this is actually not the case. There is no sugar crash, but you do experience a caffeine crash, which is not one of the best feelings in the world. For caffeine supplements, you might want to try out those that come in the 100-150 range, which is a lot more reasonable – especially when you also take other caffeine products throughout the day.

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