Achieve More with Phenibut XT?

In this ever increasing competitive world, many people strive for success and creativity. They will do whatever it takes to excel in all areas of education, business, science, technology, and many others.

Experience alone can help, but due to time restrictions, we need to speed up the process of success.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world and it wouldn’t hurt us to experiment with new ways to alter our abilities.

The secrets to unlocking the human brain still remain a mystery to this day, but many have come close to finding a number of back channels with the help of nootropics.

Believe it or not, these wonder pills really do work.

With its popularity gaining recognition around the world, we continue to search for great nootropic stacks. One that we found was Phenibut XT.

We were skeptical at first, so we decided to do our own research into this product.

We were surprised to find that this is part of a family of supplements produced by Serious Nutrition Solutions (SNS), the company behind Phenibut XT.

They have a plethora of other products but for this occasion we are primarily focusing on Phenibut XT.

They appear to be experts in health and nutrition mainly for athletes and their product range fall into various categories such as the Core Series, Baseline Series, Health Series, and Stacks.

What is interesting about Phenibut itself is that it is standard equipment in medical kits for Russian cosmonauts.

Phenibut has the ability to lower stress levels without affecting one’s performance.

The name Phenibut comes directly from the chemical name for the compound, β-phenyl-γ-aminobutyric acid.

The supplement facts of Phenibut XT

Fig.1 The supplement facts of Phenibut XT

In SNS’s website, the supplement facts for Phenibut XT is simple; Phenibut at 500 mg per serving.

At $32.95, you get a bottle of 90 capsules.

We find that to be extremely affordable for a nootropic that has some level of effect even for the average nootropic user, as it shows to increase dopamine levels and has a slightly weaker effect than baclofen (which is a muscle relaxer and anti-spastic agent).

Phenibut itself is used to treat various conditions such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, fatigue, insomnia, alcoholism, and irregular heartbeat.

Many claims have been made that Phenibut improves neurological functions, which is exactly what this product is supposed to do.

We were greatly impressed with SNS’ product range and their seriousness in playing part in the supplement industry.

Furthermore, we liked the fact that Phenibut XT only comprises of a single substance; Phenibut itself.

At a relatively high dose of 500 mg, it is recommended that you take three hits of it daily.

In terms of the product itself, we are convinced that this product really works, but mostly for athletes as it is used in combination with other supplements produced by SNS.

However, what about the average nootropic user?

What benefit will this supplement alone give?

Unfortunately, it’s too weak to be used by itself which is mainly the reason why the price is relatively affordable.

Those who are new to the nootropic industry might feel its ample effect when they first try this supplement. The friendly price tag is also something to consider for first timers who want to try something light as a general introduction to stacks.

On the other hand, experienced nootropic users will find this product to be weak and will be willing to spend a few extra bucks for something more potent.

Phenibut XT only provides us with calming effects, and acts more like a tranquilizer.

Despite claims from SNS’ website stating that Phenibut XT has nootropic properties, we are not convinced that this stack can beat the properties even that of caffeine alone.

From here we conclude that more serious consumers look for other products that contain a better mix of nootropic active ingredients.

There is nothing wrong in taking synthetically produced substances which can achieve the mind enhancing properties that we seek as long as they are GMP certified.

Even other products at the similar price range have a better mix of active ingredients. We encourage you to seek elsewhere and for different products.

You can always take a look at the editor’s choice of the top five nootropics on this site if you haven’t.

If you’re the adventurous type like us, then we recommend that you find other stacks that are available in the open market.

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