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CaliPlus is fortunately one of the few supplements in this market that seems to hold promising potential, additionally, the fact that their product is backed by extensive research doesn’t hurt their case.

Our review screens through all the cracks and dents to provide you, our readers, an authentic peak behind-the-scenes of the  Sex Pill industry.

Is Caliplus a viable choice? Well.. read on to discover our evaluation.


CaliPlus Review: Great for Those Who May Have Infertility or ED Problems

CaliPlus seems like a very promising male enhancement pill.


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It’s backed by A LOT of research (which is available on the site), as well as being recommended and scientifically tested by doctors.

CaliPlus claims to work in just thirty minutes and last for up to 36 hours (that’s a day and a half). Giving you a very firm erection quickly when you need it, as well as boosts to sex drive and libido.

Additionally, they also claim that CaliPlus is supposed to counteract Erectile Dysfunction, while proving to have no side effects.


CaliPlus, CaliPlus Ingredients, CaliPlus Review, Supplement Buyer, CaliPlus Supplement Facts, CaliPlus Scam


CaliPlus Ingredients: All-Natural and Very Potent

Tribulus Terrestris, Chlorophytum Arundinaceum, Orchis Latifolia, Asteracantha Longifolia, Hygrophila, Anacyclus Pyrethrum

One thing very notable here is that CaliPlus’ ingredients aren’t exactly the same run-of-the-mill types that you see anywhere else.

All of these ingredients are plant extracts, and are of premium grade.

It’s nice to see that Tribulus Terrestris still made the cut though.

However, all the ingredients used here are also all-natural, and are just as good as those that you would normally see in most other pills.

A few most noticeable are Chlorophytum Arundinaceum, Mucuna Pruriens, and Orchis Latifolia.



Chlorophytum Arundinaceum, also known as “Indian-Spider plant” is an aphrodisiac, libido booster, and it also increases sperm count and is a potent sexual stimulant.



Mucuna Puriens, found in some other male enhancement pills, is used to increased sexual libido, and ejaculation latency. This means you are able to last a lot longer as well.



Orchis Latifolia, a type of orchid, nourishes reproductive organs the same way multivitamins nourishes the body. It helps against male infertility, while also promoting the production of sperm, increases testosterone production, and it is also super helpful against erectile dysfunction.

Having only 6 ingredients in its formula, you can say that CaliPlus is really one of the most potent male enhancement pills we have ever encountered.


Test Results: Not Long, but HARD!

We’ve been testing male enhancement pills for a while now. We have to say that CaliPlus really did impress us among all the other pills that we’ve tried.


What we Loved:

– While there weren’t any size increases, we got really hard and strong erections
– You can lose the erections very easily too
– Improvements in semen thickness, arousal, and stamina
– Valuable for those who have infertility and ED problems
– No side effects

What we Hated:

– Might not be suitable for those looking for larger manhood


While it did not help increase in size that much, when you actually did get an erection, it was always rock-solid.

We would never have any problems maintaining erections for long periods, but losing those erections would not be too difficult either.

Another place CaliPlus excelled in was in increasing semen thickness.

We know that a lot of other male enhancement companies say that their supplement does this as well, but the way CaliPlus does it is just so much better.

You can actually notice your come is a lot thicker and more plentiful than normal. (Try that the next time you masturbate!)

CaliPlus also helps with libido and arousal, however, it does so at a lesser extent.

What we gathered from CaliPlus is that it seems to directly counteract infertility and erectile dysfunction problems, as can be seen from the major improvements to erection hardness, endurance and stamina, semen thickness, and libido.

In line with the claims on the website though, CaliPlus demonstrated no side effects – which we were all really happy with.



The Verdict: CaliPlus Is A Great Option, But Will Be Enjoyed By A Select Few

While CaliPlus’ formula is indeed quite potent, we can’t help but think that this wouldn’t be suitable for everyone.

It really depends on what you’re looking for in you male enhancement pill. However, if your needs are more towards manhood size, you might not benefit from CaliPlus too much.

Despite that, CaliPlus still brings a lot of interesting effects to the table: the erections you do get are very hard and last very long.

Probably not the 36 hours mentioned on their website. However, still long enough that you’d probably only need one tablet for multiple rounds in a day. Losing erections when you need to are also fairly easy, meaning no embarrassing situations.

CaliPlus also makes your semen a lot thicker, which is great for those who suffer from infertility, or those who just generally want to produce a bigger cumshot.

Best of all, CaliPlus also produces no side effects.

Overall, we believe this is the pill you’re looking for if you have any problems with ED or infertility, but again, might not be suitable for everyone, despite it being really great.


CaliPlus, CaliPlus Ingredients, CaliPlus Review, Supplement Buyer, CaliPlus Supplement Facts, CaliPlus Scam


It’s a little pricey at $65 per bottle, but they do have a satisfaction guarantee, and considering all you get from it, it is definitely worth it.






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