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Doxiderol is just almost there! It’s got the markings of a good nootropic supplement, but simply lacks in a few vital areas. It’s a highly promising product, and is a popular choice among many nootropic fans. It’ an alright supplement for an alright price.


Doxiderol Effects – What does Doxiderol do?

According to the official website, Doxiderol starts to take effect within 20 minutes of consumption, after which users can expect to experience the following benefits:

  • Enhanced focus
  • Increased alertness
  • Improved memory
  • Increased attention span
  • Generating intense energy

That all sounds great, but since we’ve heard it all before from other nootropics providers, we need to know more before we’re fully convinced. We took a look at the Doxiderol website, where we found that it’s manufactored by Mentis Laboratories. Immediately,we saw that some aspects were a little misleading. For example, it has a banner saying ‘as featured on Fox 123, ABC, and Natural News’, but a Google search was unable to show any evidence of that. It also includes references to news outlets like The New York Times, The Guardian, Bloomberg and Business Insider as if to suggest that they’ve been featured on them, but a second look reveals that those sources have written only about nootropics in general, not Doxiderol specifically. Naughty little marketing tricks like that one don’t sit well with us, so we’re keeping our eyes peeled as we look further into Doxiderol and what it really does.

Who is Doxiderol for?

Doxiderol is hailed as an alternative to Adderall, and seems to be marketed towards young adults who need to improve their focus and memory, like college students who are studying for exams. Specifically, it promises to help them through long nights of studying, staying alert during road trips, and if they’re athletes, to support their mental and physical performance on the field. This doesn’t mean that Doxiderol might not be suitable for others outside that demographic, but that is definitely the group they’re aiming for.

How does Doxiderol work?

It’s easy enough to say that a pill is going to give all the benefits a nootropics junkie could dream of, but we need to know exactly how it works before we click the ‘buy’ button. Doxiderol promises to give us those valuable results in five different ways:

  • Increasing blow circulation to the brain
  • Protecting brain cells
  • Supporting neurotransmitters to enhance the way signals are sent in the brain
  • Improving focus
  • Reducing stress

On our mission to assess the accuracy of these claims, the ingredients list is our next port of call.

Doxiderol Ingredients

Vinpocetine A substance derived from the Periwinkle plant which increases circulation to the brain and improves short-term memory. Bacopa Another plant extract, this time an Ayurvedic herb which improves memory. Studies have shown that it has positive effects on cognition in the ageing. Acetyl L-Carnitine An amino acid which increases energy production and a precursor to acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter responsible for learning and memory amongst other brain functions. L-Theanine Another amino acid. This one is found in green tea and is great for relaxation because it increases the brain’s levels of dopamine, GABA and seratonin. Caffeine We all know this one, the most common natural stimulant there is! This gives Doxiderol its energy-producing properties. Citicoline A chemical that raises phosphatidylcholine levels, in turn aiding neuron signalling. It’s used in treatments for ADD and Alzheimer’s disease. All in all, this looks like a good mix, and the ingredients appear to be capable of delivering the benefits we mentioned earlier. Unfortunately, we can’t be sure. The specific dosages of these ingredients isn’t given, so we can’t know the potency of the formula. Nootropics manufacturers aren’t legally obliged to give us this information, but doing so would make us a lot more confident in their products. For us, anything less than a fully informative ingredients list rings alarm bells. We’re not satisfied with proprietary blends. We are pleased to see that Doxiderol is manufactured in a GMP-certified facility in the USA, in accordance with FDA standards, so we do at least know that the ingredients have passed quality control testing.

Doxiderol Reviews and Side Effects – What do users say?

There are a few positive testimonials on Doxiderol’s homepage, but not enough to give the full picture, so we took a further look. Reviews of Doxiderol on Amazon are almost all 5-star, which looks great but does make us wonder if they’re all entirely genuine. There are obviously lots of happy customers out there, and the only gripes we found were some reports of side effects, such as headaches, upset stomach, irritability and disrupted sleeping patterns. Doxiderol makes no mention of these on their website, so we found these on review sites, but it’s important to note that different people may respond in various ways to any one supplement.

Buying Doxiderol

1 bottle containing 30 capsules costs $34.95 directly from Capsules are meant to be taken 2 at a time, which means there’s only 15 servings in one of those bottles. If you want a month’s supply, you’ll have to pay $59.47 for two bottles, although you can save a few dollars on that by signing up for a monthly subscription. It can be at your door in as fast as 1 or 2 days in you’re ordering from within the US, but those in other countries may have to wait as long as four weeks. If that’s too long, express international shipping is available at an extra charge. There is a 90-day money back guarantee, which is good to know.

Verdict – Should you buy Doxiderol?

Doxiderol has some of the makings of a good nootropic supplement, but lacks in some vital areas. Without full ingredients information, we’re unable to assess its true potency and potential effectiveness, which lets down a promising product. Still, it’s a popular choice for nootropics fans and there are clearly some customers who are very happy with it. We’re giving it a 7/10.

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