HugeGenic Review



HugeGenic Review: A Male Enlargement Pill that Also Increases Libido, Drive, and Stamina


HugeGenic Review: This supplement claims to make you feel bigger!

Supplying more nutrients to your penis for optimum size, while also allowing you to get hard and stay hard with erections on demand.

Plus, it helps you last longer in bed too!

HugeGenic takes a very interesting play on the whole subject of male enhancement, on their website as they often go back to a single point that they continually try to stress: size does matter.

And when it comes to getting the right girl, and actually sexually fulfilling that girl, you better have some substantial size in your nether regions.

Their website also contains a number of studies and surveys further consolidating this fact, and even videos of girls saying “size does matter”.
In our tests, HugeGenic faired pretty well, proving to be a pretty potent male enhancement pill.

We noticed some substantial growth, and it was easily comparable to some of the other penis enlargement pills we’ve tested before.

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HugeGenic Ingredients: Finding these Were a CHORE!

  1. Maca

  2. Arginine

  3. Tongkat Ali

  4.  Zinc, L-Arginine

  5. Ginseng, Yohimbe


We wanted to express one concern we immediately had with HugeGenic.

It was very strange that we were unable to find a supplement facts for HugeGenic ANYWHERE on the internet, which made us have to do tons of research just to get a good gauge at what was actually on it HugeGenic – and even then, there wasn’t anything too specific.

Yes, we did see it on the bottle eventually, but we normally like to do our preliminary research first, and having information on a male enhancement pill’s ingredients beforehand is pretty important to us.

Why would you want to hide it in the first place?

Well, if you take a look at the ingredients listed above, you’ll notice immediately that there really are so few of them.

Of course, this is no way a bad thing.

In the case of some other male enhancement pills we’ve reviewed previously, the fact that they had so little ingredients just meant that the formula was all the more potent.

L-Arginine, for example, is one of the ingredients you should definitely be looking for in a penis enlargement pill.

We talk about it a lot on this site, and with good reason: it helps in pumping blood to the penis, and with a hefty dose of L-Arginine, a steady flow of blood keeps your little junior happy.

Or should we say, big junior?

Another interesting ingredient in HugeGenic’s formula is Ginseng. As a rare herb found typically in North America and eastern Asia, Ginseng has wonderful effects in that it increases the production of testosterone.

Increased testosterone means increased libido, improved sexual stamina, and yes, you can stay harder for longer.

Test Results: Not Bad at All!


We’ve been taking HugeGenic for around thirty days, and we have to say that the effects we got from it were really good! HugeGenice definitely did an awesome job at increasing penis size.

On our very first day, we all measured size (length and girth), and we compared the results to those after the end of our tests.

At the end of the thirty day period, we were all a little shocked at the results. On average across four of our reviewers, there was a 1.5 inch increase in length and a whopping 2 inches increase in girth. Yeah, in case you were wondering, that is huge!

Aside from penis enlargement, we noticed being able to keep an erection for as long as a whole hour. Not overly impressive, but is still noteworthy.

On the internet, there are also quite a lot of positive reviews regarding HugeGenic. For the most part, the positive ones were able to mention large increases in penis size as well.

However, some of the reviews did complain about some side effects, mainly dizziness and high blood pressure. We put this down to the Yohimbe in HugeGenic’s formula, however, we did not feel any of these side effects in our testing.

What we Loved from our Hugegenic review:

– Actually huge increases in penis length and girth
– Substantial boost in sex drive and ability to stay erect for long periods of time
– Infographics on their website

What we Hated from our Hugegenic review:

– No product label or supplement facts
– Website difficult to navigate

The Verdict from our Hugegenic review: A Great All-Around Male Enhancement Pill

We believe that although HugeGenic is trying to be a lot more focused on penis enlargement, it still does a pretty good job at everything else.

That’s not to say that it doesn’t increase your penis size though.

It DOES! And it does so in great proportions. Over the course of our 30-day test, we managed to be able to measure and compare penis sizes, and it was substantial.

A lot of positive reviews are available on the internet too.

We do, however, still do not like the fact that there is absolutely no supplement facts label on their website. And that it is very hard to navigate or even order.

It’s a good all-around male enhancement pill.

Overall Score: 7.5

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