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Male Extra Review: Incredibly Potent Penis Extender – Pricey Though!


Male Extra Review: This Male Enhancer takes a very different approach to male enhancement compared to the other supplements that we have reviewed.

Instead of focusing on a lot of different synthetic ingredients, Male Extra takes it back to old school male enhancement pills basing its formula on one very key ingredient – pomegranate.

For those of you who don’t know, pomegranate for a long time has been a fruit synonymous to fertility and virility.

And was taken often for its libido increasing effects.

That doesn’t mean it’s outdated and obsolete by now though. The science is still there and it is also being used in many “natural” male enhancement pills.

This is really is a great relief from the many different sex pills out there that are filled with a number of many synthesized ingredients, prone to side effects and low in bioavailability.

Inherently, that’s one of the things that we really like about Male Extra.

It also greatly educates the market by explaining exactly how it works and the science behind it – and boy, does it work.

Male Extra claims to increase penis size, length, and girth, while also increasing sexual stamina and sexual intensity.


Male Extra Ingredients: Pomegranate Takes the Spotlight


Taking a good long look at Male Extra’s formula, we can immediately see that it has a small amount of ingredients.

  1. L-Arginine
  2. Pomegranate Ellagic Acid
  3. Methyl Sulfonyl Methane
  4. L-Methione, Zinc Citrate
  5. Cordyceps
  6. Niacin

Despite what most others think, this isn’t actually a bad thing.

You really don’t need to fill a supplement up with a hundred different ingredients to make it work well – just a few with hefty enough doses.

And we believe that’s exactly what Male Extra has done.

Just L-Arginine is a whopping 600mg, with Pomegranate following at a whopping 500mg as well.

L-Arginine, as many of our readers know, is one of the more talked about ingredients on this site.

We really can’t stress enough its importance in a formula – that’s why we’re always mentioning it.

When it comes to getting enough blood pumping to the penis, nothing works better than a hefty dose of L-Arginine, which allows a steady flow of blood pumping to the penis.

What you get is basically, a really erect penis.

As mentioned, one ingredient that is also really stressed by Male Extra is Pomegranate.

As it is displayed very prominently everywhere on their website. Despite it being a pretty old “discovery”, many actually believe that pomegranate is the key to increased sex drive and testosterone production, and is often touted as the next best thing to Viagra.

Ever heard the story of the “Viagra effect” from a daily glass of Pomegranate? The science is really there, and you can read a lot more about it on their website as they do a pretty good job at explaining everything over there.


Test Results: Amazing at Penis Length. Not So Much in Sex Drive.


We have been taking Male Extra for just a little over a month and really, saying that it works well is a huge understatement.

Through the sea of many different male enhancement products, Male Extra actually does an amazing job at increasing penis length.

Seriously, in our tests, it was really almost an inch of growth within an hour of taking Male Extra – which is amazing, in all sense of the word.

There were also some positive effects to libido and sex drive, but it is really in penis length where Male Extra shines brightest.


Banana next to ruler


Taking it for a complete month, the overall growth on average amongst our team were a little over an inch in length and around an inch and a half in girth (yes, in case you were wondering, that is A LOT).

Unfortunately, it was more hit-and-miss for the majority of our readers as a substantial number of them didn’t like it too much.

Some of them complained of side effects like slight dizziness and higher blood pressure, but then again, Male Extra is supposed to increase blood flow, so this is sort of inevitable.

Most of the reviews online were mainly positive, averaging at around 4 out of 5 stars across Amazon, Vitaminshoppe, and iHerb.


What we Loved:

– Possibly the best when it comes to penis growth
– Aside from some complaints on dizziness, there were no side effects
– Their website is really informative and tells you all you need to know

What we Hated:

– Its libido boosting effects could have been a bit better
– It’s definitely very expensive for a month’s supply


The Verdict from our Male Extra Review: Amazing, but Amazingly Expensive


Well, you get what you pay for – and this time, that’s not meant as an insult.

We found absolutely nothing wrong with Male Extra, and we’re very thorough.

While it didn’t do all too much towards increasing libido and sex drive, it did shine in increasing penis length.

An estimated 1 inch lengthwise and 1 and a half inch in girth by the end of our 30 days of testing.

We felt no side effects either, which is definitely a relief.

The only gripe we had with it is the fact that it is a pretty expensive product.

Around double the price of other Male Enhancers.

But is it worth it? Well, if you are really looking for one of the best performing male enhancement pills, probably.

And if you have a lot of money to burn, most definitely.

Price $49.99

Overall score: 7.5



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