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Testosterone supplements, quite a few of them, focus only on increasing the levels of the hormone in the body.

As an additional benefit, some also aid in development of lean muscles.

Not many of them deliver two completely different, but equally important benefits for muscle development – testosterone and sleep.

Z-Core PM made by one of the finest supplement makers Muscle Pharm is the product under discussion today.

Let’s find out how good this supplement is.

How does MusclePharm’s Z-Core PM work?

Z-Core PM has a unique mechanism of action that deviates from the methods followed by other testosterone supplements.

Z-Core PM indeed helps in increasing the natural levels of testosterone, but it takes both direct and indirect approach.

The main ingredient of this supplement is Melatonin, which is known to promote sleep. So, how does Melatonin help testosterone levels?

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Scientists have established that quality sleep has the ability to naturally stimulate the production of testosterone in the body.

How many of you can honestly say that you get restful sleep at night?

Not many I suppose.

The Z-Core PM Supplement optimizes the natural testosterone production by focusing on sleep.

That’s not all. The ZMA ingredients along with fenugreek in the supplement directly assist in the natural stimulation of the hormone in the body.

Muscle Pharm – the maker of Z-Core PM isn’t hitting you with every ingredient known to improve sleep and testosterone.

Only a handful of ingredients, carefully chosen for their potency and safety, are made part of this supplement.

The ingredients are also chosen for their synergistic effect, so that the sum of their effects is higher than what they can deliver separately.

In the below section, you’ll also learn how the ingredients interact with each other.


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When we’re ill, we have no qualms taking the medication prescribed by a physician.

We seldom ask the exact composition of the drugs.

In contrast, while considering the use of supplements, that don’t require a prescription, it’s a wise step to check what and how much ingredients is in the product.

Analyzing the Z-Core PM testosterone booster, we were pleasantly surprised to note the absence of proprietary blends. The exact amount of each substance added to the testosterone mix is mentioned in the supplement fact label.

So, what are the ingredients that find a place in the capsule and the product label? Here are the six substances that make up the Z-Core PM testosterone booster.

Vitamin B6 (3mg)

Most people don’t know, but vitamin B6 helps in bodybuilding in several ways.

To begin with, let’s start with a well-known function of this water-soluble vitamin.

Like other members of the B complex group, B6 boosts energy and reduces fatigue and tiredness.

Anxiety, fatigue, and pain are three biggest enemies of every bodybuilder.

Luckily, a single ingredient – Vitamin B6 – can take them down all at once. I

t addresses the mood and pain issues by influencing the neurotransmitters GABA and Serotonin in the brain.

A few sections down the line, you’ll learn about melatonin, which is one of the ingredients in this supplement.

This substance helps you with sleep.

It’s your personal sandman; you’ll doze off in minutes and have a restful sleep.

Interestingly, in our body, vitamin B6 stimulates the production of melatonin. Doing so, B6 also promotes blissful sleep.

Magnesium (113mg)

Magnesium has always been treated unfairly by experts when it comes to recognizing its contribution in muscle building and boosting testosterone levels.

This mineral plays a vital role in the normal functioning of more than 300 enzymes. Magnesium is required for synthesis of nucleic acids, proteins, and fat.

It’s also needed for normal cardiovascular functioning, contraction and relaxation of muscles, and smooth functioning of several neurological activities.

During intense training the requirement of ATP shoots up. Fortunately, the demand for increased energy and high-level of ATP synthesis is met by ATPases – an enzyme that depends on magnesium to function.

Zinc (7.5mg)

Zinc is associated with the production and functioning of several important hormones.

In addition, zinc deficiency is often blamed for low testosterone levels in the body. That’s because, lack of zinc in the body can alter androgen receptors.

According to a report in the journal Nutrition, the level of testosterone increased after regular supplementation of zinc to men suffering from zinc deficiency.

Zinc plays a pivotal role in fertility of both men and women.

Studies show that zinc boosts luteinizing hormone levels, which is responsible for the production of testosterone.

There is scientific evidence to show that the anti-aromatase effects of this mineral prevent testosterone to estrogen conversion.

Equally important is the antioxidant properties of zinc.

The damage to the body and imbalance caused between antioxidants and ROS due to exercise can be, to an extent, negated by the mineral zinc.

Copper (10mcg)

Some would be surprised to see copper as one of the ingredients in a testosterone supplement.

It’s not widely known, but copper is essential for the body and is capable of boosting testosterone levels.

There are at least three reasons for the inclusion of copper in this supplement.

We have made is clear that the presence of copper in our body is quite beneficial in a number of ways.

Scientists have found that zinc – a popular mineral that can increase testosterone naturally – will reduce the level of copper in the body.

To counter zinc’s effect, copper has been added to the supplement.

The second and third reason for the addition is the most relevant to our topic.

Several studies have found that copper influences certain hormones that play a vital role in testosterone production.

In a study, the Gonadtropin releasing hormone increased due to the supply of copper. This is the hormone that initiates the development of testosterone.

Similarly, the ingredient also positively affected Luteinizing Hormone (LH), which assists in the production of testosterone.

Fenugreek Seed Extract (50mg)

Fenugreek is good for stomach and digestive system.

We have all heard our grandmas sharing ancient wisdom and home remedies to us.

But, do you know, fenugreek can do a lot more than just relieve gas, burn fat, or act as a natural laxative.

Fenugreek is nature’s gift to sexual health.

It’s known to improve the reproductive function, boost sex drive, and increase testosterone level.

The active ingredient in fenugreek – Fenuside – stimulates the production of male sex hormones called androgens. Studies indicate fenugreek helps in the development of lean muscles.

Melatonin (3mg)

Produced naturally by the pineal gland in the body, melatonin or sleep hormone (as it’s often referred), is added in Z-Core PM to improve sleep quality and muscle development.

This hormone helps you sleep by regulating the body clock – circadian rhythm.

The pineal gland ramps up the production of this hormone as the Sun goes down and the natural light reduces.

Melatonin slows down the neuron signaling by occupying the receptors.

This action relaxes the body and makes the user sleepy.

Melatonin is also known to stimulate the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in men.

Our body requires HGH for metabolism, cell repair, development of muscles, improving muscle strength, and to boost endurance and physical performance.

How to take Muscle Pharm Z-Core PM Supplement?

Our recommendation to the users is to take 1 or 2 capsules of Z-Core PM daily.

Begin with one capsule to check your body sensitivity. The supplement is to be taken on an empty stomach, an hour before bed time.

Who makes Z-Core PM?


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*MusclePharm’s CEO – Ryan Drexler (far left) expoing at the NACS show – 2018

Z-Core PM testosterone booster is manufactured by MusclePharm.

This supplement maker is widely known for research, development, and manufacture of supplements backed by science and evidence based research.

Over the years, MusclePharm has added many feathers to its cap; one of them is the Best Brand award at the 2012 Supplement Awards hosted by the Bodybuilding website.

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MusclePharm also happens to be UFC’s official nutrition maker.

The supplement manufacturer has partnered with Crossfit Games and UFC. The company’s social contributions include regular support to the Wounded Warrior Project.

How to buy Z-Core PM?

The Z-Core PM testosterone supplement is available at the product website and several online retailers such as, GNC, Amazon, etc.

Each bottle of Z-Core PM contains 60 capsules and it costs around $12.

If you follow the recommended dose of 1 capsule per day, a single bottle would last for two months.

But, most users take two capsules daily, before going to bed, on an empty stomach.

Safety and Side Effects: The Z-Core PM Supplement is made of natural ingredients so it’s generally safe to use. If you’re allergic to one or more ingredients, pregnant, breastfeeding, or suffering from any medical condition, you should consult a physician before taking the supplement.

Customer Support: The customer support team at Muscle Pharm is very professional and ready to help the visitors with any query about the product, orders, shipping, complaints, and money back policy. To get in touch, you can send them a mail, fill a form on their website, email, or call them.

Money Back Guarantee: Customers who purchased the Z-Core PM testosterone booster from the Muscle Pharm website will receive a 30-day full refund guarantee excluding the shipping charge. Send the unused capsules and bottle to the manufacturer and you’ll be compensated in full.

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Secure Shopping: The Muscle Pharm website uses the best and latest encryption software to safeguard the information you share with them. For more information, you should check their terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Our Verdict: How good is Z-Core PM testosterone booster?

Let’s begin with an important question – Who is the supplement for?

We feel the supplement isn’t for everyone, not the most suitable testosterone booster for bodybuilders who have no problem getting restful sleep.

If your only aim is to boost testosterone levels, then Z-Core PM may not be the right supplement for you.

It’s a known fact that the recovery phase is the most important part of the muscle development and most of it happens during sleep.

Hence, uninterrupted and restful sleep is essential for muscle building. As we mentioned earlier, sleep also plays a pivotal role in the natural stimulation of the testosterone hormone.

Z-Core PM gets a thumbs up for the use of ZMA stack that’s a popular testosterone improvement blend.

The Zinc, Magnesium, and B6 blend will do its bit to naturally increase the hormone level in the body.

Another known booster is ‘Fenugreek’, it is famous for improving libido and increasing male hormone levels.

Interestingly, copper finds a place in the mix.

Not a popular choice, but equally effective at boosting testosterone production.

The final and most important ingredient in the supplement is Melatonin – the ingredient that makes Z-Core PM unique.

Another reason we like this supplement is because the maker tell you the exact amount of each ingredient added to the booster.

How does this help?

Suppose the copper added to the supplement isn’t enough to compensate for the copper-depleting effects of zinc in the body, you can use other copper supplements after consulting a physician.

In addition to sleep, hormone, and libido benefits, the ingredients in the Z-Core PM offer other benefits such as regulating blood pressure, burning fat, and improving bone health.

Finally, the Z-Core PM testosterone is very reasonably priced. The ‘per serving’ cost of this supplement should tell you that the Z-Core PM is a lot cheaper than other testosterone boosters.

The Z-Core PM has certain negatives too. Here are some of the points we are not impressed about the supplement.

Melatonin promotes sleep – this is a good thing. But, many users complain that they feel week and tired the next day. This will not only affect the daily routine, but makes it much harder to workout.

The ingredient list is missing some of the most famous testosterone boosters. Our suggestion to the makers will be to include Boron.

The Z-Core PM supplement will support the natural testosterone production and marginally improve your muscle building capacity. Do not expect any drastic increase in testosterone levels in the body.

Final Thoughts

Due to the mild nature of the product, Z-Core PM doesn’t make it to the list of best testosterone boosters.

But, people looking to improve sleep and testosterone support will definitely find the supplement to their liking.

You should try Z-Core PM because it comprises of scientifically researched ingredients, helps with restful sleep, comes with additional benefits, and has a reasonable price tag.

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Overall Z-Core PM Rating: 80%


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1 Bottle: $12 (approx.)

Number of capsules

60 capsules

Cost per serving


Refund length

30 Days

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High quality ingredients


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