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MusclePharm Z-PM Recovery and Sleep Support: A two in one!


For a long time,

I was of the opinion that the eight hours.

each day allotted for sleep was my very own time piggy bank.

Whenever I wanted.

For personal, recreational, or professional reasons.

I withdrew a couple of hours from my daily quota of sleep.

However, soon the lack of adequate and poor-quality sleep.

Began to affect some important aspects of my life.


A man struggling at work because he is tired


However, the day followings a bad night of sleep,

like we all know sucks.

My high-pressure job would really get the best of me.

And with my cool down after work being the gym, but I was too tired to even go.

After a while, course correction became impossible.

I couldn’t sleep on time even if I tried with my job.

However, long hours of restful sleep without disruptions.

Were a rare occurrence like an astronomical event.

As passing taxis.

And partying neighbours.

Are sadly common at night.

However, It took me some time to find a solution other than a large morning coffee.

The MusclePharm Z-PM Recovery and Sleep Support.

In addition, read on to know more about the supplement.

How it helps, its ingredients, and finally whether it helped me or not.

How does MusclePharm Z-PM help?

The MusclePharm Z-PM promises to deliver multiple benefits.

However, that can be summed up in three simple points:

  • Z-PM promotes quality sleep and muscle recovery.
  • Boosts free testosterone for healthy muscle growth and strength.
  • Z-PM supports healthy libido function in men and women.

Some brands treat the human body as the dumping ground of various chemical compounds or supplements.

MusclePharm prefers the direct opposite approach.

The Z-PM Recovery & Sleep Support contains just six ingredients.

Carefully chosen while being fully aware of their quality, potency, safety, and synergistic properties.

Melatonin – the main ingredient in the supplement.
Along with a couple of other ingredients relaxes the body and helps you drift off to sleep.

In addition, the ingredients in Z-PM ensure you get adequate quality sleep. So that the muscles get enough time to recover.

Finally, the ZMA ingredients assist muscle growth by influencing the release of the male hormone testosterone.

And inhibiting the functions of the female hormones.


A man lifting weights in a gym


A brief look at each ingredient will increase your understanding of the MusclePharm Z-PM supplement.

In addition, its benefits, and mechanism of action.


MusclePharm Z-PM Recovery and Sleep Support Ingredients


Melatonin (3mg)

Produced in the pineal gland.

The sleep hormone Melatonin advises the organs.

Brain, and body when to stay active and when to rest.

This hormone is a potent sleep aid.

However, it is widely used as a sleep-promoting supplement (1).

A survey shows that nearly 20% of all Americans.

Are affected by sleep-related problems.

Findings of clinical trials show that melatonin supplementation

Could be a boon to those with sleep issues.

In a study, one-half of the participants were given melatonin for a year.

Followed by 14 days of the withdrawal period.

The other half was given a placebo.

During each visit of the participants.

The researchers conducted tests and gathered information from the sleep diary.

After comparing the findings.

The researchers concluded that melatonin helped in treating insomnia (2).

Interestingly, studies show that melatonin has the ability.

To increase the release of Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

It’s known to boost muscle mass and strength (3) (4) (5) (6).

The standard dosage of melatonin for promoting sleep is 3-5mg.

You’ll find the MusclePharm Z-PM supplement is adequately dosed with melatonin with 3mg per serving.


Vitamin B6 (3mg)

After the sleep hormone, we immediately jump into the ZMA stack.

However, B6 or Pyridoxine is a water-soluble vitamin.

That’s involved in hundreds of vital chemical reactions in the body.

Supplementing B6 helps in muscle building and promoting sleep.

The vitamin is known to relax and calm the brain and body.
By regulating mood-related neurotransmitters such as GABA, dopamine, and serotonin (7) (8) (9).

In addition, B6 aids sleep by influencing the production of the sleep hormone melatonin.

So, how does Pyridoxine aid muscle growth and recovery?

The vitamin is known to reduce tiredness and fatigue.
By increasing energy production.


Zinc (7.5mg)

In MusclePharm Z-PM, Zinc is tasked with two important functions.

Aid muscle growth and repair, and increase fertility.

Zinc is known to increase.

IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor-1) Growth Hormone, and Testosterone.

However, all three hormones are vital for healthy metabolism and muscle building.

Scientists also opine that zinc has a pivotal role in cell division and repair.

In Addition, Zinc also increases the healing power of the body.

Allowing the muscles to repair and grow.

Zinc deficiency has been associated.

With lower libido and infertility.

Experts believe that supplementing zinc could treat both the problems.

By increasing the level of serum testosterone.


Someone holding a block of zinc

Magnesium (113mg)

The third and final member of the ZMA stack.

Magnesium partakes in hundreds of biochemical.

Reactions that benefit the brain and the body.

The mineral aids other enzymes in their function.

And its presence is needed for energy metabolism.

Studies show that we need more magnesium during the workout than at rest.

However, magnesium supplementation is said to aid exercise performance (10).

Also, researchers have found evidence to show magnesium.

Allows athletes to perform better and harder.

It was also found that the mineral reduced levels of stress hormone in athletes (11).

Magnesium also offers some mood-related benefits too.

Studies show that magnesium deficiency could result in depression.

And other mood-related disorders (12) (13).

Researchers have witnessed encouraging results in treating.

The symptoms of depression with magnesium (14) (15).


Copper (10mcg)

Are you feeling tired.


And weak?

Copper deficiency could be a real possibility.

An adequate amount of copper in the body.

Is necessary for proper iron absorption (16).

So, a copper deficiency could lead to iron deficiency (causing anemia) .

Which results in less oxygen. And nutrients to the cells.

Leading to weakness and fatigue (17) (18).

In addition, our cells need copper to produce its main energy source .

ATP (adenosine triphosphate) (19) (20).

Finally, supplementation becomes necessary.

To replenish the copper levels affected by the actions of zinc.

Fenugreek Seed Extract (50mg)

Fenugreek seed extract boosts testosterone levels.

Improves libido function, and increases exercise performance.

In a study, the participants were put under a regular exercise routine for eight weeks.

Half of them received fenugreek supplement.

At the end of the trial period.

the researchers found the group that took the herb had higher levels of testosterone (21).

In another study, 60 adult male participants were prescribed fenugreek supplement.

They had no prior history of erectile dysfunction.

After six weeks, the participants were asked whether they noticed any change during the trial period.

Most people in the supplement group agreed.

that fenugreek had a positive impact on their sex drive (22).

According to a study, a combined treatment of fenugreek extract.

Creatine improved lean muscle mass development and muscular strength endurance (23).


How to use the MusclePharm Z-PM supplement?

However, Similarity to other sleep aid supplements.

The MusclePharm Z-PM is to be taken just before sleep.

Most preferably 30-60 minutes before you go to bed.

The supplement has a serving size of one capsule (i.e.) take one capsule per day.

Some experts and users suggest taking two capsules per day.

Initially, it would be prudent to follow the dosage recommended.

By the makers of MusclePharm Z-PM.

You could up the daily dosage to two capsules if taking one capsule doesn’t work.

Before increasing the dosage consulting a physician is advisable.


A lady taking a sleeping pill before going to sleep


Who makes the MusclePharm Z-PM Recovery and Sleep Support?

MusclePharm – the makers of this supplement is one of the best known nutritional supplement makers.

It’s one of the biggest names in the business and winner of several awards.

Its portfolio extends well beyond the Z-PM Recovery and Sleep Support.

The MusclePharm Natural series, Essential series.

And FitMiss series (for women) are some of its best selling categories.

MusclePharm is a global company.

Having customers in over 100 countries, and helping scorers of athletes, sportspersons.

And bodybuilders to achieve their goal.

Their success as a brand and business.

Can be attributed to their vision to develop products that are safe and effective.

The company is cautious about the health, performance.

And reputation of the athletes.

Hence, the company stays clear of illegal substances (i.e.) it doesn’t use any banned substances in its products.

MusclePharm also prides itself.

On having one of the most rigorous testing processes.

It also maintains a high standard of manufacturing.

MusclePharm has won many awards over the years.

Including the 2011 Breakout Brand of the Year Award.

2012 Brand of the Year Award and 2014 Best Tasting Protein of the Year Award.


How to buy the MusclePharm Z-PM supplement?

The MusclePharm Z-PM supplement has reached far and wide, online and offline.

The supplement can be purchased from several e-retailers including Amazon, GNC, and BodyBuilding.

The MusclePharm Z-PM Recovery and Sleep Support.

Can be bought for $14.99 per bottle. From the website maintained by the brand.

Each bottle of Z-PM contains 60 capsules.

Enough to last two months if you abide by the maker’s recommendation of one serving per day.


Potential side effects of MusclePharm Z-PM Recovery and Sleep Support

Herbs, minerals, and hormones derived from natural and.

Trusted sources make up the Z-PM supplement.

The MusclePharm brand is quite serious about the source, purity, and quality of the ingredients.

That go into the making of their products.

They take extra care to use only the best ingredients to minimize the risks of adverse effects.

The chance of side effects caused by the use of Z-PM is rare.

However, those who experience allergic reactions should immediately stop using the product and contact a health care provider.

Please see the ‘Allergen Warning’ on the bottle before taking the supplement.

Nothing about Z-PM being off-limits to women is mentioned on the label.

Hence, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Should consult a doctor before taking the supplement.

Secure Shopping and Shipping:

Buyers planning to shop from the brand website can do so without any fear.

However, that’s because MusclePharm uses SSL certificate.

In addition, the best and the latest encryption software is used on the website to protect your personal information.

And transaction details.

In addition. All purchases are processed and shipped with 24 hours.

Except during the weekends, and the orders will reach you without a few weeks.


Money Back Guarantee:

MusclePharm has introduced money back guarantee. But not to placate unsatisfied customers.

The manufacturers are quite confident about the quality and effectiveness of their products.

They have introduced money back guarantee knowing full well there will be nill returns.

That said, those not satisfied with the supplement, for whatever reason.

Can return the unused capsules within 30 days for a full refund.

Shipping charges are not included in the guarantee.

Customer Support:

MusclePharm has made easy for the customers

To get in touch with the customer support staff.

The contact phone number is provided at the bottom of each page of the website.

In addition, for inquiries or information about the products, order, etc.

The visitor can use to contact form or email address present on the Contact page.


Our Verdict of our MusclePharm Z-PM. Recovery and Sleep Support Review

What if I only need to boost testosterone and support libido function?

Those who sleep like a baby. Are indeed fortunate and if you’re one of them. Then you’re on the wrong page.

There are plenty of other supplements. That exclusively focus on increasing testosterone.

MusclePharm Z-PM is the only or one of the very few supplements that understands the importance of sleep for muscle growth, muscle strength, healthy sex drive, and overall good health.

Melatonin in Z-PM helps you sleep, and sleep is vital for cognitive health, muscle development, and overall good health.

The progress you make at the gym, building muscles and increasing muscle strength, can be easily undone by a night of poor sleep.

If you aren’t convinced; here is how it works.

Doctors say our body goes into a catabolic state every time we get less than five hours of sleep.

In the catabolic state, to produce the necessary energy for normal body functions.

Proteins in muscles are broken to amino acids.

Instead of lipids into smaller molecules.

Quality sleep is necessary.

For maintaining the normal hormone balance in the body.

Three important hormones essential. For muscle building.

Growth Hormone, IGF-1, and Testosterone. Are active in the body when we’re asleep.

Poor sleep can affect the release and functioning of these hormones.

Which in turn affects muscle recovery and growth.

The Z-PM induced sleep will help athletes and bodybuilders. By preventing fatigue and cutting the risks of serious workout-related injuries.

The simple truth is that quality sleep.

However, it a must for muscle growth and muscle strength.

Scientists say the tiny injuries to muscles sustained.

During a workout are repaired during sleep.

The muscles grow in size and strength after the repair process.

Inadequate and poor-quality sleep can inhibit the repair process.

affecting muscle growth and increasing the chances of injuries.

So, when you fix one issue.

The other automatically takes care of itself.

At least to some degree.

To aid the users in their endeavour to build big. Strong muscles.

The makers have added the ZMA stack.

The combination of Vitamin B6, Zinc.

And Magnesium.

However, helps the stimulation of free testosterone.

That’s readily available to the body to aid muscle growth.

The surprise ingredient – copper – to aids the ZMA stack.

By increasing energy metabolism and reducing fatigue.

However, you might have read or heard somewhere.

Fenugreek boosts libido.

This claim is actually true and fenugreek could do a lot more.

In addition, this ingredient is known to boost testosterone.

Muscle development, and promote sleep.

The Z-PM formula has won our praise.

But even more praiseworthy is the decision not to use a proprietary blend.

MusclePharm. The makers of Z-PM Recovery. And Sleep Support have clearly mentioned.

The amount of each ingredient added to a serving of the supplement.

The MusclePharm Z-PM gives the best value for money.

However, The supplement is one of the best that’s currently available yet.

In addition, It’s priced lesser than a good many sleep aids.


A women taking a pill with a glass of water


Final Thoughts of our MusclePharm Z-PM. 

By making Z-PM Recovery and Sleep Support.

MusclePharm seems to have achieved a rare feat.

However, It has picked no more than half-a-dozen ingredients.

In addition, all natural with science-backed health benefits.

And strong synergistic relationship with each other.

In addition it combined them is a perfect ratio.

To extract maximum benefit and deliver incredible results.

Overall Rating: 91%



Price 1 Bottle: $14.99
Number of capsules 60 capsules
Cost per serving $0.25
Refund length 30 days
Length of effects Long-term
High quality ingredients Yes
Adequate dose amounts Yes
Ingredient dosage hidden No
Effectiveness Yes
Informative website No (
Positive online reviews Yes
Real testimonials on website No





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