Nitrovit review – Award-winning brain enhancement supplement



To really understand if Nitrovit works, we need to look at what benefits it offers.

Benefits Nitrovit reviewers report to have experienced (Results may not be typical).

  • Better Memory Formation, Retention, and Recall
  • Improvements to Focus and Concentration
  • Support for Mood and Anxiety when in social and working environments
  • Clarity and Reductions in Brain Fog
  • Better rest and Quality of Sleep
  • Cell Protection through Nutrient SupportRead the full review now!


Nitrovit review – Award-winning brain enhancement supplement


Nitrovit has won the Best Choice award for Memory Supplement for the past 4 years… And here was Nitrovit CEO Mark Madison – the man who built the Nitrovit formula for his very own ADHD and Memory issues before taking it public – telling me he had made changes to the formula the team here at Memory pill Reviews had come to know and love! Our Nitrovit review finds out WHY?!


“Nitrovit is still the leading Memory and Focus supplement as voted by our readers and panel”


As Editor here, I am usually testing some new formula under review, but on the times I wasn’t testing, the original Nitrovit formula was my go-to daily nootropic stack for memory, mental energy, and keeping me focused during long writing sessions.

I can say with conviction that I’ve noticed big turnarounds in my life since I started taking what I consider to be the best all in one brain enhancement formula available.

I found myself less forgetful, more focused on work and keeping this site updated, and I finally found the motivation, energy and focus to not just finally pen down my goals and 5 year plan, but actually take action and go after them.

In a word, Nitrovit was the solution I sought and it brought me to the world of Nootropics. It offered all I was looking for and it delivered.

So when Mark explained he’d made some adjustments, I was a little concerned… It seems nothing good lasts forever.


The new Nitrovit formula reviewed


I’ll get to the companies reasons for the formula change later, but first, let me explain some of the circumstances behind my testing of the supplement in my latest Nitrovit review.

A few months back Nitrovit manufacturers Project Noo You announced that along with improvements to their website (and the move to bigger facilities for Nitrovit’s production) they had made adjustments to Nitrovit’s formula—producing a ‘purer’ product with zero additives, or other nasties.

I was eager to try the modified formula, as was the team here… We’ve all come to expect great things from Mark.

Over the next 30 days, we were going to put Nitrovit to the test to see whether it could over deliver on its original formula and whether it still had the punch that put it at the top of the charts.


Product highlights


  • 1 year 100% Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee – the longest guarantee of any nootropic seller.
  • Featured in the media – product has been on FOX(27) and Marketwatch.
  • Outstanding customer service – if a client’s package gets lost in the mail, Nitrovit always pays for a replacement.
  • No fillers – possibly the purest, highest quality nootropic on the market currently.
  • Price – $36.44 (for multi-packs) – $59.97


an elderly man who has tried Nitrovit

(Testimonial from the Nitrovit site) Benefits Experienced: Mental alertness and ease of memory recall


If you are looking for a memory enhancer that truly works, I do not believe you can find a better product than Nitrovit from Project Noo You. I began taking this product approximately 300 days ago at the age of 82. Once I entered my 80s I found that I would occasionally forget the name of an author I wanted to quote or someone I had not thought of in a long time. Occasionally words I rarely use would not come to mind when needed.

So I decided to search the web for a good memory enhancer, and Nitrovit came up as the one with the highest recommendations. 


“Nitrovit came up as the one with the highest recommendations”

Until today I had only taken one Nitrovit capsule per day and have now decided to take the recommended two per day to see if there are other memory changes. With Nitrovit memory improvement does not happen dramatically or suddenly, but there is a slow and steady improvement as the weeks and months go by.

After a couple of months, it was clear my memory was improving.  Four or five months in and names were no longer escaping my memory. After about six-plus months I realized my memory at 83 is as good as it ever was in my 30s or 40s. In fact, I am better at remembering names now than at any other time in my life (helpful as I frequently meet new people), and words like “allotrope” (a diamond is an allotrope of coal) no longer escape me.

As a writer and teacher, this kind of mental alertness and ease of recall is of vital importance. I’ve recommended Nitrovit to several of my older friends and students, but I believe that any person at any age would find this product valuable. If you want a memory enhancer that will work for you, I highly recommend trying Nitrovit.”     Finley Eversole, PhD. Author ‘Energy Medicine Technologies’



Nitrovit’s website displays one of the most impressive amounts of testimonials and customer reviews we’ve seen. Each one features a photo, the full name of the customer and their location.


four people holding the Nitrovit product with a smile


Nitrovit review – Who manufactures the product?


Nitrovit is created by Project Noo You, a dedicated nootropics specialist. Their lab, based in California, opts to manufacture their Nitrovit supplement under GMP-certified guidelines as specified by the FDA.

The fact that Nitrovit follows the FDA’s GMP guidelines is a huge plus.

Dietary supplement manufacturers aren’t obligated by law to do so, and this shows that Nitrovit is willing to take the extra step to deliver a safe product to their customer base.

By following the GMP guidelines, Nitrovit’s product must pass a series of tests (including contamination) before they can be sold on the market.

It’s advised you always purchase from cGMP labs only, so Nitrovit has certainly won me over here.

As for the Nitrovit website, well, the look of it feels a bit too hip for me. I don’t really care for the red and black design or all the “cool looking” graphics. Perhaps they’re targeting a younger demographic than me…but at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter.


Nitrovit delivers on what I need from a Nootropic


When using a nootropic, my goal is to enhance my focus and memory, while helping with my ADHD so that I might be able to sit still for an hour without checking if anything has changed in the fridge – since the last time I looked 7 minutes ago. If this product can do that, then I don’t care how their website looks. What’s more important to me is the information on their site, which is absolutely superb!

Every claim made on their site comes with a dedicated source linking to the test and results. As a brain supplement connoisseur, I can tell you this is not something you see every day.

You’ll also find President Mark Madison featured on the Nitrovit website as he guides you through his journey into nootropics. He developed the product 7 years ago as a means to control his ADHD/ADD issues, and now Nitrovit has grown into a global brand offering worldwide distribution.

As for Mark, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet him in person (albeit briefly). My first impression is, his heart is in the right place.

As we both discussed our personal struggles with ADD/ADHD, Mark freely shared his knowledge of brain nutrition and supplements. I got the impression he genuinely cared about helping myself and others.




Project Noo You offer a Full 1 Year Money Back Guarantee on Nitrovit. A bold statement of quality assurance from the confident manufacturers and President/founder Mark Madison. 


Project Noo You provides an excellent 23 page manual helping you get the best results from your NITRO purchase. Top marks for this.


What ingredients are inside Nitrovit?


My Nitrovit review found that Nitrovit doesn’t cut corners on their formula just to cut costs.

The past 2 years have seen a spurt of growth in the bio-hacking industry and new nootropics formulas like Nitrovit appear on the market daily.

The difference with Project Noo You’s offering is they’ve shunned the herbal ingredients used by many and gone for A-grade nootropics.

Such as Huperzine A and Noopept (rarely seen together in a formulation).

The product uses no fillers—which is extremely rare in the nootropic industry.

Let’s look at some of the key ingredients in Nitrovit…


Nitrovit supplement facts


The Vitamin Stack 


The Vitamin Stack features two of the best brain-boosting nutrients—Vitamin B6 and B12. I guarantee 90% of us don’t get enough of these two vitamins, and a B vitamin deficiency is the fastest route to fatigue and lack of focus (the 3pm ‘slump’).

Note, not all B vits are created equal…the ones found in your average $10 or less multivitamin are usually of cheaper quality and may have little effect. An example being B12 which comes in the less effective Cyanocobalamin variety – or as the higher quality Methylcobalamin as found in Nitrovit.

However, Project Noo You quality B vitamin ingredients are created to boost cognitive enhancement—rather than to just balance deficiencies.

Flushing the system with B6 and B12—as Nitrovit does—has shown to fire up ATP energy production required to power the body and brain, support mood and promote mental clarity.


The Mojo Stack


The Mojo Stack features Nitrovit’s star performers—Huperzine A and Noopept. Project Noo You has performed substantial research on both these potent nootropics. It must be one of the most comprehensive websites we’ve seen (

These two ingredients are responsible for the memory enhancement properties of the supplement. Now…I don’t want to get too scientific on you, but let me give you a brief explanation of how these ingredients work in the body.

Huperzine A stops the function of enzyme acetylcholinesterase, which breaks down the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. This biochemical process supports functions in the brain such as memory and learning.

Meanwhile, Noopept induces the production of two very important proteins—BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) and NGF (Nerve Growth Factor), both of which are needed to form new memories and retain long-term memories.

For more science-backed information, I highly recommend checking out Nitrovit’s website  (


The Nitro Stack

The Nitro Stack features a great quality choline source, Alpha GPC, which has brain-boosting benefits, improves the absorption of other ingredients.


Nitrovit Review – Does it really work?


To really understand if Nitrovit works, we need to look at what benefits it offers as part of this Nitrovit review.

Now, as you know, I already mentioned my experience with the old formula (so obviously I’m a fan!) But let’s examine the benefits this new formula can produce, and then I’ll share with you my experience of whether or not the product actually delivered.

Benefits Nitrovit reviewers report to have experienced (Results may not be typical).

  • Better Memory Formation, Retention, and Recall
  • Improvements to Focus and Concentration
  • Support for Mood and Anxiety when in social and working environments
  • Clarity and Reductions in Brain Fog
  • Better rest and Quality of Sleep
  • Cell Protection through Nutrient Support


But did Nitrovit deliver on any of the above…


Now, you should note that Nitrovit affects every individual differently. There’s no guarantee that you will gain all the benefits above – or experience the results I did.

Of course, if you’re disappointed and experience no results, you can always get a refund per their 1-year guarantee. Shipping isn’t included here by the way.

With that said, the first thing I noticed when using Nitrovit is a significant improvement in mental energy.

It isn’t like an energy drink where your heart starts pounding and you become hyperactive—rather more like waking after a good night’s sleep, feeling really present and enthused, and ready to take on the world.

You can really feel Nitrovit kicking in about 15 minutes after consumption.

Nitrovit’s anti-anxiety components begin to quiet all the distractions and worries us ADHD sufferers are all too familiar with. In return, it provides a much-needed boost of concentration and focus.


What about the memory enhancing benefits? Did Nitrovit deliver?


For most users, the answer appears to be a resounding “yes”

Based on comments by our reviewers, volunteers, and Nitrovit client testimonials, it seems improvements to memory related functions such as verbal fluency and the remembering of words, dates and times, began around 2 to 3 weeks of consumption.

This was confirmed for nearly all test subjectsincluding myself—as scores in memory related tasks on Lumosity, and Dual N-backs readings showed improvements over the same period.

What’s more, all benefits remained consistent throughout the month and stayed till the very end of our trial. And I’m tempted to say enhancements to memory became even stronger by the end of our trial—as more and more users reported being able to recall visual and numerical cues easier.

Altogether, we are extremely impressed with Nitrovit’s performance. And many of our findings married with claims from customers’ feedback and reviews on their site. Here’s just a few:


Nitrovit testimonials


Nitrovit review – Are there any side effects?


Nitrovit’s GMP certification (following FDA guidelines) and our own trouble-free experience while testing it suggested Nitrovit wouldn’t return side effects.

Project Noo You’s 1 Year Guarantee and long list of what appears to be legitimate testimonials backs this up. You should always consult with a physician if taken any medication when considering using a dietary supplement.

The lack of stearates, dioxides, colorings and additives also keep Nitrovit pure and easy on the stomach.


Is there a discount of Nitrovit if I buy in bulk?


Project Noo You has a large selection of bundles to suit all pockets it would seem, ensuring a choice for everyone.

Yes, there is a significant discount if you buy in bulk.

The 90-day Quarter Pack at $129.97, which comes with 3 Nitrovit bottles and free shipping offers the best value. You can pick up single bottles from $59.97.


Nitrovit single bottles and bottle packs


Nitrovit review – What’s my verdict?


All I can do is speak from my own experience and point to what I’ve heard from volunteers, Nitrovit customers, founder Mark Madison, and the information I know about nootropics and the Nitrovit company.

Personally, I’m happy with this new Nitrovit formula.

The old formula helped me find the focus to return to school and achieve the academic results I’d been hoping for. And now, I look forward to how this new formula will help me achieve even bigger dreams—starting up a business of my own.

Oh, and by the way, I didn’t forget about answering why the company decided to change its formula.

The formula was altered because of customer feedback.

In fact, my own research showed this is the fifth time Nitrovit has adjusted their formulation, or made an improvement such as switching to vegetarian capsules… The company prides itself on adjusting its formulas to meet its customer’s needs. (Mark emails frequently with offers and so on, but often asks his customers for input on his ideas and formulas).

Truly a unique quality of a nootropic company, I thought. There’s aren’t many I can’t think of that bring their clients into ‘the boardroom’ like Project Noo You does. This goes to show they truly have their customers’ best interest at heart.


Final Thoughts…


So in my humble opinion, Nitrovit deserves our #1 spot not just because of the superb quality of their product but also because of their outstanding customer focus and support.

So I heartily recommend picking up a bottle of Nitrovit today.

And if you do right now, you can take advantage of the limited time 15% discount below given to us to share with you by Mark and the team at Project Noo You.

So why not give it a try? With the 1 year 100% satisfaction guarantee, you really have nothing to lose!

Try Nitrovit now!


EDITORS NOTE: If you wish to take advantage of the generous discount offered by Project Noo You please do so now. Project Noo You has reserved the right to stop the promotion at any time.

Please hurry to buy to avoid disappointment as we at cannot be held responsible for missed discount and would not be liable to cover the costs ourselves. Thank you.

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