Prevagen Review



Some brain supplements claim specific benefits such as increase memory, better focus, and improved thinking. But, in the case of Prevagen, the claims are general and slightly vague.


Prevagen Review

Sometimes I wonder. Are we becoming more competitive or more than before are we struggling with memory problems? We may never know. But what’s clear and quite obvious is that more and more people are looking for easy ways to improve memory and other cognitive faculties.

Lo and behold, the dietary supplements industry is here to provide you with a quick fix. There are hundreds of memory boosting supplements. Made using tried and tested, well-known, and scientifically-backed ingredients.

Every once in a while comes a supplement that boasts of a special ingredient that naturally piques your interest. We’ll discuss of one such brain supplement today.

What’s the name of the supplement? Prevagen.

What’s the special ingredient? Apoaequorin.Pre

Let’s take a closer look at the dietary supplement. Its benefits, ingredients, manufacturers, pros, and cons.

The benefits of taking Prevagen

Some brain supplements claim specific benefits such as increase memory, better focus, and improved thinking. But, in the case of Prevagen. The claims are general and slightly vague.

The potential benefits of this supplement as listed in the bottle include:

  • Clearer thinking
  • Sharper mind, and
  • Healthy brain function

Does Prevagen have the ingredients to bring about these changes? How does this supplement work? Let’s tackle these questions one by one.


On the label of the bottle. Listed are all the ingredients that makeup the capsule/tablet and the supplement mix. We are more concerned about substances that have a direct impact on the cognitive function of the users. Hence, we shall restrict our discussion only to the three ingredients that makeup the core of the supplement.

Prevagen contains milk, which makes it a vegetarian product, and not vegan. The manufacturers recommend taking one capsule a day, in the morning, with or before food.

Apoaequorin (10mg)

The beautiful and graceful glowing jellyfish has always fascinated the observers.

But, ever wondered what makes them glow and what has the glowing jellyfish got to do with Prevagen?

The main ingredient in Prevagen. – Apoaequorin – is a protein extracted from glowing jellyfish.

This protein binds with calcium ion to create the beautiful lighting effect. As seen in the glowing jellyfish called Aequorea Victoria.

Research on apoaequorin started a few decades ago.

Scientists researching the protein found that the jellyfish-extract also worked as a cognitive enhancer, improving cognitive faculties that decline as we age.

In older adults, scientists hope to use apoaequorin as a treatment drug to arrest the cognitive decline and improve symptoms of mild cognitive impairment.

Normal people aren’t prohibited from taking this protein.

In fact, the Prevagen supplement has students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone wanting to improve cognitive function, irrespective of age, as its target customer.

The protein is absolutely safe to use.

After a thorough study, scientists have found that apoaequorin is a lot similar to the endogenous calcium-binding protein in humans.

The makers of Prevagen claim that apoaequorin can treat mild memory and cognitive problems, and improve memory, focus, and thinking in normal individuals.

They are constantly working to find new applications and discover hidden benefits of apoaequorin.

Vitamin D (D3 cholecalciferol) (50 mcg)

Vitamin D plays a huge role in regulating the emotional health of the users.

Individuals with less than adequate levels of this vitamin often experience anxiety, stress, and depression.

Vitamin D taken as a supplement will regulate the neurotransmitter serotonin to improve mood.

Vitamin D supplements are suggested during winter. Especially to people residing in countries with a colder climate.

During winters when the days are short our body doesn’t produce enough vitamin D; this, in turn, affects our mood and emotional wellbeing.

Taking Vitamin D supplements can help beat users the winter blues.

As an important ingredient in Prevagen, Vitamin D influences the neurotransmitters in the brain that regulate our mood.

Apart from its function as a mood enhancer, the vitamin also boosts focus and concentration of the user.

Acetic Acid

Acetic Acid, also known as Ethanoic Acid. Used quite a lot in the food we eat. The ingredient is also present in vinegar.

As an ingredient in Prevagen, the acetic acid helps the user concentrate and focus.

Studies also show the substance to be effective in treating dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

According to a study in Japan, acetic acid was given to rats in the form of vinegar, the results showed a clear improvement in cognitive function.

In a similar study, scientists found that acetic acid improved the production of HspA1A – a protein much like HSP70 that prevents the formation of amyloid in the brain.

Who manufacturers the supplement?

The supplement Prevagen is produced by a Wisconsin based company called Quincy Bioscience.

The company is involved in the research and development of products.

That boost cognitive function, treat health problems caused by aging, and improve the overall health of the users.

Quincy Bioscience is best known for its work on apoaequorin.

The company has patented apoaequorin, which is a substance taken from jellyfish.

The company has earned praise for finding new and innovative practical applications of the substance.

Quincy Bioscience produces apoaequorin in a start-of-the-art facility that’s cGMP compliant.

Quincy Bioscience produces apoaequorin-based products such as Prevagen and NeuroShake.

The company’s Quality Assurance Department abides by the cGMP guidelines as stated in Part 111 of Code of Federal Regulation Title 21.

Quincy Bioscience ensures its products are tested for safety, strength, and purity.

Prevagen is one of the leading supplements with apoaequorin as its ingredient.

In a trial, the Prevagen supplement has demonstrated. Its potential to enhance cognitive functioning in users with normal to mild age-related cognitive decline.

According to Nielsen, a market research company.

The data collected from chain pharmacies across America clearly shows Prevagen to be the best sold cognitive enhancer of 2016.

How does Prevagen work?

In simple lingo, Prevagen works by maintaining adequate levels of calcium in the body.

Experts call this calcium homeostasis. Calcium in our body is not only crucial for bone health; it plays a vital role in the normal functioning of the central nervous system.

In studies carried out by various organizations, researchers have found a clear link between lack of adequate levels of calcium and steady age-related cognitive decline.

The makers of Prevagen claim that introduction of Ca2+ (free calcium) has proved to improve certain aspects of cognitive functioning in users with normal aged brain or mild age-related cognitive decline.

The makers also claim that taking a 10mg capsule of the supplement for 3 months continuously.

This will improve brain function of users. Furthermore, taking a 20mg capsule, a couple of hours after waking up.

Consuming a 30mg or 60mg capsule of Prevagen, half an hour before going to bed.

In addition to other prescribed medication, will slow down the progress of ALS.

In lab studies, apoaequorin – the protein previously extracted from jellyfish.

But now synthetically made has shown to control calcium levels in neurons.

Researchers also found the jellyfish protein quite effective in protecting neurons against ischemic cell death.

The pros and cons of using Prevagen

After reading and analyzing several reviews and research papers.

We have prepared this brief section listing the pros and cons of using Prevagen.

The manufacturers are making tall claims, so before you decide, reading this section is a must.


Summarizing the positive reviews.

We found on several websites on the internet.

it could be said that the supplement is best suited for treatment of mild age-related brain problems.

It can also be used for improving short-term memory and other cognitive faculties such as focus, concentration, and critical thinking.

Prevagen is easy and safe to consume as there are no allergens in it.

No caffeine or any other stimulants.

Comes with 45-day money back guarantee.


Examining the working mechanism of apoaequorin. Berkeley Wellness has used the term ‘scientifically implausible’.

To describe the hypothesis and claims made by Prevagen’s researchers.

Even otherwise. Experts believe that like any other dietary protein.

The main ingredient is easily broken down inside the stomach.

Hence, there is no or only a very slim chance of apoaequorin reaching the bloodstream.

What’s more; let’s say, apoaequorin somehow reaches the bloodstream.

The makers of Prevagen are not providing any proof.

To show that the ingredient crosses the BBB (blood-brain barrier) to reach the brain cells.

How to buy Prevagen?

You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy Prevagen.

And, since it’s a dietary supplement.

Prevagen isn’t certified by the Food and Drug Administration.
And the claims and statements on the product website aren’t evaluated or approved by the USFDA.

Prevagen can be bought as an over-the-counter supplement from any medical pharmacy.

Here is a list of some of the local authorized retailers that sell Prevagen: Giant, Fry’s, Fruth, Fresh Vitamins, FredMeyer, Drug Mart, Dillons, CVS Pharmacy, Copps, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Bartell Drugs.

It is also available online.

From e-commerce portals that sell supplements.

Online retailers that sell the supplement include Vitacost, Target, Swanson, Rite Aid, Lucky Vitamin, iHerb, GNC Live Well, and Botanic Choice.

People living outside the United States.

Can request a customized quote by filling a form specially created for international customers on the product website.

Prevagen is safe to use with other dietary, mineral, and vitamin supplements.

But, its interaction with prescription drugs is not known.

Hence, those taking prescription medications for any medical condition.

Should consult a doctor before taking Prevagen.

How much the supplement cost and how to use it?

The supplement is available in different varieties and strengths.

You can either buy the supplement in capsule or chewable tablet form.

Both these varieties are available in two different strengths – 10mg (Regular Strength) and 20mg (Extra Strength).

The makers recommend taking one capsule or chewable tablet a day. For best results, consume the supplement for 90 days.

Depending on the strength and variety you choose each bottle of Prevagen cost anywhere from $40 to $70.

Each bottle of the supplement carries a month’s worth of capsules or tablets.

About the product website

The Prevagen website doesn’t supply the users with a mother lode of information about the supplement.

Moreover, like any other good reviewer.

\I advise the readers to take the research material published on their website with a pinch of salt.

By all means. Thoroughly review the four research papers (Madison Memory Study, Safety Study I, II, and III) on the website.

But also go through independent reviews of Prevagen.

Like this one, before making your final decision.

The product website also makes available coupon codes for its visitors.

You can use the codes to get a $10 discount from an authorized seller.

Money Back Policy

Only users, who purchase the Prevagen supplement from authorized sellers, online or offline.
Are eligible for the refund of the product price (after coupons and discounts, including the shipping and tax charges).

From the day of purchase, you get 45 days to request the refund of the money.

Important details about Prevagen’s money back policy:

  • The money back policy stated here is only applicable to users residing in the United States.
  • The buyer must have purchased the supplement from an authorized reseller.
  • The user must save the original bottle of Prevagen. Along with any unused capsules or tablets, and also the original receipt of the purchase
  • Contact the customer service person for assistance to process the refund claim
  • The customer service person may process the claim or ask the buyer to return the partially used product with receipt to the original place where the supplement was bought
  • The refund cheque will reach the buyer within 6 – 8 weeks

Final Thoughts

You won’t have any trouble finding Prevagen.

It’s available in several online and brick-and-mortar stores. So, is the supplement worth buying?

A federal lawsuit has been filed against the makers of Prevagen.

By the State of New York and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for fraud and making false claims about the supplement.

So, we won’t recommend or urge you to buy Prevagen.

But, if you still want to try the supplement.

Then start with Prevagen Regular Strength capsules.

After using the supplement for 90 days, if you’re happy with the results.

And want to augment the benefits, increase the strength (i.e.) go for the Extra Strength variety.

Or add other specialized nootropic stacks to your daily routine.

Overall Rating for Prevagen: 8.0

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Additional information

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Cost per serving


Refund length

45 Days

Memory benefits


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High quality ingredients


Adequate dose amounts


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Choline included


Noopept included




Informative website, Yes

Positive online reviews


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