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ProSolution Review: Does it work?


ProSolution Review: This particular Male Enhancer is highly promoted as the male enhancement pill that is setting new standards in penis enlargement.

Through research, they claim to have found the most successful, fast acting blend of all natural ingredients that will promote the largest, longest, and girthiest Penis.

Unlike many of the other male enhancement pills we’ve reviewed here, ProSolution is actually from the UK, and not the US.

While that should not be a problem at all in terms of manufacturing – we’re sure that labs in the UK are held up to the same standards we have here in the US – one thing to take account for is that you may need to wait a little longer for your package to arrive to you.

A secondary aspect ProSolution is supposed to help with is your confidence.

If you’ve got a larger penis, you display more confidence – that makes a lot of sense.

The manufacturer claims that even just one inch increase (although they say that ProSolution may increase penis length up to 3 inches) will help a man feel so much better and more fulfilled, as it is what ‘9 out of 10 women find sexiest in a man’.

We’re not too sure about that last statement, but we are sure that a larger penis should increase confidence.

The manufacturer claims that ProSolution is the most potent and advanced formula out there, and has won numerous awards for this.


ProSolution Ingredients


A supplement facts label was not available on their website, however, they did note the ingredients featured in the formula.



  1. Zinc Gluconate
  2. Tongkat Ali
  3. Reishi Mushroom
  4. Taj
  5. Safflower
  6. Musli
  7. Momordica
  8. Shatavari
  9. Apigenin and Amla
  10. Cowhage
  11. L-Arganine
  12. Arjuna
  13. Tribulus
  14. Cordiceps


Here is a breakdown on how their ingredients help (If ingredients are too many, not all of them may be listed, with priority to more potent and effective ingredients):

– Zinc Glutoconate: aids in sperm motility and quality, while also boosting testosterone production

– Tongkat Ali: aids in improving sexual quality and motivation, while giving users a boost in energy and sexual sensitivity

– Reishi Mushroom: Increases stamina and energy, while also improving mood in users

– Taj and Safflower: Improves blood circulation, allowing for increased penis length, size, and girth

– Momordica: Reduces body fat, while increasing testosterone levels. It’s also been shown to work as a natural contraceptive

– Shatavari: Helps against impotency problems

– Apigenin and Amla: Promotes healthy, well-functioning sex organs

– Cowhage: Improves libido, sexual sensitivity, and arousal levels

– L-Arginine: Promotes improved blood circulation, causing increased hardness

– Tribulus and Cordiceps: Aids heavily in testosterone production, massively affecting penis enlargement.

All ingredients in ProSolution are natural, and we pay special note to L-Arginine and Tribulus as they are both premium and very potent. Minor side effects may include headaches, heart palpitations, and slight confusion when taken in heavier doses.


ProSolution Main Key Features:

– Helps vastly with sex drive
– Improves on erections, allowing for bigger, harder, long-lasting erections
– Aids with stamina (with precision control)
– All ingredients are natural
– Very potent, with minimal side effects
– No Yohimbe


Test Results from our Prosolution Review:

When we first started testing ProSolution, we were a bit surprised to see that it took at least two weeks before the effects started kicking in.

This made us question their ‘potent’ claim for a while, but after we started seeing the effects, we really couldn’t complain.

ProSolution seems to work long-term on your body’s sexual organs, meaning that the effects are also longer lasting.

ProSolution isn’t simply a pill you take an hour before you have sex. It’s something you need to take every morning to allow it to do its magic.

There was definitely a big difference in size – we measured at last an inch for everyone on the team, with the biggest gains at around 2.35 inches in length. ProSolution also aids in sex drive, and since it isn’t really taken just before you have sex, you can be sure that you are in the mood pretty much all the time.

It isn’t distracting at all though. It’s just easier to get aroused when you actually want to be.

Stamina was also a good point – most of us being able to last several hours when we wanted to, and never having the ‘I haven’t finished yet, but I’m exhausted already’ moment.

The best thing to note with ProSolution though is that it had no side effects, despite its effects being sort of switched on all the time – which really was a pleasant experience.

ProSolution Purchase Details:

Price: $69.95 (60 Capsules)
Dosage: 2 per day


Verdict of our Prosolution Review:


Our experience with ProSolution isn’t like anything we’ve had before. The effects are difficult to describe…

It’s like being switched on all the time. Don’t get this wrong – you won’t be rocking an erection everywhere you go.

But ProSolution very easily lets you get in the mood when you want to get in the mood.

There is no fuss at all about trying to get it up, and when it does stand, it stands at full attention.

ProSolution increases penis size like it’s nobody’s business.

You will be astounded by the results you get, but be prepared to wait at least a couple of weeks before you see any major differences… But when you do, it’ll be pretty amazing.

It’s a little more expensive than some of the other options out there.

That’s the only thing we would like them to improve on, but other than that – a definite two thumbs up!

Overall Score: 6


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