Virtility Patch RX Review



Virtility Patch RX, has proven itself to being a promising product.

The method of how the ingredients are inserted into the body is clearly unique, moreover, the effects seem long-lasting and effective to an appropriate degree.

This one took us by surprise and definitely exceeded our expectations, though be warned our expectations weren’t set too high.

Read on to discover our breakdown of Virtility Patch RX, and how it may prove useful to your needs…

Virility Patch RX Review

There’s one striking difference between Virility Patch RX and all the other male enhancement pills we’ve reviewed – this one isn’t a pill at all.

It’s a patch.


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Specifically, a natural dermal penile enlargement patch that increases blood flow and helps provide men with larger, firmer erections.

Just the thought of that really intrigued us as we’ve definitely never tried something like that before.

The manufacturers claim that men who have size or performance issues, or even just a simple lack of desire, can really benefit from using Virility Patch RX.

They also claim that users will be able to gain a minimum of 3.5 inches in length, while expanding penis thickness by up to 25%.

The manufacturers claim that Virility Patch RX also helps those suffering with Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation, and meanwhile, also has no side effects.

Do note that it does contain Yohimbe though.

The website has all sorts of great information regarding studies behind their ingredients, and how each one works.

On top of that, you’ll also get some info on why they think that patches, and not pills, are the way to go.

Definitely a very interesting read.


Virility Patch RX Ingredients

A supplement facts label was not available on their website, however, they did note the ingredients featured in the formula.



Ingredients: Ginseng, Fo-Ti, Gotu Kola, Saw Palmetto, Damiana, Menthol, Yohimbe

Here is a breakdown on how their ingredients help (If ingredients are too many, not all of them may be listed, with priority to more potent and effective ingredients):

  • Ginseng: Boosts sexual energy in the body, increasing stamina and endurance
  • Fo-Ti: Has rejuvenating properties that preserve youthfulness and restore fertility
  • Gotu Kola: Fights against impotency, also prevents fatigue, and builds stamina
  • Saw Palmetto: Strengthens the male reproductive system and sex organs
  • Damiana: Fights against impotency, while strengthening the reproductive system and sex organs
  • Yohimbe: Massively increases blood flow to the penis, improving size and girth, while boosting libido as well

Many of the more potent ingredients in most male enhancement pills are not seen in Virility Patch RX, but that does not mean it isn’t potent. Delivery of substances through the skin works a little differently, and only testing can prove the results.

Virility Patch does contain Yohimbe, so please be wary of the side effects. These may include irregular or rapid heartbeats, kidney failure, seizures, and heart attacks, among others.


Virility Patch RX Main Key Features:

  • Promotes larger, firmer erections
  • Increased sexual desire
  • Uniquely intriguing substance delivery method
  • Contains all-natural ingredients
  • Contains Yohimbe


Test Results

When we put Virility Patch RX to the test, we found out immediately that the effects were very quick to notice.

After just an hour of putting one patch on, you could definitely feel something.

I would say it was a kind of a buzz, but after a few minutes that went away.

What followed might have been the best experience ever.

It was very obvious that a lot of care had been put into Virility Patch RX, as we found that increased libido and arousal levels were all very easily achieved with it.

It wasn’t distracting at all, meaning you had full control and would only get erections when you wanted to get erections.

But best of all, when you did get one, it was super-hard, and yes, there was substantial growth as well.

While it wasn’t a 3.5 minimum, it was still a considerable 1.5 – 2.5 inches for all of us who tested it.

Virility Patch RX was a little intense though, and even the manufacturers advise to scale back slightly on the dosage once you’ve achieved your desired results.

Some of us experienced becoming a little lightheaded, disoriented, and at times confused – all of these side effects of Yohimbe, so please be cautious when using Virility Patch.

If you can, consult a doctor first.

Moreover, to ensure the validity of our tests we scoured the internet to gain an idea of what the general consensus is for the product, the image below displays some external reviews extracted from Amazon.


Virility Patch RX, Virility Patch RX Ingredients, Virility Patch RX Review, Supplement Buyer, Virility Patch RX Supplement Facts, Virility Patch RX Scam


As you can see, the reviews consist of ratings from all sides of the spectrum.

Hence, delivering very mixed reviews.

Our experience with the product, however, was more on the positive side of things.

Nonetheless, we cannot simply be ignorant of the experiences others have felt.


Virility Patch RX Purchase Details:

Website: http:

Price: $38.99 (10 Patches)

Dosage: 1 every few days


Virility Patch RX, Virility Patch RX Ingredients, Virility Patch RX Review, Supplement Buyer, Virility Patch RX Supplement Facts, Virility Patch RX Scam



Virility Patch RX was indeed a little different from all the other male enhancement pills we’ve tried before.

First of all, it isn’t even a pill. The way they get the ingredients into your body is pretty genius too.

That in itself should be one reason to give Virility Patch a shot.

But beyond that, the effects were surprisingly really good!

We didn’t know what to expect as we’ve never encountered a product like this before, but we were very satisfied with the results.

Improvements in libido were noticeable, but never distracting.

Moreover, the boosts to penis went far beyond our expectations too.

If it’s a little intense, but just dial back, and it should get better.

We’re definitely going to give it a thumbs up, but just make sure you ask your doctor about Yohimbe first just to be on the safe side.

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