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Review: Biohack Pure

A serious contender in the brain enhancement industry, worthy of all its praise

What is Biohack Pure?

Biohack Pure is a nootropic product developed by Jonathan Weisman, who encourages its use in sports.

Though not all of the following claims have been verified by a trusted source, it’s still impressive none the less.


What does it claim to do/have/be?

– Consists of all natural ingredients.
– Increases cognitive performance.
– Assists in Mental Purity
– Increases physical focus and dexterity.
– Ramps up mental clarity, mood, memory, and the ability to focus.
– A game-changer.


This is indeed a very impressive list of claims; however, we mustn’t forget that every other nootropic product in the entire world claims to have the same affects, more or less.

So, what exactly is it about this Supplement that separates itself from every other competitor out there.

Well, for starters it actually does what it claims to do, to some degree.

To what degree exactly? You may ask. Well why don’t we get into that.


Does BioHack Pure really do what it claims?

A lot of us here at have gone through a trial run with Biohack Pure, suffice it to say it was an effective product.

That was what prompted us to put it on the list of brain enhancing products that we were going to review – and we have been doing so here at the office, for the past 2 months now.

What we immediately noticed in regards to Biohack Pure was how potent it really was. Yes, potent.

The effects were quite intense, which was possibly due to the fact that Biohack Pure really only has 8 ingredients, which in turn prevents each ingredient from being diluted too much.

Seemingly, this Supplement forced us to submit to the amazing amount of focus that it granted.

a man focused

We were quite amazed at really how much work could be done in an hour – to tell you, it really was A LOT.

It doesn’t simply stop there, though. There were substantial boosts to memory and learning capabilities as well, with a slight boost to mental clarity.

Additionally, our tolerance levels weren’t able to keep up with Biohack Pure’s potent mix – the effects persisted throughout the whole duration of our testing. That in itself, is quite remarkable.

What makes BioHack Pure different?

What really made us love Biohack Pure that much more than other brain enhancing supplements that we’ve reviewed before was the fact that it did much, much better in terms of how well the effects were, which was due to its overall high potency.

This was done successfully by Biohack Pure by reducing the amount of ingredients it had to the bare minimum that could yield maximum potential cognitive benefits. This was done to maximise each ingredient’s potency.

We wish many other pharmaceutical companies realized this fact, and created their brain enhancing supplements in a similar fashion.

Trivial as it is, it’s quite important to understand that potency is inversely related to the amount of ingredients.

However, it seems many other companies have not realized this yet, creating many substandard products. Very well done, Biohack Pure.

Could BioHack Pure be better?

BioHack Pure has little to improve upon.

However, it’s claim of being  a ‘game changer’, is still just a claim. Though the product itself works remarkably, there are still a variety of other nootropic products that surpass it.

Moreover, we did note that some of the nootropic effects were not present or simply, minimal.

But in its case for improving overall focus and memory, there aren’t too many competitors out there who can beat it.

A downside, however, is that other products in the current nootropic market also focus a lot on the products ability to provide mental clarity and motivation.

Biohack Pure falls behind severely in these two fields.

Despite this, Biohack Pure is a serious contender in the brain enhancement industry, worthy of all its praise, and a noteworthy opponent that all other companies should keep a close eye on.

Biohack Pure stands among the best. Truly, deserving of its popularity.

Price: 34.95 for a Single Bottle (30 capsules)

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