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Review: MindSoothe

Expensive Price for Decent Product

Price: $38.95/10 days (around $116.85/month) 

People whose lives are filled with stress and pressure may notice a significant drop in their focus and productivity. That’s because nothing good ever comes with emotional turmoil. High levels of stress and anxiety are just annoyances that you try to ‘get over’ in the short-term, but overtime they lead to much more significant problems such as halting your professional life and career. Anti-anxiety products are common, but we’re looking for something that’s better than your regular cup of chamomile tea. Since we focus on nootropics and ways to boost cognitive function, we are on the hunt for an anti-anxiety product that doesn’t sedate but rather improves focus and concentration.

Because that’s the real reason why you’re here – you want a product that can help power down those anxious thoughts while really boosting focus and learning skills. MindSoothe by Native Remedies seems like it’s qualified to get the job done. Join us as we explore what this product can do for you.

What’s in it?

St. John’s Wort: St. John’s Wort is a very well-known mood enhancing supplement in America. If you’re concerned about this ancient herb’s true effectiveness, know that it has gone through plenty of clinical trials. Research has shown that St. John’s Wort is capable of improving and balancing mood, which can be particularly helpful for women during or before that time of the month.

Passion Flower: This here is something that probably sounds quite familiar. You might’ve seen it last time you were looking for a sleep supplement during those restless nights. Passionflower extract has sedating properties and can effectively calm the body to put it in a more tranquil mood. If taken at very high dosages it could induce sleep, which is certainly not what we’re looking for. We hope that Native Remedies has included just the right amount.

Quite surprised to see that MindSoothe only contains 2 ingredients. We knew from the start that Native Remedies only sticks to herbal formulations, but we had no idea that they would include two simple compounds. Not saying that these ingredients aren’t enough to calm your nerves, but the formula definitely has room for improvement.

What it does for you

If you suffer from panic, extreme anxiety or reoccurring stress then MindSoothe is something worth considering. The two ingredients in the formula are pretty straightforward – one improves mood and the other one has relaxing properties. So again, if you’re just looking to calm down and get a happier mindset then MindSoothe should work quite well. Since the formula does not contain mental performance boosting nootropics, we’re afraid that you probably would not experience better focus, learning skills or memory, although anything is possible.


We believe that anti-anxiety products are absolutely essential, particularly for those who have seen stress and anxiety get the best of them. That’s why we look for the best and most high quality products in the market. MindSoothe has a pure formula of 2 ingredients that may improve mood and induce relaxation. It does not, however, have the ability to enhance your mental function. So it really depends what you need right now – if you’re a single mom who just needs a little bit of calming down in order to move on with the day then yes, MindSoothe is a good choice. We must warn you that this product is quite expensive – a bottle contains 60 capsules and costs $38.95 but you’re meant to take 2 capsules, 3 times a day, meaning it would only last 10 days. A full month’s supply would cost $116.85.

But if you’re a student or entrepreneur who wants to reduce anxiety in attempt to be more productive and motivated then a product such as Nitrovit would be far more suitable.

Site Score: 7.5/10

User Score: 7.3/10

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