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Review: NooCube

No stimulants and is made of just 7 ingredients

I constantly look for ways to optimize my cognitive performance. So, I try my hardest to keep tabs on the latest and most popular brain supplements on the market. Recently, a nootropic supplement caught my eye for two simple reasons: There are no stimulants in it and the smart drug is made of just 7 ingredients.

Reviewing the ingredients list, you’ll find none of them are new or rare. All 7-8 ingredients are well-known and well-researched substances that have been the subject of numerous research studies. The manufacturers and the users hope the synergistic combination of these ingredients will enhance cognitive faculties and increase brain productivity.

The manufacturers have certainly managed to generate interest among the users and the reviewers. Many review websites are calling NooCube a supplement masterpiece and have placed it among top five brain supplements.

Should we accept the manufacturers and other website’s views blindly? No, our job is to probe and analyze to find out the truth. Let’s examine the potential benefits of using NooCube, take a look at the science-backed ingredients, and find out whether the dosage of each ingredient is enough to make an impact.

Introducing the NooCube Brain Supplement

NooCube – the brain supplement designed by highly experienced neuroscientists – promises to enhance brain productivity by improving several cognitive faculties. The manufacturers claim that regular use of NooCube will boost memory, increase mental speed, help the user multitask, enhance focus, and elevate mood.

According to the makers, the nootropic supplement works because it’s the perfect blend of clinically proven Nootropics, amino acids, antioxidants, and other ingredients that work synergistically to bring about desired results.

What do these ingredients do? The ingredients in NooCube, individually and in combination with others, protect neurons, increase blood circulation in the brain, and influence key neurotransmitters.

How to become the new you? It’s easy; take 2 capsules (1 serving) of NooCube with food in the morning. NooCube doesn’t take long to work. Within 30 – 45 minutes of use, you’ll experience the change and the benefits will last for 8 – 10 hours.

What is the ideal dosage of NooCube? As already mentioned, the manufacturers recommend 2 capsules per day. Since each individual responds differently to ingredients, depending on age, weight, brain chemistry, etc. the users are allowed to experiment with the dosage. If 2-capsule per day dose doesn’t work for you, try 3 or 4 and monitor the effect. Warning: The manufacturers strictly warn against taking more than 4 capsules per day.


The makers have used a simple recipe to make NooCube. They have mixed 7 (yes, just seven) simple, but highly effective and well-researched ingredients – Nootropics, amino acids, and antioxidants – to create a supplement that provides cognitive benefits without causing any side effects. Let’s explore each of the seven ingredients in detail, learn their modus operandi, and the benefits they provide.

Alpha-GPC 50mg

Almost all nootropic stacks that have gained traction in the nootropic community have a choline source as one of their ingredients. The NooCube supplement is no different. This cognitive enhancer has 50 mg of Alpha-GPC to stimulate the production of the key neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

Alpha-GPC has been studied by numerous research teams. The substance has shown to exhibit several functions that directly and indirectly help in improving cognitive faculties. As stated earlier, its primary function is to increase the levels of acetylcholine in the brain. Alpha-GPC is equally effective in improving the blood flow in the cerebral cortex, which in turn ensures the brain cells get more oxygen and nutrition supply. After delivering essential nutrients, Alpha-GPC removes the toxins and other waste materials from the cells.

Other than acetylcholine, the ingredient also encourages the production of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin.

Its action in the brain helps the users in multiple ways. Increasing acetylcholine levels and its antioxidative properties reduce age-related cognitive decline and improve the general health of the brain. Improving blood circulation helps with both short-term and long-term memory. Having more oxygen in the brain will improve the clarity of thought, increase motivation, and reduce fatigue and boost energy.

Cat’s Claw 175mg

Cat’s Claw extract, also popularly known as AC-11, is taken from an herb called Uncaria tomentosa. It’s blessed with several beneficial qualities. Numerous studies have been conducted to explore its antioxidant, antimutagenic, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties.

The ingredient is used in NooCube for its ability to prevent and repair damage caused to DNA. A study conducted in 2001 showed that daily dose of water-soluble extract of Cat’s Claw given to cancer patients, who underwent chemotherapy, reduced damage to DNA and improved the WBC count.

Similarly, according to a 2006 study water-soluble extract of Cat’s Claw repaired the cell DNA and protected the skin cells from harmful UV rays.

Both these studies conclusively prove that Cat’s Claw prevents and actively repairs DNA damage, whatever might be the cause of the damage. It’s a well-known fact that as we age our DNA undergoes natural wear and tear, and our body’s natural ability to repair diminishes. The Cat’s Claw extract in NooCube takes over the function. It repairs the DNA and prevents the ill effects of damaged DNA that includes reduced immunity, memory loss, and general cognitive decline.

Bacopa Monnieri 250mg

Also called as Brahmi in Ayurvedic medicine, Bacopa Monnieri is one of the most well-known and widely used nootropic supplements. Some call Brahmi the most powerful natural cognitive enhancer. You might contest the claim, but what cannot be disputed or doubted is the ingredient’s positive effect on the various cognitive faculties.

Bacopa Monnieri comes with strong antioxidant properties which help in slowing the brain cell damage caused by oxidative stress. It also influences serotonin and dopamine to reduce stress and anxiety. It boosts communication between brain cells (neurons) by increasing nerve endings and dendrites. In the brain, Bacopa Monnieri stimulates neurotransmitters that play a vital role in spatial reasoning, memory, and focus.

Oat Straw 150mg

Oat Straw is extracted from Avena sativa (oat plant) – a cereal that we have been using for thousands of years. It was not until the mid-1980s that scientists took a serious look at the plant as a mood and cognitive enhancer.

The German Commission E, in 1987, discovered Oat Straw extract was a potent herbal remedy to treat stress and anxiety, and acknowledged it as a nervine herb. Later studies and research also established the cognitive benefits of Oat Straw.

For optimal performance, our brain needs a copious supply of oxygen and essential nutrients. The Oat Straw extract in NooCube supplement boosts blood circulation by inhibiting PDE4, and increasing levels of nitric oxide to dilate the blood vessels in the brain. Additionally, oat straw extract is also known to improve memory, cognition, and sex drive (libido).

L-Tyrosine 250mg

Our body produces this amino acid from the food we eat. We need L-Tyrosine to maintain normal brain chemistry function and for protein synthesis. L-Tyrosine performs these functions by indirectly aiding the production of norepinephrine, epinephrine, and dopamine. The amino acid has no direct role in producing these neurotransmitters, but it supplies the raw material that’s needed for their synthesis.

Inducing the creation of these brain chemicals reduces stress and prevents the damage that stress causes to the neurotransmitters and the brain. Several studies have found L-Tyrosine to also increase motivation, elevate mood, and prepare the users to better handle tough situations.

L-Theanine 100mg

For the sake of NooCube supplement, the longstanding pair – L-Theanine and Caffeine – has parted ways. In this stack, L-Theanine isn’t used to counter the ill effects of caffeine, but to improve memory, thinking, and mood by influencing certain neurotransmitters.

Structurally, L-Theanine is similar to GABA and Glutamic Acid, and adding this ingredient to the stack will boost the levels of these neurotransmitters. Another better-known function of L-Theanine is its ability to increase alpha brain waves to make the user feel calm and relaxed.

Green tea – the source of L-Theanine – possesses antioxidative properties. It reduces blood pressure and keeps the LDL (bad cholesterol) in check.

Resveratrol 14mcg

Resveratrol is found in grapes, but for supplement production, the natural antibiotic is mainly extracted from the Japanese Knotweed plant. We have all heard and benefited from the ingredient’s ability to reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. But, the latest study has found Resveratrol to be an effective tool in improving memory in diabetics. The natural supplement acts as an inhibitor of AChE (Acetylcholinesterase).

AChE breaks down acetylcholine, which is a natural process. Generally, the breakdown happens only after the neurotransmitter has outlived its utility. But, due to old age, diabetes, or other reasons, this can happen sooner, and this might result in memory loss, confusion, etc.

Resveratrol increases acetylcholine levels by restraining AChE. By boosting the levels of acetylcholine, Resveratrol ensures all cognitive functions that are depended on the neurotransmitter are enhanced and improved. Its potent antioxidant properties also prevent neuron damage and age-related cognitive decline.

Huperzine – A (Huperzia Serrata 20mg)

This is an alkaloid compound extracted from Huperzia Serrata. Huperzine A in its natural form has been used in Chinese medicine for many centuries. As a treatment option, Huperzine A is often used to treat memory loss in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

The outcomes of several studies have shown that Huperzine A can be effectively used to enhance memory and cognitive faculties in people to benefit them in their everyday life. Like some of the other ingredients in this supplement, Huperzine A functions by inhibiting acetylcholinesterase and boosting the presence of acetylcholine in the brain.

Wolfson Berg Limited – The Manufacturers of NooCube

The Wolfson Berg Limited is the producer of NooCube. It’s the manufacturer and private labeler of several consumer products and Nutraceuticals. They are involved in research, design, development, manufactures, and maintenance of several supplement and nutraceutical companies around the world. The company serves the needs of over 100 brands spread across 10 countries.

The two divisions of the company – consumer products and Nutraceuticals – are supported by an advisory board that includes top scientific and medical experts. All their products are backed by scientific studies and manufactured in state of the art facilities.

To know more about Wolfson Berg Limited, you can visit the company’s official website ( ). The contact page of the website has the address (location), email id, and phone number of the company.

My Take on the NooCube Supplement

NooCube has a great ingredient list, although the makers seem to tweak the ingredients and recipe now and then. I checked; the label section of FAQ listed a total of 8 ingredients. They have added Resveratrol to the list recently. Other than that, the ingredients list seems to be fixed with seven substances that form the core of the NooCube supplement.

As we have mentioned time and again, the Nootropics, amino acids, and other substances that make up this supplement are very effective and safe. The quality, potency, and safety of the ingredients have been researched and studied by top scientists and organizations from around the world. The clinically-backed ingredients are absolutely safe and cause no side effects to the users. Visit the ‘research’ page of the NooCube website to read more about the studies that were done on the ingredients.

Given its power to influence the customers’ mind, reviews have become a much-abused marketing tool. Instead of relying on the customer reviews and testimonials on the NooCube website, I would strongly recommend you to use the supplement and decide for yourself. That said NooCube is named as one of the top brain enhancers in almost all supplement websites because the supplement works if taken as directed.

Let me play the devil’s advocate and point to certain issues I have with the supplement.

  • The ideal dosage of Alpha-GPC suggested by most experts is between 300 – 1200 mg per day. NooCube only has 50mg of this substance, which means Alpha-GPC is clearly under-dosed.
  • The amount of Huperzine-A in NooCube is not mentioned on the label (Supplement Fact). What’s given in the fact sheet is the amount of Huperzia Serrata, which is the source of Huperzine-A, added in each serving of NooCube.
  • Huperzine-A users are advised to take a one week break after every 4-5 weeks. But, for Bacopa Monnieri to be effective it should be taken continuously for 3 months.

How Much Does NooCube Cost and How to Buy the Supplement?

Spend some time on the internet and you’ll find many websites that sell NooCube. How credible and trustworthy are these websites? It’s anybody’s guess.

Purchase NooCube from the official website of the supplement ( ). They offer three packages for you to choose from:

The 1 bottle package, ideal for newbies, contains 60 capsules and is priced at $39.99. The makers recommend 2 capsules per day, so each bottle of NooCube contains 30 days worth of supplements.

The second package, which the website claims to be the most popular, contains 6 bottles. The total cost of the package is $119.99. Through this package, the makers are offering 6 bottles for the price of 3. You get 360 capsules for just $119.99.

If you choose the third package, you’ll get 3 bottles of NooCube for the price of 2. That is, by paying $79.99 you receive 180 capsules.

Apart from the three options, at times, the manufacturers announce special deals with discounts. Check out the NooCube website to know if there is any special deal offered today.

Fast and Free Shipping: The NooCube website is providing its customers with free shipping to all corners of the globe. Fast and free worldwide shipping should convince you to choose the official website over other retail sellers.

Money Back Guarantee: The makers are confident that no customer will be dissatisfied with the NooCube supplement. Nevertheless, they are offering customers a 60-day money back guarantee.

Don’t like the supplement? Contact customer service and they’ll get in touch with you with detailed instructions within 48 hours. To get a 100% refund, you only have to ship back the unused capsules in the original package within 67 days from the time you received the supplement delivery. The 100% money-back guarantee doesn’t cover your shipping charges.

Payment Method: The NooCube website gives you three payment options: Credit/Debit card (American Express, Master Card, and Visa), Skrill, and PayPal.

Website Security: Worried about the security of credit card data or privacy of your personal information? Don’t be, your data is in safe hands. The NooCube website uses the secure version of HTTP and the checkout (shopping) system is protected with Norton Shopping Guarantee tool. Check out the privacy policy to learn how the website uses the visitor information.

Final Thoughts

The NooCube supplement is free of stimulants. Yes, the most used stimulant in the world – Caffeine – isn’t part of the mix. NooCube guarantees its users enhanced cognitive functioning, better physical and mental energy, increased focus, concentration, and memory, and the ability to multitask, without the caffeine-induced anxiety, nervousness, and jitteriness. Furthermore, NooCube is non-GMO and gluten-free.

People familiar with supplements will notice the similarity between NooCube and Alpha Brain. Yes, you’ll find both ingredient lists have almost the same substances. But, consider the advantages of choosing NooCube. It works, it’s cheaper, and the manufacturer offers ‘fast and free’ worldwide shipping.

Overall Percentage of NooCube: 90%

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