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Review: Smart X Cerebral Success

As seen on ABC's Shark Tank

Price of SmartX: $65.00

Purely by observation, we’ve learned that supplement manufacturers have either really got it or not at all. That includes their dedication towards the product and willingness to spend the time and money to create a truly beneficial product for customers. SmartX Cerebral Success is a product that has been talked about a lot lately. Customers have been going wild about it, successfully capturing the attention of most experts. Why? Well beyond it’s supposedly super effective formula, the product was introduced via ABC’s Shark Tank and is available in most local GNC stores. So we figured, why not share with you guys what we think of SmartX Cerebral Success? Let’s take a look at this highly popular cognitive boosting supplement’s formula, effects and price.

What’s in it

The most hyped up aspect of Smart X is its formula. We couldn’t wait to see the great options that the manufacturers have made and we’re sure that you feel the same way now. Let’s get straight into it… Each serving of Smart X contains:

Huperzine A: Huperzine A, a compound extracted from a herb known as Huperzia serrata, has the ability to protect acetylcholine breakdown in the brain. As you probably know, acetylcholine is the most important learning and memory neurotransmitter in the brain, so it’s important to maintain high levels of it in order to have optimal brain function. Based on clinical trials, Huperzine A shows some promise in preventing mental decay and age-related memory loss.

Vinpocetine: Vinpocetine’s benefits are multi-fold. It was initially thought that this compound was only capable of stimulating blood flow and thus improving focus abilities. However, continuous research has shown that Vinpocetine is also capable of supporting neurotransmitter release i.e. increasing acetylcholine levels in the brain, which helps with overall learning and analysis skills.

Phosphatidylserine: Really great for improving current memory recall capacity as well as protecting it from potential future damage. Phosphatidylserine has undergone a lot of clinical research so you shouldn’t have to worry about its side effects when using it at the recommended dose.

Caffeine + L-Theanine: Focus and mental energy booster. A combo that synergizes well to reduce fatigue, promote mental alertness and bring a long-lasting increase of energy levels. The perfect study aid.

Bacopin, DHA, Glucuronolactone, B-Vitamins, Schisandrin A, L-Tyrosine, Cognizin, L-Glutamine. 

What it does for you

Smart X promises to improve all the important aspects of brain function including focus, memory recall, mental energy and anxiety. Has Smart X managed to reach its promises? Well, here’s what a few consumers on have said…

“Just doesn’t work like everyone else says it does. I tried some and honestly, and was shocked to see how high the reviews are on Amazon. I then looked about how many reviews these customers wrote, and most of them haven’t written any except for this product.” By Pharmers

“I’m able to notice a significant difference when I am studying on SmartX. It adds that extra boost of concentration and focus. I definitely recommend it.” By Lauren

Overall – SmartX

What’s wrong with Smart X? Maybe the fact that you still don’t have it in your medicine cabinet. Smart X’s formula has been so carefully engineered to include top quality ingredients, which have been individually tested to work. The product has gotten great reviews so far, so we’re super impressed with all the effort that Cerebral Success has put into their supplement. If you’re looking to get a fast-acting nootropic stack then Smart X should definitely be in your top 3 choices. If you don’t like Smart X’s effects then you can ask for a full refund, as long as it’s been 30 days since your day of purchase. To wrap up, Smart X is a great nootropic supplement that has truly deserved all the attention and praise that it has received over the past years.

Site Score: 7.5/10

User Score: 8/10

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