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Save Money When Purchasing Nootropic Supplements

Save Money when Purchasing Nootropic Supplements

With the price of nootropics, it might be sensible to save a little money on the side if possible, wouldn’t it? After all, a dollar is still a dollar, and you can get something from the dollar shop with that extra dollar – and heck, if you save ten dollars, you’ll get ten things from the dollar shop. (That was a bad joke, I know)

However, if you are serious on saving some money on nootropic supplements, you’ve come to the right place. Sometimes, we may purchase nootropic supplements without stopping and thinking about the amount of money we can save first – if we only knew where to look. However, be informed that in most cases, there are discounts and promotions you can participate in that may save you a little more money, if you’re prepared to spend 10-30 minutes looking for them. So listen up, since we’re going to list down things that you can do to get cheaper bottles, especially when purchasing nootropics.

  1. Discount Codes

No matter what type of nootropic you’re going for, if you take a few minutes to search for a discount code or coupon code, you are almost guaranteed to find one. Whenever you’re at the checkout counter and you see a place you can enter a discount code, similar to the one we’ve shown, it is your duty and obligation to immediately go onto Google and type “xxxxxx coupon code” into the search bar. You don’t know what you’re going to find, but at times, it may be anything from 5% to anywhere as close to 50% discount code coupons that you may find, and that may mean anything from $5 to $50, depending on the price of your selected Nootropic.

  1. Free Bottles

Another thing to look out for are free bottles that are often given out on promotion. We mean those companies that would have you create a testimonial, or take a picture of your bottle, in exchange for a free bottle. There is usually no problem in doing so, as they will usually only put your testimonial on their website, or use it in their newsletters, or promotional material – but hey, you get a free bottle! When seeing banners, such as the one shown, you won’t need to do any more research, and you’d rather have a free bottle, rather than a discount code, wouldn’t you? You may also sign up for ‘free trials’ of certain nootropics, but then again, beware of some of them. There are cases where you think it’s so easy to just put in your details (credit card details included) for a free trial, but then get shocked when that ‘free trial’ actually signs you up for a subscription of which you need to jump through hoops just to get out of. Word of advice: don’t sign up for any free trials that ask you for your credit card details.

  1. Newsletters

If you aren’t in a hurry to purchase a nootropic, then something you can do is to sign up in advance to a company’s newsletter. Often times, aside from the coupon codes that you get online, you may also look into those available in newsletters. Signing up for newsletters (mostly) means that you get news articles and promotional material in your email anywhere from once a week to once to a month, but you also get valuable promotions and coupon codes that you normally wouldn’t get elsewhere. You get the ‘inside’ information, the largest discounts, and the best deals – and sometimes, you may even get freebies!

  1. Bulk Deals

Another place you can get the best discounts and deals on your nootropic supplements is on bulk deals or bulk packages, which are mostly readily available on most nootropic or brain pill sites. Basically, it’s sort of like “Buy 2 for 30% discount” or “Buy 3 Get 1 Free” or “Buy 12 for the Price of 6!” type deals, and while they might seem enticing, and it might seem like they are only tricking you to buy more, if you’ve already purchased before and are completely satisfied with the results, what’s stopping you? Usually, you’ll know by the second or third bottle whether a nootropic supplement is great for you, and when you do, why not make your next order a big one? You’ll get larger discounts, less costs on shipping, and possibly, even freebies as well. There really is no reason why you shouldn’t purchase in bulk, unless you haven’t tried something before.   Be Creative As with anything, be creative! For example, if you’ve decided to purchase a bulk package where you get more for the same amount of money, or you get a large discount, you can make that even better by further using a discount code that you found online or in a newsletter. Don’t be limited by thinking that there is only a maximum discount that you can get. Always take advantage of these discounts and you might find that, not only are you saving anywhere up to $100, but that you now also have the ability to, if you wish, purchase 100 things from the dollar store (I just had to)!

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