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Sleep Loss Kills Brain Cells

Many people have experienced at least one time in their life when they haven’t been able to have much sleep at night.

One easy group to target in this sort of thing are cramming college students.

Who at times, sacrifice sleep in exchange for being able to get a good grade on an exam.

Many times, though, these college students take this bad habit with them as they age, creating similar situations in different environments.

You know what we’re talking about here.

If you had frequent overnighters in college while getting ready for a big exam, chances are, you do the same thing at work for big reports. Don’t try to fool yourself.

Many people find that this sort of cramming is effective.

Some people are just able to work well under pressure.

Some of us here at the office definitely do agree, that having an overnighter for work before a submission does have its pros.


Scientific study on the effects of sleep loss

However, in a study conducted on lab mice, prolonged lack of sleep inherently caused 25% of certain types of brain cells to die.

The study was published in the Journal of Neuroscience and explains that this might hold true for humans.

Reason being, although a majority of the experimental studies being held in most cases involve rats.

They’re specially selected due to the fact that some of their bodily processes have distinct similarities to humans.

This isn’t true for all cases.

However, when scientists believe that this may be true for humans as well, they’re probably experimenting on a part much similar to a human’s.

So yes, these scientists believe that this sort of bad sleeping habit might actually be pretty hazardous to our health.


A list of effects of sleep loss on rats


A new drug to counter the effects of sleep loss?

There is good news.

A promised drug to counter act against the effects of sleep deprivation in the very near future.

However, until then, the researchers advise people to follow what the doctors say concerning 6-8 hours a day to prevent any sort of brain damage, and keep an overall healthier brain. In fact, maybe we should all go to bed now.


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