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How To Stay Consistent With Nootropics

As anyone who has taken nootropics regularly knows, taking tablets every day at the same time every day is tough. Maybe one night you wake up late and rush out of the door, or perhaps you decide to crash at a friend’s house, and you head to work the next day without going home first. Either way, we’ve all missed a dose once or twice before.

Now, as you all know, all nootropics are different and so are humans. How a person reacts to a certain nootropic can be different, depending on that person’s gender, age, weight and metabolism, genetics, or anything really. For example, some people notice an effect with a nootropic almost instantly. Yet for others it may take weeks or months before they really begin to notice a difference. If you’ve ever been in that situation, perhaps staying consistent was just too difficult, so you jumped off the bandwagon and gave up.

So why weren’t you noticing an effect you may ask? Well, for one thing, perhaps you were pairing it with something that may not have interacted well and you won’t be able to notice an effect until you eliminate the other ingredient. But, the most likely reason is that nootropics have cumulative effects. What this means is that certain nootropics may take a few weeks or even months to build up in your body or to retrain certain mechanisms in your body for you to notice an effect.

So, we suggest patience, and consistency! Some studies claim that it takes over two months to build a new habit, so if you’re struggling to be consistent with your stack, we have some suggestions for you.


Take your stack at the same time every day. If you make taking your stack part of your daily cycle, such as brushing your teeth or locking your door, you’ll be much less likely to forget.


Plan ahead. You can divide up your stack in weekly tablet organisers. Many containers nowadays allow you to break your tablets up into sections of the day, such as morning, afternoon, evening, and night, and they even allow you to unconnect one of the days and bring it with you. So if it’s a Friday night and you have an inkling you may just meet a special someone and spend the night with them, bring your night and morning dose with you just in case.


If you forget a dose, give yourself a punishment of some sort. Now, we’re not talking about whipping yourself or anything, but maybe have a piggy bank and force yourself to put in a 25 cents every time to forget, or perhaps take away fifteen minutes of your computer surfing time, or you drink one less beer that night. Either way, don’t fall into the habit of saying, “Oh screw it” and then just forgetting about that lost dose.


Reward yourself for consistency. Give yourself a pat on the back for doing a good job! Punishing yourself all the time is no fun, and if we don’t reward ourselves for a job well done, we may just give up. When you completed two weeks without forgetting one dose, go treat yourself and grab an icecream or a beer!


Finally, log the positive effects of your dose. Writing down the positive effects of nootropics helps you not only monitor how your mind is doing, but it also makes the effects all the more real. It reminds that, yes, I’m actually taking these nootropics for a reason. Also, when your mind begins to improve and you’ve gotten sharper and better at retaining memories, reward yourself.

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