The Science of Beer Goggles

“Hold my beer, bro. I’m gonna try that,” is one of the most common things that comes out of your mouth when you’re drunk passed the point of no return – which admittedly for me, is just 6 beers. Yeah, we all think we’re pretty awesome when we’re drunk, reassuring ourselves that we are capable of almost anything. Some people describe themselves as invincible, however, your friends who didn’t down 5 shots of tequila in 20 minutes would probably be using the word “idiot” to describe you. With plans to go bar hopping, it seems like you’ll be going home before you reach the third bar. However, you don’t care. You’re invincible – at least for a while.

Without a doubt, you’ll probably want to approach the woman you deem “hottest” there. However, French scientists recently conducted a study concerning the matter, and it turns out that you might not be as awesomely attractive as you think you are (Like I didn’t know that – big whoop). Yes, however, it seems that there is a direct relationship between the amount of alcohol you consume and your self-evaluation.

Conducted in a bar – as where all great studies are conducted – the scientists asked the drinkers present there to rate how attractive they perceived themselves as. They had those willing to participate rate themselves in intervals by how much they’ve drank. Drink after drink, the participants and scientists were actually having a pretty good time. Unsurprisingly, though, the more alcohol consumed by a participant, the higher the rating they give themselves.

As a follow-up test, they also conducted a “taste test” study where the participants were given either cocktails with or without booze. Half of the participants were given the cocktails, while half were given mocktails. However, the catch was that all of them were under the assumption that what they were drinking contained alcohol. After a few, participants were then instructed to deliver speeches and rate how well they think they did and describe a few parts in which they performed excellently.

After much comparison and analysis, it turns out that even just thinking that you’re drunk makes you perceive yourself better than you normally would. Funny thing is, your friends’ individual evaluations might just not be congruent to your findings.

Nevertheless, bring your A-game. It’s not about the reality. When you’re drunk, it’s all about what’s going in your head, and whether or not you’re having a good time – and when you’re that drunk to the point where you look in the mirror and see Hugh Jackman, you probably are.

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