It’s Time To Detox That Brain Of Yours

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A few weeks ago we came across an article that shared in detail the events that take place in our brain when anxiety hits. Anxiety is an issue that a lot of people have to face on a day to day basis, so it’s natural to blame it as the #1 culprit for our lack of productivity, low energy levels and sadness. But the serious nature of the article made us realize just how important the mind to body connection is.

We get a lot of e-mails from readers who ask for advice on how to boost focus and concentration and overall energy levels. We love receiving messages from you guys because they inspire us to write these blogs, so keep ‘em coming! A few comments that we’ve seen come up a lot in these e-mails are things like “I feel so tired all the time,” “I’m always unmotivated and unfocused,” “I no longer feel excited about life,” and of course the ultimate question – “What should I do about it?”

For you to physically feel energized, focus and excited, your mind has to be on the exact same page. If your brain is full of the nasties i.e. anxious thoughts, toxins, and radicals, no wonder you’re constantly feeling ‘meh’. Follow these three tips and you’ll soon be on your way to a healthier mind and a more energized body.


1. Escape


When you’re stuck sitting at the same office, in the same cubicle every single day, all-year round, it’s no surprise that your brain feels worn out and overworked. In fact the biggest cause to most illnesses is an overload of stress, built up overtime.

Don’t get us wrong – you definitely need structure in your life in order to keep things going in a healthy, organized manner. But sometimes, breaking away from that schedule to get some quality you-time can be life changing.

The best and easiest way to escape from the crowded thoughts in your head is by literally escaping from your environment. Go on holiday somewhere by yourself or with a few friends to take your mind off things and recharge. It’s amazing how much good 2-weeks out of that office can do to someone. During your holiday, focus on doing things that are beneficial for yourself. We’re talking yoga classes, kickboxing classes, reading inspirational books, going on a diet detox journey, etc.

If your job description doesn’t include a 4-week yearly holiday then escape from your environment mentally. Spend at least a few hours 1 day a week by yourself, without any distractions – biggest one that we’re talking about here is your cellphone. Seriously, put it away. It takes courage to stop yourself from checking your daily Facebook newsfeed and Gmail inbox, but it’s so rewarding. During your own time, do something you enjoy (i.e. playing the guitar, painting) or practice meditation. Your mind will thank you for it.


2. Include These Foods In Your Diet


One aspect of your life that you should start taking more seriously if you want a healthier and clearer mind is your diet. Again, we’re making physical changes to see mental benefits. Here are some foods that you need to buy next time you visit the grocery store:

Kale – “Yuck, green stuff.” Stop right there. Think about the beneficial outcomes that you will get from eating this rather than the flavor of the actual veggie. Besides, there’s plenty of ways to incorporate kale into different shakes and smoothies to make them yummy. So why is Kale so important? Kale received its status as the king of detox because it cleans out your kidneys and nourishes the body with plenty of anti-inflammatory properties.

Grapefruit – Rich in fiber and whole lot of other nutrients, grapefruit gets your liver all revved up, ready to throw away all the bad stuff from your body. Toxins in your body find their way of reaching the brain, so it’s essential to keep an organ like the liver highly functioning.

Turmeric – Besides its ability to flush out toxins from the body, turmeric is a compound that holds a lot of promise in being able to boost brain cell stem growth. That’s because it contains an active ingredient called aromatic-turmerone, which is capable of brain cell repair.

Artichokes – Artichokes are listed as one of the best types of detox foods because it increases bile production in the liver. This helps the liver function more effectively in breaking down foods and extracting different nutrients.


3. Use Nootropics With Antioxidant Properties


One of the best ways to keep your mind healthy is to prevent toxins from building up in your brain, as they will eventually damage existing neural cells. Nootropic compounds with antioxidant properties can protect your brain cells from detrimental radicals and toxins, keeping them healthy and well functioning.

A herbal extract that doesn’t get as much attention as it should is Macuna Pruriens. This potent ingredient has been classified as a nootropic because it provides the brain with loads of antioxidants, thereby protecting brain cells from damage and death.

Interestingly, Nitrovit, a nootropic supplement that recently boomed in popularity has in its formula a blend of cognitive-enhancing ingredients – one of which happens to be Macuna Pruriens. The product, Nitrovit, has helped many of those out there who suffer from poor attention and low mental energy to feel more focused, motivated and confident. We say, give Nitrovit a try and see the results for yourself.

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