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What are Effects of Coffee

It’s been long believed that caffeine brings about many upsides to performance in general but  lets actually better understand the Effects of Coffee.

Coffee increases alertness and promotes concentration, plus it tastes great!

Which coincidently makes coffee a really sought-after drink when studying, working, or doing anything that basically demands a lot of focus and attention.

Like us, a lot of you will drink coffee in the morning or even all day to feel sharper from the effects of caffeine.


coffee and computer

Scientific Evidence to support the Effects of coffee


A recent study conducted by researchers from John Hopkins University, Baltimore claims that a cup of coffee or two can potentially boost the brain’s ability to store long-term memory.

The test not only observed how well information was stored, but also the precision of the information stored.

In the research conducted, two groups of people were showed a series of pictures.

Which they had to distinguish from another different, yet similar series showed to them the next day.


The Results from the scientific study on caffeine

The results were astounding!

As the group that drank coffee immediately after the test on the first day was able to better distinguish those pictures from the pictures shown to them on the second day.

For good measure, the test was also conducted again.

This time, the group that did have an intake of caffeine, had it before the test.

The results showed that there were little to no differences between the group that did take coffee and the group that didn’t.

This proved that caffeine had more of an effect on the consolidation of memory rather than retrieval.


“Our study suggests there’s a real learning and memory benefit. But other studies suggest caffeine is associated with increased longevity, and a resistance to Alzheimer’s disease. In moderate amounts, it could have beneficial effects for health.”
Michael Yassa,
Lead Researcher of the Study


Within the scientific community there is a want for more research and more participants.

That the study’s 44 participants were not enough.

They believe that this has to be tested on a larger number of people and in many different contexts.

Whether or not the research is sufficient proof to start drinking coffee to increase brainpower.

I’m sure that Michael Yassa and I will keep drinking coffee, and now with an extra serving of zeal.

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