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Why Confidence Is Key

Confidence is probably one of the most sought after attributes that most people look for. Guys need it to be able to go over to that girl he’s been eyeing at the bar for a while now, while girls need it to scale the corporate ladder and break the glass ceiling. Obviously, there are many advantages to developing your overall confidence, and in fact, most successful people are extremely confident – maybe even cocky.
When confident, you believe that you’re good at something, you know you’re good at it, and you convey it to other people in a way that they’ll see it too. However, your views might be askew as well if you’re a bit arrogant – which hopefully, you aren’t. When your views regarding yourself are in line with reality, that’s when you demonstrate the most confidence.

Whether you say that you need confidence or not, a boost in confidence does matter in many aspects in many real-life applications. For example, a study from the University of Texas claims that students who were able to express themselves confidently early in life showed better performance later in life – they simply aimed for higher standards. When you work confidently, you can climb the corporate ladder better.

Even outside of the workplace, it was found that more confident people were able to attract the opposite sex better. Confidence was rated higher than appearances in many occasions, according to a survey by Webster University.

But how can you actually improve your confidence?

Well, there are many ways. One of which of the simplest would be to work out more. When you work out, your body releases a plethora of hormones that make us feel pretty good. If you keep at it long enough, you’ll soon see the results, and that itself is a confidence boost as well. Another one would be to upgrade your wardrobe – dress better. The better you dress, the better you’ll feel about yourself.

Another thing to do in a grander scale is to start competing in things you’re good at. You’ll really appreciate the things that you can do when you do. You’ll slowly be able to start to feel better about yourself. Remember that time you won the spelling bee? You liked it, didn’t you?

There are so many things that you can do to get your confidence up and start reaping the results. Generally, look for activities that will make you feel good. Additionally, don’t forget to get your mind set to it as well. It all begins and ends in the brain.

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