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Why You Need to Stop Trying to Impress Everyone

“You can’t please everyone.” We’ve been taught that saying all the way back when we were kids, so why do many of us still try our best to be people-pleasers? We inherently know that we aren’t able to please every single person in the face of the Earth, but why do we even try? There will be people that we cannot convince of our opinions and they will most probably never agree with us.

However, we still try to become the best there possibly is by proving to everyone that we are the best. That in itself is sort of a wrong type of thinking. Firstly, what do you really have to prove? Really, nothing. You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone, as trying to do so will only lower your value in their eyes. In addition, everyone has their own individual scale on which they measure people, so you aren’t always going to fit in that scale, especially if your personality doesn’t match theirs.

Instead of trying to be the best to everyone around you, why not just try to be the best? It actually makes everything a lot simpler. Don’t try to become the one that people will look up to. Instead, strive to become someone that you yourself can look up to. In essence, try to create the ultimate version of yourself.

Work on your skills that together make you an indispensable part of the team. If you are trying to create a future for yourself, check out the things that will undoubtedly give you more value in pursuit of your end goal. You should think about yourself before worrying about what other people think.

Remember, people are going to talk, whether you’re doing bad or good.

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