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Your Brain Is Like a Blade – Sharpen It!

There are so many analogies out there that compare the human brain to something: the brain is like a sponge, the brain is like a muscle, the brain is like a computer. In fact just type “the brain is like a” into Google, and you’ll find so many comparisons to the brain and another object. However, what the brain isn’t compared to, is a blade. Think about it, you use your brain as a tool, as a weapon, to conquer life’s daily hardships. Kind of making sense now, is it?
Yeah, those of you high on pot might even have a sudden realization – an epiphany.

However, yes, your brain isn’t solely for thinking. Dunk a basketball, turn on the TV, have a one night stand with a total stranger – your mind is controlling every single thing that you do, and that’s why you should keep it sharp – like a blade. Here’s how.

1. Eat Better. There are so many foods out there that aid function in your brain. Check out some articles on the best brain foods, and you’ll see many, and even varying answers between sites. Eating healthy food will benefit your brain, and there are so many out there that some might even just be in your kitchen cupboard, waiting to be discovered.

2. Heavy Drinker? Exercise More. Yes, although there are many benefits to drinking, it’s also known that these benefits come from drinking moderately. Instead, to counteract this, exercise some more! In a study, people who had at least 3 hours of exercise in a week, even with chronic drinking problems, showed the least amount of damage to the brain as a result of drinking.

3. Go Green. Working 6 days a week can be very stressful, and we know that stress rots your brain. It shrinks your brain, and in turn causes losses in connectivity, making you overall slower. However, if you take some time every now and then to walk outdoors, be at one with nature, you give your time some brain to recover. Even if it’s just for a little while, you’ll see yourself thinking more efficiently and quicker to react in no time!

4. Get Depression Treated. If you’ve been depressed lately – sometimes you might not even know it – go see a doctor! Depression can cause chemical imbalances in your brain, and sometimes self-treatment might not even help. Ask a buddy if he’s noticed any differences with you lately, and if he has, don’t take it too lightly.

5. Speak Up! A study shows that in a group of football players, those who did not report a common concussion, but instead have decided to “chuck it up,” had up to 80% more evidence of CTE, a degenerative brain disease, most commonly affecting those who played rough sports with common hits to the head. Interestingly, this might even start from as early as high school. So, if you have a child on the football team, make sure he’s okay after every game!

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